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Free back to school patterns for dolls


Happy September!

Our fairy inspiration of the month is the Monarch Fairy made with a combination of the free pattern and the puff skirt, tights, blossom hat and wings from my fairy pattern available here (if it’s not there, please email me jenniebagrowski at hotmail dot com)


Although my district started us back to school August 8th, most of the U.S. is going back to school around now, and my dolls are no exception.  Here is Robby getting ready for school (click to enlarge any of the photos):

And the Kidz lining up to go into school:

Galina wears a corduroy jacket which makes a lovely contrast to the easy-version heirloom sundress (free  here:


Robby wears the Magic attic size of the same jacket in denim , Alister has on jeans from the pattern below and a T from the fairy bonus pattern with sleeves shortened

In this photo you can see 3 backpacks – the free pattern for the Hello Kitty one is below

Lunch time!  

I had so much fun making the polymer clay food and I bet you will too!  (tutorial below) Though I am generally a “fiber girl” (sewing, weaving, spinning, dyeing, etc) it’s great to branch out sometimes and the best thing about polymer clay food is that imprecision can contribute to it looking more “real” which makes it perfect for beginners.  Don’t be surprised if you see more of it down the road!

A view of Sasha and Keisha in their size patterns 

Some good ideas have been rolling in for patterns/projects you’d like to see.  This month’s pattern was suggested by Barb S. who gets her pattern for free!  Keep your suggestions coming (sketches…links…words…photos).  If yours makes it onto the blog it will be free to you, even if it ends up being a paid pattern.

How do I decide whether to charge?  If the pattern is quick and easy for me to draft and needs minimal instructions I will post it for free.  If it takes an entire weekend (or more) to get the pattern figured out or needs a lot of photos/explanations I will probably charge for it.

The jeans and jacket patterns are available as a set and include sizes for both Magic Attic/Carpatina and Sasha/Kidz n Cats.  Jeans have real front and back pockets (which you can omit if you want) and a front fly; jacket has authentic detailing and distressing instructions are included.  To order click here: Or if it’s out of stock email me (jenniebagrowski at hotmail dot com) 

The free projects and patterns for this month include a backpack, lunch and most of the school supplies you see pictured above ( “scissors” are just a bent paperclip) and are available here: Free pattern for September

UPDATE: If  the link doesn’t work paste this: into your browser

And a sneak peek of next month: 

August free pattern for Kidz n Cats and Sasha


Well, the posts are slowing down now that I’m back at work.  My goal, though is to put up at least one project/pattern per month.  I’m going to keep focusing on the Kidz n Cats and Sasha and I have projects planned until March, but I’m up for suggestions after that!  What would you like designed for these dolls?  Post a comment and let me know!

Today’s pattern is the heirloom sundress modeled here by Galina (she promises she was just smelling the flowers, not picking them!) 🙂(click to enlarge)


You can get the pattern here:Heirloom sundress pattern

If you want to get the newest patterns/projects delivered to you by email as soon as they are available, click the FOLLOW button on the bottom right of your screen.  You can choose immediate/weekly/monthly updates.

I love to see what others do with my patterns, so please send me pictures of/links to your creations!

Fairy patterns for Kidz n Cats and Sasha


Hooray!  The patterns are finished much sooner than I thought.  They are available now as .pdfs

You can see some photos and get info on ordering the patterns here: Fairy patterns or in my etsy shop here:

And if you’d like to “play around” with sketches of the various pieces and see how they can work together click here: fairy croquis

Frog hat for dolls


I was cutting out Simplicity 1953 for myself, but the dolls were staring so longingly at the scraps I had to stop and make one for them.  🙂

I shrunk the women’s medium to 48% and used a 3/8″ seam allowance for the hat and 1/4″ SA for the eyes.  It’s lined with t-shirt fabric instead of fleece.  In retrospect, I would leave off the extra felt piece on the eye and just cut one green and one white.  I glued on the black parts of the eyes.


Wouldn’t it make a cute teddy bear hat, using the eyes as ears and adding features on the front of the hat?

Doll Hakama Pattern






What kind of husband gives up part of his weekend to help his wife contort dolls into Aikido poses?  A wonderful one.


On the wall behind them are the 2 things found in every dojo (school).  A poster that says Ai Ki Do and a picture of O-Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido).  Many of the movements start with “Grab my wrist…” (shown above)


Your partner then uses your energy to throw/push/pull you around.  This (above) is part of Ikkyo.

Using your opponent’s energy means even a weaker person can “throw” a stronger one.  Here, Galina shows the end of the Ikkyo movement.


Knowing how to fall properly is essential.  Here, Alister demonstrates a forward roll.  Your hand hits first and your body rolls along.



More practice with the ever-important front rolls.  Galina rolls over Alister.

Twisting arms into various painful positions can disable your opponent immediately.  Alister is doing Shiho Nage on Galina and she shows a kote gaeshi pin on him.


If you want to see these in action, youtube has many examples. A search for Steven Seagal and Aikido will entertain you for a while.


And if you just want your dolls to look cute click here for the hakama pattern





Fairy pattern for Kidz n Cats and Sasha


I have been working furiously on a new set of patterns that should be available for sale in the Fall.  It’s called “Fairy Elements” and is a collection that can all work together for you to be able to create unique fairy outfits.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the prototypes (click to see larger pix): **UPDATE – THEY ARE READY!! click here: