Happy Fall! A new outfit and contest!



Don’t worry, we’re not done with Nanea – she’ll be back next week!  It’s just that fall officially begins tomorrow and the colors and light this time of year are so pretty I had to take advantage of them with a new fall coat for Kaya!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest though, and this one is pretty great…you don’t even need to sew or take pix or figure out how to post anything online! 🙂

IMGP8031a Rcc (2)

I had the fabulous opportunity to test the new Xero Coalton shoe/boot.  I’m completely in love with barefoot shoes, (Read why I switched to barefoot shoes here) but once sandals go away there aren’t a whole lot of super attractive options out there for dealing with cold weather. Read a complete review and see lots of pix of the Coaltons here.

Although they’re technically labeled as “men’s,” when it comes to shoes I will always choose fit and function and couldn’t care less about the gender labels on them.  But some women might shy away from them for that reason and I’m here to tell you not to!  They are GREAT!  They can be styled to look feminine, especially with skinny jeans or leggings and your dolls will love them too.  Yep, that’s where the contest comes in!

My Kaya and I both love our new fall coats and I even made her a version of the Coaltons:

IMGP7982a Rr

My jacket is Simplicity 1067 with a re-drafted sleeve cap, (I’ll spare you my rant about that) and both fabrics were from Joann.  Seriously, how cute is that?  Both fabric patterns are the same, just one is large and fleece and the other is scaled down in flannel!  You could totally do something like this for a child/doll matching outfit combo!

Want the patterns for Kaya’s coat?  How about winning her coat?  You can!  Here’s how:


Find out the answers to the questions in this quiz and you will be entered to win the coat in the pic below!  Everyone who enters will get the awesome new pattern for her blanket coat, which includes both hooded and collared variations and her Coaltons!  The deadline to enter is 9/27/17. 

Patterns will be sent out and winner of Kaya’s coat will be announced 9/28/17.  If you don’t want to enter the contest, the coat pattern will be available next week in my etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne

And you can go to the Xero shoes website to enter to win your own pair of their new boots: https://xeroshoes.com/boots/?_ke=amVud3Jlbm5lQHlhaG9vLmNvbQ%3D%3D

IMGP8125r (2)

Happy Fall from Kaya!


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  1. What a fantastic coat pattern for Kaya, (and anyone who loves the Colorado/New Mexico/Santa Fe – style coat design! My friend from Colorado Springs has a car coat that is very similar to the one you made in the Navajo print fabric. I’ve always been a bit jealous of the lovely lines and color of her coat. I can hardly wait for the opportunity to make one for an 18″ doll, and also grab the Simplicity pattern to make one for myself. Woo-hoo! Sorry to learn of all your foot pain issues. It looks like you’ve found a great treatment for yourself with the XeroShoes. I have a friend with similar foot issues. I’m going to forward the link to these shoes on to her to hope it will benefit her as well. Thank you for always being so helpful and open with your doll blog. You are a true blessing! May God bless you richly and continue to help you deal with your foot issues. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Darling coat pattern! I already have some fabrics that will work great. Looking forward to another fun project!

    And thank you for the info on Xero shoes. I’ve spent the last hour reading and researching. I’m in retail and have experienced plantar fasciitis and various types of foot pain. I, too, have tried many of the recommended brands and shoe inserts and have never quite found a great solution. There is nothing noticeably wrong in x- rays either. Very frustrating! I’m very curious about this brand and am going to ask my chiropractor about them. I seem to recall he was trying some barefoot running. Thank you!!

  3. Love the twin coats! And the fabulous photo too. The first pic with Kaya on the pony is adorable.
    Those shoes look so perfect for me also.

  4. Wow, I love, love, love the Pendleton style fabric in doll scale. I grew up less than an hour from Pendleton and love the fabric. I have many items made with Pendleton Wool. I even re-upholstered a chair with it. Your coat and fabric combination is terrific. Could you tell where you found the fabric? I am dying to make this.

  5. The jackets are wonderful! Cozy and stylish.
    I think clothing and shoes need to be functional and comfortable. If it isn’t comfy, I won’t wear it.

    I liked your comment ” I will always choose fit and function and couldn’t care less about the gender labels on them”. I can often be heard saying “Sushi rolls, not gender rolls”.

  6. Love this coat! Anxious to see if local Joanns carry the fabric. Great info on these shoes. Have sent links to daughter who is a nurse and has foot issues. Glad you found something that works for you, chronic pain is no fun!

  7. LOVE both coats in both fabrics; how fun that they match! Can’t wait to see Kaya’s ‘Coalton’s’ too, as I endeavor to try again to become a better ‘cobbler’! 😉

  8. Your pictures are beautiful (that first one with Kaya in the sun is breathtaking!), and it is wonderful to see YOU! I’m loving your matching coats and the fact that you found the same patterned fabric in 2 sizes (before reading, I was looking at the picture of the 2 of you and was trying to find out how you achieved the scaled-down effect of that patterned fabric! Thanks for telling us the “trick”!). I love this coat and I’m heading to the quiz right now! Kaya is a beautiful doll and I think you really know how to accent her wondeful features! Thank you for the pattern sharing… I’ll read more about those shoes…

    • Thanks, that’s maybe my favorite doll pic ever, but can’t take credit, my camera isn’t good enough to get the effect I was after and DH had to do it with his fancy one 🙂 More of Kaya coming soon I hope!

  9. I don’t usually comment, but this time I feel extra wordy…….. Your shoe review was very thorough with plenty of pics. Xero owes you free shoes for life. I guess I’ll have to order a pair. 🙂

  10. JoAnn’s
    Snuggle Flannel Fabric 42”-Gray Aztec Item # 15204944 For the doll.

    In my local area (Denver, CO) the fabric is out of stock at this time.

    Did not see the Fleece on line at this time.

    I recommend going in to JoAnn’s and finding something you like at your local store. Don’t forget to check the remnants bin!

  11. Hi I entered your contest, but I never received the free coat and boot patterns. Have you sent them out? Thank you for all the great information and patterns. Your summer sew alongs have been fun. Thanks again, Char DeBaske

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