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More cute Wellie stuff!



A HUGE thank you to everyone that shared their pix, and if you don’t have a Wellie, you can now get the pattern for the jammies here.  Yes, they fit H4H; the top is a wee bit baggy although for PJs that shouldn’t matter much!  The top would make a nice blouse too; the collar gives it a sweet, vintage feel in my opinion.  How about a feedsack print with a white collar?

Speaking of H4H and things they can share, the princess collection for them is ready so you can keep adding to their dress up box: 

And the beautifully fitted “Versatility” pants/capris/shorts with working (or not) pockets that have been available for AG and Maru are now in Wellie/H4H size:


In case you’re wondering…no, these dolls are not exactly the same size.  But when you overlap the closures in back to accommodate the slightly (1/2″) thinner torso of the H4H, they can share many patterns.  I’m thinking I may do more for them, especially because  Joanne commented and linked to FB saying the H4H are coming back! Supposedly in time for the 2016 holiday season – hooray!

Wow, have I been busy!


What have I been up to with a whole week off work?  Let’s see, first I have gotten requests for more MIM patterns, and have re-sized ALL of the LGG patterns for them (Daydream isn’t pictured).  By the way, I found during that process that the sleeves are all pretty much interchangeable, so if you have them, mix and match and make new things! (I’d love to see pictures!)  In the middle of all that drafting and sewing Paulette Goodreau, creator of MIM announced she is retiring!  So if you want one, now is the time to get one before they’re gone!  And if you want the patterns, they are here:

I also drafted the “B” jacket from the Blythe book which won the contest from a few weeks ago  and will be coming in a few weeks, and SURPRISE! my Blythe clones that weren’t supposed to arrive until Xmas came early!

So I’ve been sewing and sewing for one of them (the other is in pieces being sanded, carved, repainted, etc.) and guess what?  If you have both sets of Little Girl Goth patterns, you already have “F”.  (See original here )

I made the version on the left from the Blythe book, and the one on the right for my BFC using:

  • Bodice and collar from “Gloomy”
  • Sleeves from “Daydream”
  • Skirts: you choose the length, width is ~20” and they are both gathered together, top skirt is cut on the bias in the original.

I also drafted a super cute motorcycle and western jacket and finished a ballet and ice-skating pattern, both of which will be coming to the etsy store in a week or 2, and worked a little more on a furniture pattern and a doll-size fairy play house.

Ok, bear with me, it’s a long post but a free pattern is at the end …

Kudos to American Girl for their new Hearing Aids!  According to the CDC, “approximately 0.1% of children [have] a hearing loss of more than 40 decibels (dB)”  (source: It might not sound like a lot, but with a total US population over 300 million, there’s a lot of little “Just like me” dolls that will need one! 🙂

As a speech-language pathologist, I have worked with children who have hearing losses of varying degrees, and I can tell you that attitudes about wearing a hearing aid vary widely, especially when kids are too young to appreciate the benefits of them.  So I see these as both a great teaching tool (Let’s give your doll a bath…remember to take out her hearing aid!) and a way for the dolls to truly be “Just like me” for Deaf and Hard of Hearing girls.
In support of this, I took one of my dolls to “get fitted” for her aid this weekend.  It was so crowded we decided to wait and do it another day, but while we were there, we saw this dress: which “Sage” begged for, but I tend to feel outfits that show AG cloth bodies look a little silly and it was much too big for my slimmer dolls with hard plastic bodies.

So I drafted a version that will fit KnC, Sasha and Magic Attic.  It ended up looking quite a bit different from the original, but is lovely as a special occasion dress for any season.  Sasha is going to wear this for New Year’s Eve, but imagine it in deep colors of taffeta or velvet for winter time, or pastel satin as a flower girl dress for a Spring wedding!  What about a black sequined bodice with white satin ruffle and skirt and a red rosette?  White eyelet for a summer party?


And THANK YOU for reading/subscribing/commenting/linking/and otherwise interacting with my blog, it’s what keeps me posting more 🙂

Free 1880’s pattern and more “Little Girl Goth” dresses


As promised, the MIM steampunk outfit has been redone to fit child dolls.
(see the original here: )

It’s funny is how things change but also stay the same.  This version FREE PATTERN HERE will fit dolls like Sasha, Daisy, KnC but was based on an online picture I saw of a Bru Jne from the 1880s.  I can’t find the link now (if anyone has seen this, please share your link!) so you’ll just have to trust me that this pattern is a pretty good replica.  The original had cream colored piping around the front and neck, but if you’re going to try that, I suggest cotton.  I tried to put satin piping onto taffeta and it wasn’t fun.

And with the great response to the Heirloom/”Little Girl Goth” patterns there are now 2 more available as a set here:


Reminder: you have until next Friday to vote for the Free Pattern for December! Details  here:

I’ve already finished A, (pictured below) which surprisingly no one has voted for (Come on! It’s my favorite!)

Free boot pattern for Kidz n Cats, Hearts for Hearts Dolls…


Happy November!
Our fairy of the month is an adorable little group of fairies.

I am enchanted with the look, price and quality of these Hearts for Hearts girls.  You can find them at places like Target, Amazon
 and Toys R Us.  Their faces are cute, their bodies are nicely proportioned and they are a perfect sewing size – small enough to use a lot less fabric, yet not so small that the pieces are hard to handle.

I resized the most popular fairy elements from the bigger dolls to fit them and put them all together in one pattern which you can see here: If you already have the “big dolls” set and just want the re-sized pattern pieces, you can get it from me via email for $4.99.

I don’t love the shoes that come with them, however, and I made some snuggly boots (free pattern below) sized for H4H which I adapted from ones I had made for KnC/MAC/Journey Girls.  (you can see the boots on the KnC- click photo to enlarge)


The Fall Jackets pattern (on Galina, above) includes pattern pieces for the H4H too, and if you already bought the Heirloom/Little Girl Goth set and forgot to ask for the smaller pieces, just email me your etsy order # and I’ll send them to you.

A big “THANK YOU!” to the photo contest entrants and Congratulations to our first photo contest winner!  It was so close (2 votes), I felt the runner-up deserved a prize too.  So Jessica gets the dress of her choice and Margo gets a coupon to my etsy store for the pattern of her choice.  See the winning entry here: Photo Contest Winner

My husband says my posts are too long…let’s see if you’re still reading… 🙂 What will the free pattern for December be?  You get to choose!  Santa is bringing me a Blythe clone called “Blybe.” I know, opinions on Blythe dolls range from “adorable” to “scary” but once you start liking them it’s hard to remember a time when you found them creepy!

Anyway, I bought a LOVELY Japanese book of patterns for her, but since I can’t use them yet I’m redrafting the patterns I like for the Kidz/Sasha.  Post a comment by Nov 16th with your vote and the winner will be the free pattern for December! (yes, redrafted to fit our 16″-18″ girls)

Free BJD pattern


I’ve sewn for a large variety of dolls over the years.  The Sashas and Kidz remain in my top 5 favorites to sew for, but in order to branch out into some different styles of clothing, I recently got two MIM dolls (available here:  

I will post my review of them soon – I still need to take more pix.  My favorite FAVORITE thing is drafting for a new doll body, especially one so nicely proportioned, and to share the excitement with you I offer a FREE PATTERN HERE (and don’t worry – a similar pattern is coming soon in Sasha/KNC size!)
If you’re wondering how the pix of the doll in brown were created it is similar to how Hollywood does things with a green screen.  My husband put the doll in front of a plain white artist’s canvas with a strong light behind her.  Her face was spot metered to “blow out” the background leaving it blank white.  This is important, as it eliminates shadows behind your subject.  It was a really boring picture, until I put the photo into a program that lets you pick a color to set as transparent. Powerpoint will do this if you don’t have other software. That got rid of most of the white and then I layered it over backdrops found on
If  the outfit looks familiar, it’s because  I based it on this pattern: which I bought last year intending for it to be my Halloween costume but never got around to sewing.

Since it was so hard to find before, I found out how to add a “follow” button on the blog!  You will see it in the right hand column.  Enter your email and you can get new pattern updates as soon as they are posted.  My goal is at least 1 free pattern per month, although it looks like I’ve exceeded that already for October 🙂

REMINDER:  The photo contest ends this Sunday! Find out how to enter here: