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Free BJD pattern


I’ve sewn for a large variety of dolls over the years.  The Sashas and Kidz remain in my top 5 favorites to sew for, but in order to branch out into some different styles of clothing, I recently got two MIM dolls (available here:  

I will post my review of them soon – I still need to take more pix.  My favorite FAVORITE thing is drafting for a new doll body, especially one so nicely proportioned, and to share the excitement with you I offer a FREE PATTERN HERE (and don’t worry – a similar pattern is coming soon in Sasha/KNC size!)
If you’re wondering how the pix of the doll in brown were created it is similar to how Hollywood does things with a green screen.  My husband put the doll in front of a plain white artist’s canvas with a strong light behind her.  Her face was spot metered to “blow out” the background leaving it blank white.  This is important, as it eliminates shadows behind your subject.  It was a really boring picture, until I put the photo into a program that lets you pick a color to set as transparent. Powerpoint will do this if you don’t have other software. That got rid of most of the white and then I layered it over backdrops found on
If  the outfit looks familiar, it’s because  I based it on this pattern: which I bought last year intending for it to be my Halloween costume but never got around to sewing.

Since it was so hard to find before, I found out how to add a “follow” button on the blog!  You will see it in the right hand column.  Enter your email and you can get new pattern updates as soon as they are posted.  My goal is at least 1 free pattern per month, although it looks like I’ve exceeded that already for October 🙂

REMINDER:  The photo contest ends this Sunday! Find out how to enter here:

Doll Photo Contest!


Inspired by online pictures of all the outfits people make for their BJDs, I’m starting to design a few I call “LGG” or “little girl goth.” There is a fine line between “goth” and heirloom sewing in my mind since the techniques are similar (pintucks, lace, etc) and the main difference is the fabric and how it’s accessorized.  So these patterns can really be used for either look.

This one is called “Gloomy” although no dress can make Galina lose her cheerful smile!

It has a totally different, more heirloom feel in pastel batiste with more tucks and lace seen here on a BFC Yuko doll.

This one in gray is called “Melancholy” but think how nice it would look in a delicate flowered cotton print or a bright taffeta…

The one above was inspired by a dress for Licca from the Japanese “My favorite doll” series #13.

Patterns for both dresses are available as a set here:,  but you could win the Melancholy dress!  Read on…

And for something completely different, Sashas look so “mod” in this 1965 Piet Mondrian dress.  (pattern fits the Kidz and MAC too)  Want this pattern free?  How about the dress? Read on…

So…it’s time for my first doll photo contest.  I’ve been hesitating to hold one, because I know I’ve entered lots of different online doll contests and I never win anything, which makes me grumpy.
This is a little different from your average contest, and here are the details:
In my “day job” I’m a speech-language pathologist who works with elementary school kids.  One task that’s very difficult for many of them is the ability to understand and narrate a story.  One therapy task I often use to help them is a series of wordless pictures that they have to put in order and tell a story about.  I have a small supply of these that the kids are getting tired of.

So here’s where you come in:  The theme of the contest is “Sequences”
Submit a series of 4 pictures that fit together on one page in Word or Powerpoint with your name and email address somewhere in the document to jenniebagrowski  at  (replace “at” with @)  The pictures can have any dolls and props you want and must connect together to narrate a sequence of an everyday activity appropriate for an average 5-8 year old.  Some ideas: building a snowman, making valentines, baking cookies, making a sandwich, playing a sport, wrapping a present, getting ready for school, painting a picture, building a block tower, etc.  When you’re thinking about how to structure your sequence,  I usually give them  verbal cues to help connect the pictures like:  First, the boy…Next he… After that…Finally…  An example is here: sequence contest
How it will work:  I will print out all the pictures and laminate them and my students will use them to tell stories.  They will choose their favorite set of pictures to produce a written story and the set of pictures with the most “votes” (stories) from the kids will win.

Everyone who enters the contest gets my newest pattern – Piet Mondrian as well as my gratitude for helping to create therapy materials, warm fuzzy feelings about helping kids, and many more good things to come on this blog… 🙂
The winner gets: their choice of the Melancholy or Piet Mondrian dress in the pix above
Yes! You can enter more than once!
Want tips for composing a great doll photo?

The deadline for photo submissions is October 21 and the winner will be announced November 2.

(So as not to overwhelm my inbox and printer it would be great if the entries trickled in slowly rather than all at the last minute) 🙂

If you’re not into photography, I do take custom sewing orders OR the dress patterns are also available here: