SSA will start next week!


If you are on the Bex/Elinor pre-order list, you probably got the recent email that they are delayed even LONGER now due to bad weather and not expected to arrive until May 22 and then have to clear customs, get shipped, etc.  😦

SO, that’s the bad news, the good news for you is even though the initial plan was to start the Summer Sew-Along after they arrived because I was so excited to have them to model the SSA outfits, I’m giving up on waiting and we’re starting the SSA next week!  If you’re waiting for yours too, you can get a head start on sewing, and just think how happy they’ll be to have some new clothes to change into after their long voyage!

This year, based on your votes, it’s going to be an Edwardian summer wardrobe AND accessories!  We’ll follow some English dolls from “Wrenton Abbey” 🙂 and see how they might have spent the summer!  It’s been a really fun challenge so far coming up with themes and finding pattern ideas to go with them and I can’t wait to share!

With summer vacations, you’ve said it can be hard to follow along for the whole series, so this year, there’s an  incentive each week of a related craft or accessory pattern if you finish the outfit.  That way, even if you can only participate for a week or two, you can still get a fun freebie by sewing along!  If you are a super seamstress and finish everything, there will be a bonus sewing pattern at the end.  Each week’s pattern will be released on Thursday and only available that day in AGAT/Sasha/etc. size.  After you make it and post a pic, you will be able to get the accessory pattern.  Here’s a sneak peek of one of the outfits:


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  1. I’m delighted to read the SSA will be Edwardian! I hope I can participate, but I don’t have a 16″ doll. Do you think the patterns printed at 77% (or something else) will work for the 14″ dolls?

  2. I am so excited for this! I’m up to my ears in the charity sewing I do each year, but this will “force” me to make something for my own neglected dolls. I can’t wait to see what you’ve designed for us this summer.

  3. Looking forward to taking part in this sew along. Is there any way you can give us a couple more days to download the pattern. I will be in Colonial Williamsburg on Thursday and will not have access to my home computer. I do have a tablet but not sure I can download the pattern to it. I have dropbox on tablet. Wondering if I can download pattern to dropbox. Honestly I am not good with all these different electronics.

  4. Hi Jen,I totally am in love with this plan of yours! I have all the AGAT dolls available thus far,plus a few Sashas. I am,however, a working Senior. There is NO WAY I would be able to keep up the pace in order to qualify for the Freebies.I am wondering whether you would consider having the Freebies for sale as well. I would be so happy to be able to purchase all the accessories in order to complete my outfits. Thanks for your consideration, Jen.Take care and God bless,Laurainne

  5. Thanks, Jen; I’m excited! I have the 14″ Hearts for Hearts doll which is the size the Stitchin’ for Kids project uses – will sewing for her count if I reduce the pattern to fit her?

  6. Are you able to give some info in advance about fabrics and supplies needed? Maybe others, like me, won’t have everything needed in their stash and don’t find it easy to get to a fabric store to get the supplies.

  7. Yipee! I am excited about this! That sneak peak almost looks like an Edwardian swim suit. But as it is a sneak peak I might wrong! I hope my going on vacation for a week wont mess my fun summer sew along!

  8. Will you be making these patterns in 18 inch doll size? Would it be difficult for me to size up? Do you have instructions for that? And since I don’t have a doll of this size, I wouldn’t be able to really sew along so will the accessory patterns be available for sale along with the patterns? We have AG Samantha so I was really excited about the Edwardian patterns until I realized the size.

    • Yes! It’s challenging to scale these for AG because the height is the same, they’re just wider in the torso. Everything will be available in AG size w/ the accessories on etsy soon after it’s posted here for the smaller dolls.

  9. I didn’t have the required doll or fabric, so I resized for a 6″ doll. I ended up doing a complete variant because the doll was too adult (and the porcelain didn’t go up far enough on the arms & legs). Interesting exercise. It didn’t turn out at all like the picture, but I was pleased to exercise my creativity.

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