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Summer Sew Along week 3


Reminder: Today is the last day to get your entries in for last week’s Ramble costume and the boot pattern will be emailed tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links!

Oh my goodness…you did SUCH a nice job on the last two weeks of costumes!

I urge you to go see everyone’s work here, I’ll just link a few examples:


The safari hat is just perfect!  This is by Juliette Auckland

SSA2 - Ramble Suit

The contrasting fabrics are such a nice touch here in this costume by sewbig


Check out the amazing pleats on the skirt here by slpslee

It seems to have resized just fine for smaller dolls too:


(By Helen Webb)

Bunnies or Trolls?

by nethenekhthon

There were so many beautiful things from the first week too:


like this modernized version by Alison Moreton

Wrenfeathers SSA2018

This one by quickdrawannie


and beautiful lace on this one by catknapp


This week is an Edwardian Seaside Costume!


After last week’s challenge, you’ll be happy to know this one is pretty quick and easy!  I had every intention of taking the dolls to what passes for a “seaside” here in Colorado, but long story short, it didn’t happen.  I know lots of beaches near the actual oceans are rocky, so maybe we can imagine they’re not in my backyard, they’re climbing on rocks to get down to the water?  🙂

IMG_8505r (2)

IMG_8510r (2)

Get the pattern here today only

The resized ramble from last week is not quite ready for AG size yet…next week for sure!

If you want more info about the sew-along in general, please check the first week’s post.


To participate in the sew-along:



Summer Sew Along week 2


Reminder: Today is the last day to get your entries in for last week’s garden party dress and the accessory pattern will be emailed tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links!

This week is an Edwardian “Ramble” Costume!

Are you up for a challenge?  Do you love making pleats and sewing on tiny buttons?  This is the outfit for you! 🙂  If your pleat skills are a little rusty, check out the guide below!

Because this week’s outfit is challenging, I’ll tell you in advance the associated accessory pattern for this will be the boots you see on Nisha, which will work for that size foot only.  If you’re shrinking the patterns and sewing along with a 13”-14” doll, these are similar to the boots from the French Fashion Doll series and that size pattern is here.  Pleats don’t always enlarge-reduce correctly, so you might need to modify them a bit.


Get the pattern here today only

Get a guide to pleats here (permanently posted)

If you want more info about the sew-along in general, please check last week’s post.


The Edwardian Ramble:

Today lots of people go hiking and camping, but if you think about it, we had to get a bit removed from nature for that to be considered “novel” and fun again.  When you live in a rural area, and maybe farm for your living, you might not consider it fun to walk a few miles around the countryside on a weekend.  You might also want to give your draft animals a rest, which means even a drive would be out of the question.

On the other hand, if you lived in a city, as more of the population were doing at this time, it was fun to get away from the crowds and smell fresh air.  Train travel made it possible for the middle-class, and for the very wealthy, the novelty of a “motor car” meant you could get to even more places.

What did girls wear to ramble?  Well for adults, dresses or “costumes” with a blouse and skirt or matching jackets and skirts were both options.  Patterns for these weren’t specifically labeled as such that I’ve been able to find,  but I’m sure, just like today, some people wore inappropriate clothing/shoes and regretted it later, much like modern would-be “hikers” who drive up a Colorado mountain in July in shorts and flip flops and wander around shivering for a few minutes before running back to their cars because it’s SNOWING.


This pattern is based on a Bleuette “Costume de Chasse” from 1907.  My thought was that if it was deemed suitable to wander in the woods for a hunt, it would have been equally suitable for something kids would have found more fun, like wandering around on a hillside gathering wild flowers (yes, they did that too, in great numbers unfortnately).  The Victorians did not understand conservation of natural resources the way we do today, and seemed to think that all of nature was at their disposal.  Accordingly, they stuffed their houses with astonishing quantities of it, from dried wildflowers to taxidermied birds to enormous collections of chloroformed butterflies.  If it doesn’t make you sad, it would look period-correct to accessorize this with a little net or jar and some little plastic/clay bugs or printouts of butterflies.  A little basket of silk/dried flowers would work too.

If you missed it, Last week’s pattern is now available here:

To participate in the sew-along:



Summer Sew Along Week 1


Yay, it’s time for the summer sew-along!  If you’re new to the blog, this is an event to motivate you to complete a mini wardrobe on a theme for your doll by sewing one garment each week.  This year it’s an Edwardian summer wardrobe AND a bunch of accessories, mostly sewn, some crafty!

Here’s how it will work:

Each week’s sewing pattern will be posted on Thursday – make sure to get it that day!  Most of these can be easily shrunken for 13-14″ dolls like Hearts for Hearts and Cheries by copying the slim size at 77% and you’re welcome to do that if you don’t have any 16″ dolls like AGAT, Sasha, etc.  If you miss a week, the patterns and their associated accessory will be available in AG and AGAT sizes on Etsy afterwards.

Sew along each week and post pix of what you made.  Get inspired and comment on others’ photos here. Note that I sometimes like to share your pix from there on the blog, so make sure to have sharing turned on/off if you do/don’t want that to happen.  Complete each week’s outfit and get the related accessories pattern free, complete all the weeks and get the bonus sewing/accessory pattern!

To reiterate:

Step 1: post pic of what you made each week here:

Step 2: enter your email and the link to your pic here by next Thursday:

Step 3:  Receive your accessory pattern by email next Friday.

This week we have an Edwardian Garden Party dress:


Get the pattern here TODAY ONLY






SSA will start next week!


If you are on the Bex/Elinor pre-order list, you probably got the recent email that they are delayed even LONGER now due to bad weather and not expected to arrive until May 22 and then have to clear customs, get shipped, etc.  😦

SO, that’s the bad news, the good news for you is even though the initial plan was to start the Summer Sew-Along after they arrived because I was so excited to have them to model the SSA outfits, I’m giving up on waiting and we’re starting the SSA next week!  If you’re waiting for yours too, you can get a head start on sewing, and just think how happy they’ll be to have some new clothes to change into after their long voyage!

This year, based on your votes, it’s going to be an Edwardian summer wardrobe AND accessories!  We’ll follow some English dolls from “Wrenton Abbey” 🙂 and see how they might have spent the summer!  It’s been a really fun challenge so far coming up with themes and finding pattern ideas to go with them and I can’t wait to share!

With summer vacations, you’ve said it can be hard to follow along for the whole series, so this year, there’s an  incentive each week of a related craft or accessory pattern if you finish the outfit.  That way, even if you can only participate for a week or two, you can still get a fun freebie by sewing along!  If you are a super seamstress and finish everything, there will be a bonus sewing pattern at the end.  Each week’s pattern will be released on Thursday and only available that day in AGAT/Sasha/etc. size.  After you make it and post a pic, you will be able to get the accessory pattern.  Here’s a sneak peek of one of the outfits: