We Wish You a Retro Christmas…




Click here for the patterns!  

These are based on this one by Simplicity from 1956 and the rest will be coming shortly!


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  1. I love vintage patterns. I have a stack of them that my aunt used to make my dolls clothes. I love the way you got so much….a hat, an apron, a collar…….and a cuddly toy! – real value for money.

  2. This looks adorable and are fun add ons to existing patterns! Thank you for sharing! My 50’s girl will sure enjoy them!

  3. These are adorable, Jennie! Thanks so much for reviving and “dollifying” them for us. I’m excited to sew the Chatty Cathy patterns again and adding these items to their outfits for my MaryEllen and Melody.

  4. I love both of these patterns. The collar is a fun addition to many dresses and the kitty cat apron is precious. Once again thank you for your wonderful patterns and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Jen! Thank you for sharing your talents. I look forward to your blog every week! I truly appreciate all the work you put into each and every project you present. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    You are so generous with your gifts to your members. I would love to have the embroidery designs in pes. I do not sell. I only make things for our 12 grandchildren, and 7 of them have dolls.

    Thank you, Sharon Thomas

  7. Can you please tell me how to access the pattern for the actual black dress shown in the blog today behind the collar? Thank you! Christine

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  9. Cute outfits and great photos! I just followed your blog! 😉 I also have an AG doll blog! I am trying to reach 100 followers! It would be awesome if you could follow it! Thank you!

    ~Bella and the dolls

  10. These are adorable, Jen; thanks so much. Some day I’ll have an embroidery machine, but other ‘necessary’ things always get in the way – that’s life! 😉

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