Bienvenida, Luciana!


IMG_8063r (2)

So, Luciana didn’t come home with me on her launch day, but the birthday fairies surprised me with her later!  I would love so much to pose her in the Mars habitat, but unless its price goes down significantly, that probably won’t happen and she’ll have to be content to be photoshopped into whatever backgrounds NASA has available.  Actually, there are quite a few space-related images they’ve put online for the public to use, so we’ll see if any of them result in some cute doll pix! 🙂

I had a request from Mandy M. to copy a school uniform and turned it into a tutorial on box pleats that you can adapt to any A-line dress for other size dolls too.  There are a lot of extra links in the pattern too, so you can experiment and explore.  Enjoy!

Get the pattern here

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  1. Jen, the new Box Pleat Dress is another winner! So pretty! I love the look of a lovely plaid dress. I got a new one every Autumn for the start of each new school year when I was growing up. As soon as I see a dress like this one, I immediately think of all things Autumn related. Many thanks for the pattern. I love it very much. Perfect timing for all of the end of season sales at my local fabric store. I bet there are a lot of perfect plaids just waiting for everyone to practice box pleat techniques. Thanks again. 🙂

  2. How cute is this! Luciana looks so good in it! Thank you for the pattern and the well written tutorial about making box pleats! I’ll have to try that out! Can you tell me which decade is the original dress from? I like to save my historical patterns by date, and this would be helpfut (I’d also be curious to see the picture of the original that inspired you!).

  3. Thank you so much, Jennie, for all the wonderful blog posts you share with us and especially for the free patterns you offer. I made a wellie wisher blouse the other day from one of your patterns and it not only fit perfectly, but is so adorable! I appreciate you and all your hard work. God bless you!

  4. Gotta love those birthday fairies – Congratulations, Jen. 😉 This lesson in creating box pleats is intriguing and cannot wait until I have time to play with it; thank you so much for again freely sharing your invaluable sewing talent with all of us!

  5. Jennie- I just want to say that you’re wonderful. I’ve never posted before, but I signed up for your emails a couple of years ago. I think you are a fantastic doll clothes designer and incredibly generous for giving away so much of your talent for free.

  6. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have many of your patterns which always go together so well. I live in the UK and make clothes for my granddaughters dolls called design’a friend by Chad Valley they are 18″ tall but have a much smaller waist. I have made templates to overlay on the AG patterns and they come out fine.

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