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Knotted Hat


So…no post last week because we were digging a grave ūüė¶

jdog obit2

We’ve lost pets before, but I’m really having a hard time getting over Jasper. ¬†Of the 9 dogs we’ve had since we’ve been married, he was hands-down the politest, smartest, best dog ever. ¬†Like many Aussies he seemed to have a sixth sense about understanding¬†his people, and was always unobtrusively near us. ¬†I think being so used to him always at my side ¬†is what makes it the hardest, because I keep looking down, wondering where he is…and then remembering he’s gone. ¬† Every time I was in the craft room, he would sit¬†just outside the door and I had to step over him as I went in and out. ¬†Today was the first day being back in there without him and although it was faster to run¬†to and from the kitchen for some water to refill the iron, it was really lonely.

OK, ready¬†to learn a new craft? ¬†Even if you think you “can’t” knit or crochet, if you can handle a sewing needle, you can make this! ¬†Depending where you live, you might argue with me that it’s too warm for a hat. ¬†The lacy effect and cotton though are still perfect for spring – at least where I live!

Click here for instructions to make this needle-knotted hat

Other than Ashley, I don’t know of resources for whatever this craft is. ¬†It’s not really netting or nalbinding or macrame or…? ¬†If you know of some, please share as a comment!

Here’s a really cute and spring-y version of¬†last week’s felt mini AG dress by gammerangel