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Contest reminder!


Thank you! The participation so far has been AMAZING! I wasn’t even going to post a reminder because there are already so many choices, but just in case you’ve been procrastinating, tomorrow is the deadline to get your entry in. As a reminder, entering the contest gets you a free pattern for the winning holiday dress and the winner gets their actual dress made by me.

If you already entered and you’re wondering why you didn’t get a response, I’ve been doing my best not to peek, and just putting all the entry emails into a folder to open up at once Saturday morning and choose. I have to say though, sometimes the attachments download quicker than I can transfer the email to a folder and I’ve gotten glimpses of your amazing designs. There are about 8 front runners from among them right now 😉 . In the event of me being unable to choose, which could totally happen, I’ll put my top picks into a random choice app and let it decide the winner.

Happy designing and good luck!

Holiday Dress Contest!


So, OG has released holiday dolls before, but I’ve never felt compelled to get one because it’s usually just the standard-face dolls with a holiday theme dress; great for a Christmas gift but not necessarily collectible.  This year’s dolls, however, both seem to have the new facemold that Mienna has, which I just LOVE.  That face and the Melina face are the best they’ve produced, in my opinion.  And when I saw there was not just one…but TWO dolls with that face as Christmas dolls, I took screenshots and texted them to Santa, even though I’m normally a very one-season-at-a-time girl and we’re not even at Halloween yet.  Their names are CJ and Noelle, and both have the “bendy” bodies I’ve really been liking, and if you like awesome eyes, zoom in on the pic below – CJ really has them:

Plus the PJs and accessories that come with them are really cute too! [As I was pasting links, CJ has disappeared off their website, hopefully that’s just temporary!]

Anyway, we were at Target and I happened to have a 20% off OG coupon in my phone and Noelle was there in person!  So, yes, I just bought myself a Christmas doll in October, and no, I didn’t even put her away until December.  She’s out of the box and needs your help!

The holiday dress she comes with is cute, but she told me she would like something different.  😉

We haven’t had a contest in a long time, so here’s a new one for you:

Download this croquis and sketch your original design for a fabulous winter-holiday-of-your-choice dress (historical or modern)

  1. Scan and email it to me by November 1st
  2. Winning dress design will be announced November 15th
  3. The winner will get their actual dress made in OG size by me
  4. Everyone who enters the contest will get a FREE pattern to make the winning dress
  5. If you don’t enter the contest, the pattern will be available for purchase after the contest is over

Yes, you can enter more than one design.  If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must send in the designs for you.

“Plastic Surgery”


October is…? month.  It’s so many things!  It was going to be Polish heritage month on the blog, but then I found out it’s also German, Romanian, Filipino, Italian (and probably some others as well) Heritage month, depending which list you’re consulting, and of course the first two weeks are the end of Hispanic Heritage month, which started Sept. 15th.  In “topic” months, it’s Depression Awareness, Anti-Bullying, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Arts and Humanities month, along with probably a bunch of others I didn’t get emails about 🙂  I’ve mentioned the “Paradox of Choice” book before, and that too many options are not a good idea, because they can be overwhelming.  I’ve also been so busy sewing for myself lately that doll stuff is on the back burner; a month with a topic would have been a great idea to pull me back onto that track and I even toyed with making up some kind of silly theme for the month like unicorn-riding. So…there might be a topic or not, and there might be posts or not, because another thing it is is parent-teacher conference month, which often means a lot of IEP-related paperwork for me.

Well, there is a post/project for today, and the title is because whenever we do modifications on a doll, DH calls it “plastic surgery.”  🙂

I have a fun and fairly easy one for you this week that could potentially make a big difference in your doll’s photogenic-ness.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago with Mienna, I really like her wired insides, and it turns out, the more I interact with her, the more I like the ability to separate the legs for better standing.  You can see in the promo pics of OGs (link) that they often cross the dolls’ legs, which of course means they were originally on a stand that had to get photoshopped out, which is a time-consuming process and reduces the spontaneity of being able to share pix. 

The second thing I love about the wires is the ability to just put a little more “life” into the arms.  The OGs and Maplelea share an arms-at-the-sides pose that looks a little stiff and unnatural (more so on the Mapleleas in my opinion) compared to the AGs or Journey Girls.  So even though I haven’t been bending Mienna’s limbs at 90-degree angles, with the wires it’s possible to bend the arms into a nicer curve at rest that doesn’t feel so stiff.  As you can imagine, seeing the prospect of better posing with one OG made me take a good look at the rest of them, because many of the newer ones (Melina, Leticia, Rafael, etc.) have face molds I find very attractive, but don’t show up on the blog because of posing limitations.  So, this past weekend when we were at Target and they were on sale, we snapped up a posable one with the standard face mold and decided to see if some “plastic surgery” was possible that could improve posing on a head I liked better.  Spoiler alert – it was easy!  So my now-custom Rafael can stand and pose far better than before, and the standard head got swapped onto old his body, so there wasn’t any waste of parts in the process.

Do you NEED to do this?  For an OG play doll, no, and in fact, you’ll violate the safety testing if you modify the dolls at all, since safety testing got done with the dolls as they came from the factory, so there’s a possibility your modifications could result in a doll who is not child-safe.  If you’re an adult wanting better posing ability though, click here for the tutorial.