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Free BJD pattern


I’ve sewn for a large variety of dolls over the years.  The Sashas and Kidz remain in my top 5 favorites to sew for, but in order to branch out into some different styles of clothing, I recently got two MIM dolls (available here: http://www.mimtoy.com/Dolls.html).  

I will post my review of them soon – I still need to take more pix.  My favorite FAVORITE thing is drafting for a new doll body, especially one so nicely proportioned, and to share the excitement with you I offer a FREE PATTERN HERE (and don’t worry – a similar pattern is coming soon in Sasha/KNC size!)
If you’re wondering how the pix of the doll in brown were created it is similar to how Hollywood does things with a green screen.  My husband put the doll in front of a plain white artist’s canvas with a strong light behind her.  Her face was spot metered to “blow out” the background leaving it blank white.  This is important, as it eliminates shadows behind your subject.  It was a really boring picture, until I put the photo into a program that lets you pick a color to set as transparent. Powerpoint will do this if you don’t have other software. That got rid of most of the white and then I layered it over backdrops found on deviantart.com.
If  the outfit looks familiar, it’s because  I based it on this pattern:
http://www.simplicity.com/p-6060-misses-steampunk-costume.aspx which I bought last year intending for it to be my Halloween costume but never got around to sewing.

Since it was so hard to find before, I found out how to add a “follow” button on the blog!  You will see it in the right hand column.  Enter your email and you can get new pattern updates as soon as they are posted.  My goal is at least 1 free pattern per month, although it looks like I’ve exceeded that already for October 🙂

REMINDER:  The photo contest ends this Sunday! Find out how to enter here:  https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/doll-photo-contest/