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Mini Maru collection and SALE!


The long-awaited mini Maru collection is here!  People kept emailing me about whether the 20” collection (link) would fit their little ones…nope.  But now it will!  If the mini Maru dolls are new to you, here’s a comparison:

L-R : Wellie wisher, Paola Reina las Amigas, mini Maru Tanya, Little Darling, 14″ Betsy McCall

Yes, they’re almost exactly the same size as Little Darlings, with longer arms.  They’re also like Little Darlings in that they’re sculpted by Dianna Effner.  The difference is in the price…they’re around $100.  My favorite of the larger ones is Tanya, so I ordered the smaller special edition to be her little sister; it’s always fun when dolls can coordinate like that!  

They definitely look like siblings, but the mini’s skin doesn’t have quite the same golden glow, her eyes are darker, and just due to the smaller size the face painting is not as detailed.  Are you thinking I don’t like her as much?  Not at all!  Don’t tell the big ones…but the mini is even better!  I remember doing the photos for the original size ones, and it was rough.  A 20” doll is a pretty major thing to haul around through a forest taking pictures.  Their tiny feet relative to body size and weight make them precarious to stand on uneven ground, so they often had to lean on things for safety. 

My mini Tanya and all her clothes packed up easily in a small plastic box with a handle and headed out for pictures.  She balanced easily in fun places…

Held lovely, natural-looking poses, and the camera just loved her!

Even better – this size is large enough to sew for easily on the sewing machine, but small enough that it doesn’t need a lot of fabric.  If you’re used to sewing for larger dolls, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your scrap bag can provide all kinds of bits and pieces to clothe your little ones – for free!

Yes, Little Darlings can share these clothes too!

Best of all, the mini Marus have two boys, and this collection is perfect for them too!  The button front shirt, fitted pants, elastic waist pants, standard T and raglan T will form the core of a great basic wardrobe for boys!

See all the patterns in the collection in my etsy shop here

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Maru and Friends works in progress…


I usually try to post on Fridays, but work and life get in the way sometimes.  Although I still have a lot to do, I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve already finished making for my Maru Tanya as well as  my Inspiration for a Modern Maru Wardrobe.  With any luck these will be available as patterns in the next couple of weeks, and of course, there will be FREEBIES too!

Dolls are sold here http://www.maruandfriends.com/ You might notice my Tanya is an older model, the newer ones have a different wig.

You can see (and pin) these pix from my flickr page here

Maru and Friends


Have you heard of Maru and Friends?  (If not, you can see them here and Toy Box Philosopher did a very detailed review here)

Whereas AG has their finger on the pulse of what real girls want to wear right now, many Maru outfits seem really dated.

Take a stroll through the mall …the trends right now are skinny jeans, graphic prints, and bright colors.

Absolutely NOT flared, embroidered jeans.

Wonderful blouse but…seriously?  Pleated gingham culottes?  With cargo pockets? 😛

These outfits definitely do not do justice to these beautiful dolls, so I ordered Tanya about 2 years ago, when they were having a sale and figured I would sew lots of cute stuff for her.  All of Dianna Effner’s dolls are beautiful and Tanya is no exception.  They did a nice job on the face painting and chose high-quality eyes.  I was thrilled until I pulled her out, stripped her down (yes, clothing was nicely made also) and saw her body.  Hmmm.   Her shoulders seem to come up too high and slope steeply, and then her legs look too thin to support that oddly-shaped torso.  I measured her, and found that she’s not the same size as ANY other doll I have, nor could I easily scale another doll’s clothes up or down on a copier to fit.

Here’s a picture comparison of KnC, Maru (Tanya) and AG

And a more detailed chart of measurements (in inches):

bust waist inseam arm between shoulder
20″ Tanya (Maru) 10.5 9.5 7.5 6.5 4.25
18″ AG 11.25 11 6.5 5 4.75
18″ Maplelea 11 10.75 6.5 6 4.5
18″ Journey Girl 10.25 10 6.25 5.75 3.25
18″ Magic Attic/Carpatina 9.5 8.625 6 5.5 3.5
18″ Kidz n cats (original mold) 8.5 8.5 6.5 5.5 3

I hunted and hunted all over the internet for patterns and found nothing.  After making her a few things with AG patterns I had lengthened, and being less than pleased, she went back in her box and I forgot about her.

Fast forward to now…still can’t find any patterns for sale, so it looks like I need to make some!  I strolled around the mall, got ideas from current kids clothes, and Tanya is out of her box and being fitted for a fabulous wardrobe!  She’s shown in my muslins of jeans and blouse below.  They need a little tweaking, but overall, I’m pleased 🙂


Sooo, now I’m wondering whether to do this as a personal project or share it here on the blog.  If no one needs patterns for these dolls, I can save myself a lot of picture taking and typing by keeping this a personal project and not putting it up on the blog.  On the other hand, if you have a Maru Friend who’s clamoring to be dressed in something cute, maybe you’d like to do some sewing for her!

Should Maru and Friends patterns appear on the blog? Please vote here!

It’s just one question and will only take a second!

Update: The survey is closed, thank you to everyone who voted!

maru survey