Summer Sew Along Week 1


Yay, it’s time for the summer sew-along!  If you’re new to the blog, this is an event to motivate you to complete a mini wardrobe on a theme for your doll by sewing one garment each week.  This year it’s an Edwardian summer wardrobe AND a bunch of accessories, mostly sewn, some crafty!

Here’s how it will work:

Each week’s sewing pattern will be posted on Thursday – make sure to get it that day!  Most of these can be easily shrunken for 13-14″ dolls like Hearts for Hearts and Cheries by copying the slim size at 77% and you’re welcome to do that if you don’t have any 16″ dolls like AGAT, Sasha, etc.  If you miss a week, the patterns and their associated accessory will be available in AG and AGAT sizes on Etsy afterwards.

Sew along each week and post pix of what you made.  Get inspired and comment on others’ photos here. Note that I sometimes like to share your pix from there on the blog, so make sure to have sharing turned on/off if you do/don’t want that to happen.  Complete each week’s outfit and get the related accessories pattern free, complete all the weeks and get the bonus sewing/accessory pattern!

To reiterate:

Step 1: post pic of what you made each week here:

Step 2: enter your email and the link to your pic here by next Thursday:

Step 3:  Receive your accessory pattern by email next Friday.

This week we have an Edwardian Garden Party dress:


Get the pattern here TODAY ONLY







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  1. Ridiculously excited about this……also I don’t have AGFAT I make dolls that size so along with making these fabulous designs I will be making a doll to fit them!
    Susie x

  2. You mention copying “the slim size at 77%”. I didn’t see a slim size in the pattern. Where could I find it (or did I just misread)? I want to sew this for a Sasha doll.

    Thanks so much!


    Wendy Farkas | 5710 Crispin St. #2B, Roanoke VA 24019 | 540-556-3594 |

  3. I don’t have an AGAT doll – but, my AG would love a summer dress like this… I see cutting changes for arm & waist band for AG size – but – do I need to print the other pieces any larger for AG or just use the AGAT size? I h ope I have what I ‘need’ of eyelet here! I have a ‘bunch’, so, I’m thinking I ‘must’… 🙂 Will go ‘fabric sleuthing’ this morning…. 🙂 MaryC

  4. Thank you for this! The dress is lovely and looks rather easy to make! I will make the dress for one of my 14″ dolls, since I don’t have an AGAT doll. In the hope of finding time to make the dress, I’ll drop by the fabric store on my way back from work and get the lace!
    In the pdf, you refer to a 1912 dress using embroidered fabric, and it is written LINK. However, the link doesn’t work for me (there is no hyperlink).

  5. Love the first challenge. I can’t get the Sears Catalog link to work for some reason. Looking forward to seeing all of the creative pictures.

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