Komo mai, Nanea!


I haven’t been this excited about the release of a new AG since Cecile!  What a gorgeous new face mold with pretty green eyes and beautiful, flowing hair.  The original AG pictures of Nanea were released in February I think, and her face looked very much like Ashlyn’s to me, so I got her in the hopes she could be a little sister and started drafting patterns which were then resized to fit Nanea.

The result was this new  big sis/little sis “1940s Island Collection”.

In contrast to my previous 1940s collection, which had clothes for all seasons, this one includes all warm-weather clothes with an authentic looking muumuu and really neat, historically-correct bathing-suit-lined dress.  Nanea and Ashlyn are so sisterly looking it was tons of fun to set up scenes from a different point of view.

crab story 1

crab story 2

crab story 3

crab story 4

Generally, I’m just trying to show the outfits to their best advantage, but for this collection I actually found/bought/made some accessories and thought the pictures through, trying to tell a story or emphasize a relationship of two sisters with some of them, rather than my standard (unwritten) caption of, “Look how cute this doll/dress is!”  No, I haven’t read Nanea’s book yet, so I don’t actually know if she even has a little sister; I’m saving it as my reward for finishing everything on my blog to-do list. 🙂

You can get the whole Island Collection now on Etsy and guess what?  I signed my shop up for their labor day sale which starts today and runs through Monday.  EVERYTHING in the shop is 20% off during the sale with no minimum purchase!  Because the Island Collection just got added, for some reason it’s not showing up with a discount in the sale, so I’ve lowered it to $20 for this weekend as its sale price.  After that it will be $25.

As you might have guessed, the next few weeks will focus on Nanea with sewing projects and crafts.  The first of them is this ukulele.  Soon to follow are (in no particular order) a Hawaiian quilt, a few dresses, quick-to-make leis, maybe some polymer clay food and printables.  Have another great suggestion?  Post a comment!


Get the ukulele pattern here

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  1. Wow! Can’t wait to grab the new collection tomorrow!! Thanks for the ukulele pattern, too!
    Hadn’t heard from you lately, I was really hoping all was well with you and yours!
    And, that bulldog is adorable! He has such a quizzical expression on his face!

  2. Thank you for the ukulele pattern Jennie. I just love it. It looks very realistc! I also love your second Hawaiian-themed pattern set very much. As usual, you are most generous to add it to your Etsy sale. Many thanks, and God bless! 😁

  3. Thanks so much, Jenny! The ukulele pattern is darling. I bought Nanea this past weekend in Seattle. My Dad’s family moved from SK to Vancouver BC in Nov 1941, one month before Pearl Harbour, so this history resonates with me. My Dad was 12.

  4. Ooh I cant wait to get this pattern set! But it has to wait till next week! Cause I already spent my spending money on a trip to Anchorage last weekend hehe. I have been wanting to make Nanea’s school lunch with her cute pineapple slice and Spam Musubi! Do you think you could figure that one out? I havent found any youtube videos on polymer clay spam! Why? why? I have no idea lol!
    Thanks for the fun Ukuele craft!

    • I’ll try to do a lunch in polymer clay! Her AG lunch was on my list of “I must buy this” and when we got to the store they were already sold out of the lunch, hula set, fishing set, etc. SO disappointing!

      • Oh no! Thats horrible! Nanea is on my Birthday wish list! If I dont get her then I am gonna go spend my Alaska PFD on her hehe. That fishing set and lunch set look so cute and are on my wish list too! They might be fun crafts though!

  5. My goodness! Nanea and Ashlyn really could be sisters! Which will make all the people who are down on the new mold because it’s too Wellie Wisher for them start to gloat. But seeing them this way makes me love Nanea even more. Like a real AG family.

    Loving these scenes and outfits! Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Love this pattern. I have a granddaughter who has a well I and her best friend has an AG. So they will get matching outfits for Christmas. So glad I found your wonderful site. Learned so much. Thank you for all the lovely patterns ideas.

  7. This new set of patterns is gorgeous! I love the styles you created. I too am tempted by Nanea, she is so cute and unique! If I end up getting her, your patterns will be a great way to add something to her wardrobe! Thank you also for the ukulele pattern (my daughter likes to play this instrument!), and I’ll try using it to create Felicity’s luth, since the shapes are not too different!

  8. Your new island clothes are wonderful. I love the sisters together, and seeing them makes me wish I had the funds and display space to add the pair (and your clothes for them) to my collection. Ashlyn has been my least favorite Wellie up until now – her meet outfit doesn’t resonate with me, and I guess I never imagined her in something else. Now I see just how cute she really is! Looking forward to shopping your sale this weekend.

  9. I’ve made small pre-Suzuki violins for my grandson with corregated cardboard covered in printed “violin” paper, then covered it with super-clear packing tape to keep the design from running if it gets wet. For strength, I cut the cardboard so the corregated lies in different directions. I also cut a trough in the center piece (3 layers) from the top of the neck to the mid-body and glued in a piece of oak doweling. Pine doweling from the craft stores isn’t strong enough and will snap. The one I made with oak is still in one piece 4 years later. Grandson has graduated to a real violin….

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