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Having spun all 3, here are my observations:  they are much stronger than natural fibers, and they all spin similarly well both woolen and worsted.  The PF brand “cashmere” looks a little shiny (like bamboo/soysilk).  The Louet looks more natural but not exactly like an animal-based fiber.  The “angora” was the most natural looking of the 3, as it had lots of little hairs sticking out to make it “authentic” looking.  Once spun, they had similar levels of softness as singles (haven’t tried plying yet).

In the photo, the PF cashmere is on the right (with red in it) the angora is in the middle, and the Louet cashmere is on the left.Image

Adventures in synthetic fibers



I ordered 2 brands of faux cashmere and one angora from Paradise Fibers.  My first impressions?  Their store brand feels as soft as the amazing baby alpaca I’m spinning right now.  The Louet brand feels more like cotton and the “angora” somewhere in between.

I’m attempting to dye them with Wilton cake  dyes.  How?  Glad you asked.  I took an ounce and split it into 4 strips, putting each strip in a jar with ~2-3 T vinegar and a pea-sized amount of dye and enough water to cover.

My impressions so far?  It took longer to get the fiber to “moosh” under the water than wool does, but I’ve NEVER seen a fiber exhaust (use up all the dye) so quickly!  I was being cautious in my heating, since I feared a melted nylon mess, but I heated all 4 jars at once for 2 minutes, let sit 2 mins and repeated.  4 minutes of cooking and 4 of cooling and the dye was completely absorbed!  It sat cooling, but then I realized – no danger of felting!  So I did a quick cold-water rinse and am waiting for it to dry so I can spin it!