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Smocking an insert panel


A while back, Brenda sent me this adorable pic:

She used the machine smocking designs from this collection.  If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you can use the guidelines in today’s tutorial to smock by hand if you know how, or there are mock-smocking directions in this pattern which, incidentally, will also provide you with a sloper to use for drafting your own version for whatever size doll you’d like

Here’s my version of Brenda’s dress on Disney’s NEW Animator Mulan. Yes! They’ve changed the faceups of several dolls including Mulan, Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. They have improved them tremendously in my opinion, and though it doesn’t show well in the photos, Mulan and others have a thin strip of gold paint in their eyes that just glows in the sunlight! I’ll probably be collecting the rest as soon as they’re on sale!

Get the smocked dress tutorial here

A masterpiece of machine embroidery for a really big doll…


This blouse was a lot of effort, but I’m REALLY pleased with the results!  It took about 3-4 days to make, from drafting the pattern, arranging the embroidery, and figuring out how to do mock-smocking  with no pleater needed that could work at people size with only at 5×7 hoop, to being able to wear the actual finished product.  An experienced machine-embroiderer could probably finish it over this long Labor day weekend!  If you don’t have that much time, make a quick and easy version with elastic in bias casings.


 (note that the doll version is easier and not wide enough for smocking)


(read printing instructions before you try printing the pattern pieces!)


***IMPORTANT PRINTING UPDATE*** Do not try to print directly from the internet, it will not work correctly!  Download to your computer (click link and then CTRL+S to save) then open and print from Adobe Acrobat.  If you only have Adobe Reader (not the full version) click POSTER and make sure it shows it’s printing on 12 pages.  The latest version is available here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Free cut and sew dress for Sasha and NEW smocking in the hoop!


Apologies that not all of these will pin to pinterest…you can pin most of these pix from my flickr page here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/67465307@N08/

and here’s a link directly to the pin for the dress http://www.pinterest.com/pin/241364861254932736/

This dress was originally produced as a cut and sew fabric panel for Sasha around 1979.  But you lost another ebay auction and can’t make it…or maybe you have the fabric panel but don’t want to cut into it because it’s a collector’s item.

Well, get out your fabric markers, we’re going to make it!  What?  You don’t have a Sasha?  Copy it at 77% to fit dolls like Corolle Cheries, and an AG size is included also.


I LOVE seeing photos of what you’ve done with my patterns!  It’s been a while since any fairies have appeared here, so I’m happy to present this one from Hawaiikiki on etsy:You can see a photo story (with text!) she did about it here: https://www.facebook.com/Mimijames51/media_set?set=a.10202481704947407.1073741840.1338264043&type=1

What else is new in the wren’s “nest”?

dresden picnic

Remember this?  I got a request for the smocked pattern on the left, but you may also have seen from a few weeks ago I’ve been doing a bit of machine smocking lately.

Well…these two things converged and a new pattern emerged.  Versatile?  Oh my goodness, yes!  Easy?  Well, if you have an embroidery machine, you can smock in the hoop in a fraction of the time with a TON of free designs included with the pattern.  Pattern and embroidery designs available here

smockingClick to enlarge!  These are just some of the designs included in the pattern – see all the smocking designs here

Low yoke with or without easy collar and short puffed sleeves

High yoke with rolled collar and puffed sleeves, low yoke without sleeves

Shortened skirt, high yoke and long sleeves

And just for fun I made it without smocking too…Sasha’s having an “Anne of Green Gables” phase 🙂

It also includes a smocked in the hoop bishop-style dress you can shorten into a blouse and make with short or ruffled “angel-wing” sleeves

Welcome Sasha 105 (long green dress) who was an anniversary present last week from my husband of 17 years!

I made her a little “Bauernkind” (Farm Child) Ensemble.  Shhh! don’t tell her! but it is available for sale.  It’s $45, and if you save me the trouble of listing on etsy/ebay, I’ll pay shipping.  Interested?  Contact me at jenniebagrowski @ hotmail.com (remove spaces)

Includes red checked drawers that close with a drawstring (no elastic to wear out!), chambray skirt and muslin petticoat with featherstitching sewed onto one waistband and closed with hook and eye, black gingham apron, white cotton blouse with functional, slightly mismatched buttons, and shawl made from handwoven fabric.  Hat,  shoes, and doll NOT included.