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Happy Fall! A new outfit and contest!



Don’t worry, we’re not done with Nanea – she’ll be back next week!  It’s just that fall officially begins tomorrow and the colors and light this time of year are so pretty I had to take advantage of them with a new fall coat for Kaya!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest though, and this one is pretty great…you don’t even need to sew or take pix or figure out how to post anything online! 🙂

IMGP8031a Rcc (2)

I had the fabulous opportunity to test the new Xero Coalton shoe/boot.  I’m completely in love with barefoot shoes, (Read why I switched to barefoot shoes here) but once sandals go away there aren’t a whole lot of super attractive options out there for dealing with cold weather. Read a complete review and see lots of pix of the Coaltons here.


Although they’re technically labeled as “men’s,” when it comes to shoes I will always choose fit and function and couldn’t care less about the gender labels on them.  But some women might shy away from them for that reason and I’m here to tell you not to!  They are GREAT!  They can be styled to look feminine, especially with skinny jeans or leggings and your dolls will love them too.  Yep, that’s where the contest comes in!

My Kaya and I both love our new fall coats and I even made her a version of the Coaltons:

IMGP7982a Rr

My jacket is Simplicity 1067 with a re-drafted sleeve cap, (I’ll spare you my rant about that) and both fabrics were from Joann.  Seriously, how cute is that?  Both fabric patterns are the same, just one is large and fleece and the other is scaled down in flannel!  You could totally do something like this for a child/doll matching outfit combo!

Want the patterns for Kaya’s coat?  How about winning her coat?  You can!  Here’s how:


Find out the answers to the questions in this quiz and you will be entered to win the coat in the pic below!  Everyone who enters will get the awesome new pattern for her blanket coat, which includes both hooded and collared variations and her Coaltons!  The deadline to enter is 9/27/17. 

Patterns will be sent out and winner of Kaya’s coat will be announced 9/28/17.  If you don’t want to enter the contest, the coat pattern will be available next week in my etsy shop here:

And you can go to the Xero shoes website to enter to win your own pair of their new boots:

IMGP8125r (2)

Happy Fall from Kaya!



How does anyone need a quilt when it’s that warm?


Well, I can’t answer that question because I live in Colorado.  Usually once or twice during a (mountain) CO summer it stays nearly 75 inside at night and for me, it’s way too hot to sleep under a quilt if that happens!  I checked a few Hawaiian weather forecasts though, and they were pretty much 75 for the low and 85 for the high all the time. How anyone needs extra warmth to sleep at that temperature is beyond me, but Hawaiian quilts are a beautiful and well-known art form, and you could always make them with very thin batting if needed for where your doll lives!

Click here for tons of patterns and ideas to make your doll a Hawaiian quilt!

Nanea’s ruffled dress



Wow!  So many people are in love with Nanea and LOTS of you bought the new collection of patterns, which makes me think, “People want more for Nanea!” 🙂  But if you went to the AG store (in Denver anyway) this weekend they were out of pretty much everything for Nanea except her PJs, fishing set, swimsuit and bed.  So, in case one of the things you wanted but couldn’t buy was her school dress, here you go:

Download Nanea’s ruffled dress pattern here

Oh wow…scary encounter shortly after this pic was taken!  After packing up all our gear, we walked about 10 feet away from this spot where we encountered a RATTLESNAKE!  I shrieked and ran, DH stood where he was and pulled the camera back out.  I’m nice enough to spare you those pix though 🙂