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Bienvenida, Luciana!


IMG_8063r (2)

So, Luciana didn’t come home with me on her launch day, but the birthday fairies surprised me with her later!  I would love so much to pose her in the Mars habitat, but unless its price goes down significantly, that probably won’t happen and she’ll have to be content to be photoshopped into whatever backgrounds NASA has available.  Actually, there are quite a few space-related images they’ve put online for the public to use, so we’ll see if any of them result in some cute doll pix! 🙂

I had a request from Mandy M. to copy a school uniform and turned it into a tutorial on box pleats that you can adapt to any A-line dress for other size dolls too.  There are a lot of extra links in the pattern too, so you can experiment and explore.  Enjoy!

Get the pattern here

Boy dolls and photoshopping without photoshop!


Just like you might have done, I also lined up outside the AG store before they opened on Jan 1st!  The original plan was to get Luciana, and, like, all her stuff 😉 but instead I ended up with…a boy doll!  Longtime followers know that boys had a major part in the blog at the beginning when I was smitten with the Kidz n Cats, and Sasha’s Gregor and Caleb have appeared from time to time too.  The opportunity to do more with boy dolls was compelling, and instead of Luciana, I ended up with the doll you see above, who has a couple of names/themes right now I’m trying to decide between.

I had actually made the coveralls you see him wearing for Luciana before I saw them in person, inspired by pix people had leaked of her flight suit, but lacking the right color zipper to make a blue one.  When I finally saw it, I liked mine better, even though it was challenging to make.  The AG flight suit just has fake stitching to simulate pockets and iron-on prints for patches.  It seems like quality is going downhill lately, with terribly cheap shoes on the truly me dolls and a much cheaper body.

When I put the coveralls on the new boy, DH said he looked just like an air force pilot, so I put him into a pic to make it more realistic.

Get the pattern and photoshopping without photoshop tutorial here!

Yes, this pattern is kind of challenging, especially if you’re doing real pockets.

Looking for something similar but easier?

Here are some more of my free patterns that are perfect for AG boys:

Click to access welcome-su-jin.pdf

Click to access mix-match-week-31.pdf

Click to access ag-mix-match-week-2.pdf

Click to access missing-sleeve.pdf