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Bex’s school uniform!


Hello everyone! Here’s my first post from Japan! We are living in Mie prefecture with the Hasegawa family while mom helps them get certified as an organic tea farm. Just like our family, the Hasegawas also have two daughters near the ages of my sister Della and I and also one older brother. Tomorrow I’ll be starting school with Yuki. She writes it like this: 雪 isn’t that pretty? Maybe I’ll learn a new way to write my name too?
Love, Bex

BTW Here’s a pic of me in my new uniform:45544751591_8146d4f264_z

Get the jacket pattern here

Hogwarts shirt pattern here

Skirt shown is from this costume, although I plan to make it again in plaid.

Vote for Bex’s school uniform!


During the cleaning and organizing of the doll room, I had a chance to reflect on what things were in there that brought me joy.  Aside from the dolls themselves, of course, finding the collection from Little Darling in 日本 was a reminder what was a lot of fun it had been and how much I (usually) enjoy doing a series focusing on a topic.  You might also recall that AGAT Bex came to live here and was supposed to come out of her box after the summer sew along, but never did because of the Animator tangent I got distracted by.  Well, she’s out of her box now and is going to spend the rest of the school year in Japan. There was a backstory being written about her mom working for a tea company in the UK and (loooong story short) the whole family moves to Japan to stay with a tea-farming family who’s converting to organic farming.  Since you probably come to this blog for the patterns/crafts/pix rather than stories, and because writing them takes time away from sewing, I decided to just give that sketchy little outline and let her do the blogging once a month to update on all the amazing things she’s learning and experiencing 🙂  Next week we’ll get to see her new school uniform – you can help by deciding what it should look like!  The basic styles in Japan for middle school/junior high can be broadly categorized into sailor and blazer styles, with cardigans/vests/jumpers seeming to be a little less popular.  Spend a few minutes on pinterest and you’ll see there are all kinds of variations, but I had to limit things a bit so as not to be overwhelmed by too many choices.  The images below are  from: and

Vote for your favorite style in the poll below

Numbering is left to right; 1 is the navy sailor outfit, 5 is the short sleeved white blouse.  Poll will be open for 24 hours so I have time to make it this weekend – get your vote in quickly!