Summer sew along week 4


Are you caught up with the last three weeks?  Great!  Because this week there are not one, but TWO sandal variations!  The first one is so simple, you really have no excuse for not making it.  The second one is more delicate and dressy and requires you to have cutting and gluing skills at the “SuperCrafter” level or beyond due to the tiny pieces you’ll need to cut out and fiddle with.  It was based on a tropical-looking sandal I found on Pinterest, with hot pink/lime/yellow straps, but when I saw it, my first thought was, “That’s a 4th of July sandal if I ever saw one!”  Obviously you can make it in all one color if you want.

 Here is the sandal pattern for this week

Since it was pdf-ified in a different way than I normally do it, I have to just cross my fingers that it comes out OK and all the pieces print to size.  PLEASE measure the inch box, check it by overlaying the soles onto the fisherman sandal pattern and maybe even wrap the pieces around your doll’s foot to check the sizing before you start cutting into your fabric.    It will work for Wellies (obviously) as well as Paola Reinas, Cheries, etc.  It’s in only one size, since the curved back piece makes it hard to quickly/easily resize.

Due to all the pdf problems, (thanks, new computer!) instead of the normal tutorial I’ll have to refer you to the photos below and the instructions from:

The brown ones are a nice, sturdy, basic sandal.  For the 4th of July version above, I thinned out the back piece a bit to make it less “rugged” looking and more dressy.  Feel free to do the same!

Are you thinking, “She promised us Paola Reina for the sew-along, what’s this Wellie Wisher doing here?”  Well, she’s just so cute I keep smiling every time I look at her and thought you might want a smile too. 🙂  I actually made the brown sandal pattern last year for my PR, and guess what?  It fit Willa!     Hmmm…what else can she share?

The sandals from week two and the espadrilles from the shoe school two years ago will fit her too:

The basic puff-sleeve blouse/dress from the sew-along 2014 fits her:

And this mock-smocked top can be made to fit too:

I’m working on the pants pattern she’s wearing above as well as some more really cute things for her…


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  1. Willa is adorable and it is great that you are featuring her! The sandals are perfect, I am looking forward to making them!

  2. I’m looking forward to trying these. I had an idea that might make the 4th of July sandals less fiddly. How about if you laid out the woven pieces onto a piece of interfacing and sewed across them at a location that would be under the sole? You could do two seams fairly close together to stabilize the pieces. Then you could trim away the interfacing so it wouldn’t show. I just need to see what I have to make them with and I’ll try it out and let you know.

    I loved seeing your photos of Willa in other outfits. I say carry on with using her as a model.

    • That’s a good idea! I should have put this info in – I actually held mine together on the inside with blue painter’s tape during the gluing process and then removed it when I was done.

  3. These sandles were made in red white and blue about ten years ago. My daughter had a pair in that colorway (as well as a few other solid and one floral–my favorite sandle ever!).

  4. These are great – thanks so much for all you do to make our dolls well-dressed and our lives brighter!

  5. Thank you for the shoe ideas and patterns. We are doing a doll boutique at our church bazaar and only one of 17 donated OG and Madame Alexander 18″ doll had shoes. You are a wonderful resource for style as well! Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the great sandal pattern. I have ordered a WellieWishers doll -Camille and have been playing with some of your patterns to make her a wardrobe before she arrives. I was looking for some sort of shoe pattern as her boots won’t do in the 30 to 35 degree C days we are experiencing this week. Thanks for the terrific patterns and ideas.

  7. What fun–so cute! And no, I’m unfortunately not one of those “caught-up” people . . . .

    Glad you got the new computer up and running, but sorry to hear it’s causing aggravation. I guess it’s par for the course.

  8. Ugh, just spent two days crawling around the back of the computer (finding things I really didn’t want to see) because my monitor has not been working correctly. Finally, after Google, figured it had broken capacitors which required completely taking the thing apart and using a soldering iron of which I have never used. Just got back from Staples where for 99.00 I bought a new one. Which I just finished installing and it works. Next, I’m going to take the old computer to Staples and let them transfer everything to the new one for me. Then, I’ll use the old one as a spare.
    So, perhaps the challenge of another pair of very cute sandals won’t really be such a challenge. They look great. I’m thinking they might just be a pair of slides so no buckle needed.
    Thanks for all your great patterns.

  9. Oooh I love the last picture of Willa! I would love love love to make that outfit for my Willa doll which I just got! I’ve been following your blog for the past couple of weeks. I love your patterns and stuff on it!
    Happy fourth of July!

  10. I love the little owl(?) cape and am wondering about the dress underneath it – too cute!! Thank you for sharing all your lovely ideas and designs for Willa (she is my Beverly – Maryellen’s little sister)! Also, know that I am currently holding a contest for Willa and other Wellie Wisher prizes! So fun!! Just check out either my blog; ‘Leavin’ On A Jetplane’ or my You Tube channel – ‘Shosy G’ for the details. It ends July 17, 2016 and I really would like someone awesome to win her! Take care ^_^

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