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Where’s Jasmine?


Some updates and the next contest:

Queen of Hearts 1

Craig Sharp of  was nice enough to resize the Queen of Hearts for AG dolls!  It’s going to be used as the March sew-along project on the SGOT AG yahoo group.  If you are not a member, you can join here:

Craig’s version can be downloaded here  The original version for slim dolls is here


Where’s Jasmine?  She’s in a country famous for brightly colored weaving.  She is almost 6500ft above sea level in a town with a 400 year old church.  This church was built on the foundation of a (knocked down) pagan temple.  Interestingly, the 18 original pagan temple steps are still used by priests of that religion, who burn candles, incense and occasionally chickens, to their gods.  Tell me what town she’s in and win one of what she’s selling… Post your answer on Facebook HERE.  Winner will be chosen randomly from all the correct answers posted in the next 24 hours and I’ll post some pix of her there as soon as at least one person guesses correctly… 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I meant to post this last year and Hinamatsuri got in the way.  Don’t know what that is?  Click here to find out…also to see what my photos looked like before I got better at image processing.  🙂

Anyway, I made this Queen of Hearts dress last year for Sasha and Galina, but if you have Girl For All Time Matilda, it would look perfect on her too!  Before you ask, no, it is not sized for AGs and I have no immediate plans to do so.

galina queen hearts castle(click to enlarge…background is from

Download Queen of Hearts Dress Pattern Here 

*****If you are making it for Sasha or Girl for All Time shorten sleeve by 1/2″ (~1cm)******

Other fun stuff:

A lovely photo of Galina in the mola blouse from Murray

And check out costuraquasereta’s blog for another look for the fall blouse and, I think, A-line skirt

A size chart of different doll feet  I traced to help with your shoemaking/buying

Made something from a Wren*Feathers pattern?  I love seeing your creations!!  Send me a link or post it here:

Stay tuned … a new installment of “Where’s Jasmine” is coming soon!!

And not doll-related, but…

School-based SLPs do a difficult job with little to no recognition [long rant deleted]  If your child gets speech-language services at school, stop at the grocery store, get a little box of Valentine’s candy and stick it in the SLP’s mailbox at school with a little note saying  “Thank you for working with______”.   I promise, it will be the nicest thing that happened to her all week!