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Goodbye to some dolls, hello creativity!


The decluttering is going SO well!  After finishing Marie Kondo’s book and donating three carloads worth of stuff to Goodwill, I read a few more books on minimalism.  It’s a lifestyle choice involving living with fewer possessions, but what’s important is that it works for you.  There are people out there who limit their “stuff” to just 100 objects, and that’s never going to be me.  Creative people need a certain level of creative tools, which in my case is fabric, dolls, looms, colored pencils, etc.  But my kitchen actually had 4 pairs of scissors and dozens of pens and pencils and random baking pans in some special shape that got used once 10 years ago.  Wow!  Just getting the baking pans out of the cupboards meant a few appliances cluttering up the counter could get hidden away in cabinets and the kitchen feels tidier.  Having just one pair of scissors AND a designated spot for them not only frees up space, but saves time hunting through random drawers when I need them.

And then as I sat contemplating what a “reasonable” number of looms and spinning wheels was, it was necessary to face that I can get rid of all the excess pencils and towels and clothes I want, but there are probably double, or even triple the number of dolls in the house than I reasonably have time to blog about.  It makes me feel sad instead of sparking joy, because someone else could have been enjoying them, and instead they’re sitting in boxes in the dark and will never become “real” like the Velveteen Rabbit. 🙂  It’s been so much harder to make decisions about what dolls to let go than any other category of stuff, but I think certain things come into our lives at certain times, fulfill their purpose, and then we need to let them go.

The good part of this is that as I move newer dolls out of the way, I’m finding older dolls that had been forgotten about.  They haven’t appeared on the blog before and will be new-to-you when they do!  Here’s the thing, though.  Everything is laid out and taking up space, and I’m working on taking pix of these dolls to sell, so I can’t sew or get anything new onto the blog until I get rid of all of it.  I listed some on ebay last weekend (link) but it’s pretty time-consuming to do that, and then you have to wait for the auction to end,  etc.

If you read this blog, it’s a good guess that you sew and would like some patterns to make things for your new doll.  If you buy it directly from me here on the blog, and save me the hassle of taking more pictures and listing on ebay, I’m offering a pattern credit, pro-rated to the price of the doll, not including shipping.  Yes, that means if you buy dolls, you get free patterns from my etsy shop!  If you live in CO and want to pick the doll up instead of shipping, that works too!

Once the first round of dolls is gone, I’ll be able to access the rest and will list more.  Most are in used condition of bought/used for the blog/put back into a dark room.  Some I bought secondhand in the first place, and their lower prices reflect that.  These prices are firm unless you’re making an offer for several at once.  I will ship them USPS and charge actual shipping, which may be higher for the large dolls if you want their original boxes rather than fitting them into a large, flat-rate priority box.  Please contact me for shipping to your zip code before making a payment (button at the bottom).  If it’s here, it is available, if not, I’ll delete it.

These will be going on ebay this Sunday and removed from here, so snap them up while you can!  The free pattern offer will not apply on ebay.  Some are nude, some have clothes, but since you sew and are getting patterns with them, that probably doesn’t matter much to you 🙂

  • Adora Jasmine /Adora Kayla $25 each or $40 for both
  • Byul Dumbo $25
  • Goodreau vinyl BJD Rumor – $75


  • Effanbee Stamp doll – $25 (pending payment )

Reproduction Patsy $10  (pending payment )


  • Robby the Robot kit $35 (pending payment )


Not pictured but also for sale:

  • Disney Animator Mulan NRFB – $20 (pending payment )
  • Heidi Ott Faithful Friends lot of 4 dolls (boy and 3 girls) – $50
  • Journey Girl Meredith $10 
  • Ruby Red Galleria/Senson Ping Li – $100 NRFB  
  • Our Generation April and Jenny (lot) $15
  • Medium flat-rate boxes of quilting scraps
  • [Local pickup only: Playmobil Victorian mansion and tons of furniture, Oh Jenny Dream World and camper, and tons of other playmobils]



This is the payment button for doll and shipping – please contact me with your zip code to confirm shipping cost prior to paying! Note that it can't process cents, so if I quoted you a price, please round down to the nearest dollar.