Wellie Wishers Review!


I bet you’re super excited to find out how they compare to other dolls, so I’m fighting with the new computer to bring you this post.  Luckily you’re not here to hear the swearing!  Here goes:

Since I’ve been to the AG store on Jan 1 more than once and seen a line stretching far out the door, I expected something similar for the release of the new Wellie Wishers.  I actually arrived at 9:30 (they open at 10 according to the website) and there was NO ONE outside!  Weird, huh?  Then I saw someone walk into the store and realized they must have opened early.  I braced myself for a crowd, but turns out I was only 1 of maybe 7 shoppers in the whole store!

My first impression of these dolls, echoed by a few other people I heard in the store was, “wow, they’re small!”

In fact they are close in size to the hearts for hearts girls:

A few in-store photos with apologies for the poor lighting – it was definitely not designed for taking pictures!


A ballerina costume and  a fairly nice stage.  It has fabric curtains and two backdrops


All the Wellies outside their “Big Ticket Item” house ($250) with the sad little bunny


The obligatory pink princess dress


Cute, nicely made jammies


This accessory set was my fave; apparently Kendall is the crafty one?  I may go back and get her…


This is what was in her apron


A mud pie set/potting bench that comes with the house


I LOVE the idea of this backpack!  If I had a child that was transporting her doll I’d surely have gotten it!

They are all so adorable it was hard to choose, but the salesperson I talked to said Willa was the most popular so far, and I’m pretty partial to freckles! 🙂

Here she is in her box

The picture on the front of the box is a little deceiving (deceitful?). In the photo on the box she is clearly tilting her head.  I love dolls with the ability to do this, because it makes for more expressive photos. It turns out she can’t really do that.

She was anchored in with a tie and some rubber bands around her feet.

It was annoying that they sewed part of her headband to the top of the box. That kind of thing seems more associated with cheaper dolls like Barbie

Even without the tilting head she poses OK, stands well on her own and is very cute!

Size comparison

In comparison to the Sasha and AG cylindrical bodies, the very young-looking Wellies faces with the hourglass-shaped torso is slightly odd.  Their target market here is about the 4-6 year old age-range, and young kids have bodies more like Sasha.

  The dolls with straight hair at the store had beautiful, silky hair.  Willa’s curls are possibly held in place with some kind of product, since it’s not as soft.  She’s probably also stuck with eternal pigtails, since this is how it looks in back:

She feels quite a bit more substantial than the H4H, but at more than 2x the price, you’d hope so!

She has very visible torso seams at the sides and shoulders that at first looked like cracks:

But they aren’t loose at all, so it must just be part of her construction.  The torso is made of a harder plastic than the rest of her and has molded undies with a “W” logo.

Clothing quality is on par with other AG items:

And thank goodness her wellies are lined with fabric!  This makes them more stain-resistant as well as easier to put on.

Now for the most important thing:

As you can see they’re just a little bigger than the H4H!  I’m experimenting with enlarging some of those patterns in the neighborhood of 106%, although loose H4H sized items, like maybe the dress from week 1 of the sew-along might fit!

Verdict/Enabling:  Yes, I like her.  She’s a good quality doll, and I love sewing for dolls in that size range.  The hard body is also a plus.  Knowing what I know now, yes, I’d still drive all the way down there and buy her again, although the price seems a little steep, especially if you’re buying in-store and paying an additional tax on top of their base price of $60.  $50 would have been more reasonable, so I may wait for a sale before getting another.

Off to sew! 🙂


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  1. From your review, it looks like I’ll be buying a new doll, although like you, I may wait for a sale.

  2. I’ve fallen in love with Emerson and Willa. Got to wait till payday as they don’t accept PayPal. Such a bummer

  3. thank you so much for giving us all these details. My original feelings have been confirmed. She seems like a nice doll but $60 is too high a price for this. That hair in the back is a huge disappointment.

  4. Thank you! Your review is just what I have been looking for in regards to the body and hair of the new dolls!

  5. Thank you so much for all the info. My drive is to Charlotte NC but since there’s free shipping and your pictures are so nice and clear, I may just order. VERY interesting about the hairstyle on your Willa. Is the hair rooted or a wig???

  6. Thank you for this review and the comparison and the chart! I couldn’t wait to see how they compared to the H4H dolls! I’m glad to see they are close is size. I guess they will be in-between Les Chéres/H4H and AGAT patterns, size-wise..

  7. Great review! I’d been wondering how these dolls would compare to other 14″ dolls, so this is exactly what I was looking for – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Before I read your review, I’d already visited the AG website and purchased 2 of the new dolls…shipping is free for the next several weeks. I agree that the price of these new girls is a little more than I’d expected, but I bought 2 for the same price I would have paid for the regular AG dolls…but in order to get a jump ahead on sewing for upcoming craft shows, it will be worth it.

    Thank you for the photos and measurements comparing these dolls to the others. I find your size charts to be so helpful!!!

    On a side note, I am finally getting some sewing done for my 23″ Paola Reina doll…she is my favorite play doll so far! I wish there was an all-vinyl 18″ doll by PR!

  9. Too different in size to endanger the taller AG. I love the accessories. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity so quickly.
    Good luck with your new friendly (?) computer.

  10. Hmm. They look sweet for children, which I suppose is the target market, but I would be slightly disappointed with the torso seams and the wellies being unfinished at the back. Don’t they realise that even quite young children are sophisticated and might want to photo their dollies in action from behind, using their mobile/cell phones?
    They are cute, I much prefer her face to that of the soft-bodied, AGs, but I think there are many dolls availabe in that style that are perhaps finer in production quality. I WOULD love that little bunny and, if importing from the US was cheaper, would probabably buy one doll to try. However, the fact that AG make it so hard for we Brits to buy, by not having a store here, I shall be giving them a miss.
    Hi ho – but I don’t really need to add to the chaos of my doll space. I fell asleep last night trying to take my mind off our referendum by counting up, not the number of dolls I own, but the number of types of dolls I own and just couldn’t do it! Better than counting sheep, though!
    Thanks for a very interesting post!
    Jenni x

    • TO troubles mum…enjoyed your informative reply…as I am just now reading up on Wellies. also, tho I limited my dolls to a few types, I understand the collectors impulse…they took over one bedroom..after daughter married. Had to draw the line. Still need room for the husband a d son.

      I heard one stops playing with dolls when one grows up. Hmmm I have a way to go 😄

  11. Just wondering if she is a ball and socket string joints or a screw join? thanks
    also, I had to do a double take in the picture where you were showing us the seam on the side of the doll, I realise that it is just the hand, but for a moment …

    • Her joints are REALLY tight, so it’s hard to be certain. I’m guessing she’s strung because some movement is possible in the arms that wouldn’t seem to be possible without stringing.

  12. Thanks for such a thorough review of the new Wellie Wishers. I ordered mine online at midnight & I know of quite a few girls that stayed up last night. I was happy to see they were about the same size as H4H. I love that size.

  13. Willa & Kendall are my favorites, but I’m not sure if I’m going to order them or not. Time will tell. They sure are cute though. Thanks for the review.

  14. Thanks for the great review. I was surprised at the size next to the AG doll. Is the WW hair rooted or a wig? I agree with other posts that the hair in back is a disappointment. Still, the characters look fun and more durable for 4-6 yr olds. Kendall and Willa are my personal faves of this release.

  15. Thank you for posting with wonder background on these new AG dolls. Not something I probably will get (you got me hooked on Paola Reina and Red Galleria) but it is good to know how they compare. They do look very cute and should be very popular, especially with all the wonderful accessories released with them. 🙂

  16. Very cute 60. and free shipping until 7/31. Maybe for granddaughter Xmas. I still like my Tonner 10ers. After seeing all of the discolored eyes on the H4H dolls, I’m glad I only have Shola. Her eyes appear fine at the moment. So nice of you to post the measurement chart.

  17. Thanks for the review. I am so happy about the size. If you experiment with the hair let me know about the styling ability that would influence my choice.

  18. Thank you for the great review. Willa is my favorite because of the hedgehogs! But I like the others a lot too. Not sure who I’d choose of the others though. The tea set is interesting.

    Why did you call the bunny “sad”? I like the bunny, but think AG needs an new bunny pattern. Not all rabbits have lop ears. 😉

      • Ah, yes! I can see that and thought that too. He’d/she’d be a house rabbit here and free to roam most of the day. Heading back in for overnight and while we are away.

        I saw another blogger was able to take out Willa’s ponytails. She did note it took a bit of soaking for it to relax, but her hair does come down.

  19. They remind me of the Barbie line Wee 3 friends, and the BFC ink 18″ dolls.
    Your Willa is very cute. Thankyou for your review. I’m still undecided if just one will come to my place, so hard to choose. Glad none of them were called fa——–as.

  20. Thank you so much for your review! I agree with you about the promotional pictures. The Wellie Wishers were often shown with their heads tilted. It is very disappointing that the actual dolls cannot do this. They are adorable though!

  21. My granddaughter would love this doll However on my small income I wish they weren’t so expensive. Not all American girls come from wealthy families. Wish this company could come up with a doll range in the middle income range

    • Suggesting you buy a Hearts for hearts doll or similar doll upon good used condition online. Jenwrennes offers free or for sale patterns. There are also some free patterns online on Pinterest.

  22. Great review! I also purchased Willa (but ordered online with free shipping/no tax).. She is adorable, but I agree, $60 is a little high in price. I also have the same H4H doll you show next to Willa, and I believe I paid $25 for her. Her quality is very comparible to the Wellie Wishers. But they are cute and the outfits are also very cute. Love the backpack, too. I noticed one of the pigtails on your Willa is a little funky.. Interestingly, one is on my doll too, like it isn’t curled quite as nicely as the other.. Manufacturing booboo?

    • Here I was mad at myself for choosing one with a “bad” pigtail…good to know it’s not just mine! The ones in the promo pics have theirs combed out a bit, maybe that’s the intended look?

  23. Are the feet of the Wellie Wisher doll and the H4H doll the same size? I was wondering if they could share shoes.

  24. Happy to find your comparison chart, but there’s a couple more measurements I’d like to have…the circumference of the upper arm and wrist. If you could note those, it would be great!

  25. Beautiful dresses, and I love the owl cape. But I was wondering about what size shoes the Welles wear?

    • They can wear the sandals from the sew along. Their feet are about 54mm long by 32mm wide. These measurements will help you find BJD shoes on ebay/etsy that fit!

  26. Just now reading up on Wellie dolls. Your initial review plus the various comments and answers give me a good picture of the Wellie dolls.

  27. I purchased Willa online from AG and she is adorable. She is smaller than I expected too, but the perfect size to be a little sister to any or all of the other AG dolls. She does have a permanent, very slight head tilt giving her a wonderful, happy expression. I thought Camille’s welcome outfit would look cuter on Willa, than Willa’s welcome outfit (color-wise), so I purchased it separately from a seller on Ebay.I was right; the royal blue and greens are wonderful on that cute little red head. Her pigtails can be taken out (I saw pictures of her modeling an outfit on Ebay with a mirror behind her, her hair is gorgeous). I love the way her hair looks in the back with her pigtails – no unsightly part. Kirsten’s braided pigtails were like that as well. I contacted AG about a future Wellie Wishers clothing line, and was informed “there are currently no plans for it”. Dolls this cute NEED additional cute clothes! I agree the price for the doll is a little high, however. the QUALITY of the doll is fantastic making the cost worth it, as with all of the AG quality products. Thank you for providing this site to post our comments. This is great. 🙂

  28. We absolutely Love the Wellie Wishers and their items. We do feel the accessories are over priced in comparison with the 18″. But I like to look at it like this…you can always continue adding to the collections and the resale value is close to new prices. If I were to buy the new Troll or something they run the same price and no accessories and…they have no resale value.

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