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These are based on this one by Simplicity from 1956 and the rest will be coming shortly!



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Thank you all SO MUCH for your support and kind words! I wish I could hug to everyone who responded – you are the reason I do this blog. 珞  I’ll be back next week with more stuff your dolls will love…



My apologies if last week’s post was offensive, I responded via email to the originator of those comments, as I do sometimes when a reply to a comment would get too long to fit.  There are many insensitive representations of  not just Pueblo, but all Native tribes online and it’s hard to understand why this blog is being singled out for attack when misinformation is being corrected, for example that this is a Pueblo outfit.  It is sad to know non-authentic Pueblo and other misrepresentations labeled as “Native” doll  patterns are currently available all over etsy and also see here  here  , as well as pixiefaire  and here’s another from pixiefaire .  McCall, Vogue, Simplicity have manufactured patterns labeled as “Native American” for quite some time, including this one labeled as “American Indian”.

Is that OK?  No, but according to the law.

The final rulings in the IACB Protection of Products of Indian Art
and Craftsmanship

§ 309.9 When can non-Indians make and
sell products in the style of Indian arts and
A non-Indian can make and sell
products in the style of Indian art or
craft products only if the non-Indian or
other seller does not falsely suggest to
consumers that the products have been
made by an Indian.

As for the term “costume”:

noun: costume; plural noun: costumes

  • a set of clothes in a style typical of a particular country or historical period.

synonyms:         outfit, garments, (set of) clothes, ensemble

  • a set of clothes worn by an actor or other performer for a particular role or by someone attending a masquerade.
  • a set of clothes, especially a woman’s ensemble, for a particular occasion or purpose; an outfit.

It means “complete ensemble of clothing” and on this blog, as in literature regarding costume, it is used for all cultures, for example, on this blog you can find it used in:

this Polish “costume”  or French “costume”  and lots of others:

Native artists have been representing their culture in doll form for quite a while, including selling those dolls in traditional outfits to non-natives.  It takes a lot of research to find authentic examples among all the inauthentic stuff on the internet.  Learning about, honoring, and appreciating ALL other cultures is something I love.  Sharing that love by disseminating information and helping people learn more about sewing, history, dolls, and other cultures is what is great about this blog.  Correcting misinformation, such as that those incorrectly labeled modern doll outfits I linked at the beginning are authentic, is an educational service that I really take to heart.

It’s sad when someone gets upset without knowing the whole story.  I created this as part of an awesome collection of patterns from various regions that was going to be free for a donation as a fundraiser for  Whether that will happen with the other patterns now remains to be seen.