Boy dolls and photoshopping without photoshop!


Just like you might have done, I also lined up outside the AG store before they opened on Jan 1st!  The original plan was to get Luciana, and, like, all her stuff 😉 but instead I ended up with…a boy doll!  Longtime followers know that boys had a major part in the blog at the beginning when I was smitten with the Kidz n Cats, and Sasha’s Gregor and Caleb have appeared from time to time too.  The opportunity to do more with boy dolls was compelling, and instead of Luciana, I ended up with the doll you see above, who has a couple of names/themes right now I’m trying to decide between.

I had actually made the coveralls you see him wearing for Luciana before I saw them in person, inspired by pix people had leaked of her flight suit, but lacking the right color zipper to make a blue one.  When I finally saw it, I liked mine better, even though it was challenging to make.  The AG flight suit just has fake stitching to simulate pockets and iron-on prints for patches.  It seems like quality is going downhill lately, with terribly cheap shoes on the truly me dolls and a much cheaper body.

When I put the coveralls on the new boy, DH said he looked just like an air force pilot, so I put him into a pic to make it more realistic.

Get the pattern and photoshopping without photoshop tutorial here!

Yes, this pattern is kind of challenging, especially if you’re doing real pockets.

Looking for something similar but easier?

Here are some more of my free patterns that are perfect for AG boys:

Click to access welcome-su-jin.pdf

Click to access mix-match-week-31.pdf

Click to access ag-mix-match-week-2.pdf

Click to access missing-sleeve.pdf



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  1. hi, ohhh merci beaucoup pour tous ces magnifiques cadeaux.

    Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse année, pleine d’amour et de paix, une santé sans faille

    Merci encore

    Ghislaine Diharce

    2018-01-11 8:32 GMT+01:00 Wren*Feathers :

    > jenwrenne posted: ” Just like you might have done, I also lined up outside > the AG store before they opened on Jan 1st! The original plan was to get > Luciana, and, like, all her stuff 😉 but instead I ended up with…a boy > doll! Longtime followers know that boys had a majo” >

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial and pattern! I am turning an OG doll into a boy (I still have to talk myself into shaving the poor doll’s hair so the boy wig fits nicely!). So any boy doll patterns are welcomed! And you are right, your overalls look more realistic that AG’s!

  3. The coveralls are awesome! A very versatile design – works perfectly for all dolls – boys and girls alike. Many thanks for sharing your design talent! Have a great day – you’ve inspired me to go out and make it a great day as well.Denise

  4. Thank you for this wonderful pattern and for the photo shop tutorial. Now I am wondering if I can find some tiny patches that have our flag or our Air Force insigna. Must be someplace to find those.

  5. Love the Coverall pattern. I’ve had my boy doll way before Logan came out. I found a lady who  made boy dolls and I had to have a few of them. She no longer makes them her hands are tired.  I’ve been twicking the girl patterns to fit my Boys!   Thanks for the pattern!  I LOVE your patterns!! Thanks Again Teresa Flores Lopez

  6. Oh, Jen, I simply love this flight suit, your amazing photo and love a sewing challenge too. Will have to scout around for some fabric that would work for it! I have a new boy doll too that I amazingly won over the holidays and he’d look smashing in this! Thanks so much again for all you share with us, not only patterns, but photo tips, etc.

  7. He looks awesome! I love the coveralls.

    Yes, the transfer patches and embroidery has been a thing since Kirsten’s baking outfit. I have a double of that outfit and keep thinking I will do actual embroidery over the printed pattern. But am chicken. LOL

      • Yes, definitely appropriate for the time and character and her background. 🙂 It just looks kind of sad being printed instead of embroidered. Kirsten would have practiced her stitching making that apron or it would have been a gift from Mama.

  8. Wonderful to see a boy again! What a nifty pattern, can’t wait to try it. I have seen other people commenting that they felt the AG quality was dropping, which is a shame. Have you considered CAP–Civil Air Patrol for his theme? My husband did that instead of Scouts when he was a kid.Love the pic!

  9. Thank you for thetutorial on removing backgounds. Ive been doing the same with Word for some time, and apparently it works in Excel, too. You did a fabulous job of finessing the removal of small areas that needed to be done manually. I am seldom satisfied when I have to do that. Just saying

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