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Make a one hour doll wardrobe


There is a new line of dolls by Käthe Kruse called Marie Kruse Stylista.  They are basically the standard Toni dolls, with differently painted eyes. They come with two sheets of clothing that kids can cut out and adorn with glitter and rhinestones and rearrange in a variety of ways as well as separate clothing packs for more possibilities.
I was so excited by this wonderful idea, that I ordered one.  Well, when I got her I was kind of disappointed. Mine came with her wig glued on sort of sideways. She had not been secured into her box properly and by the time she arrived her face had several shiny spots rubbed onto it. I could have dealt with that if the clothing were great, but what I got in the clothing package bore no resemblance to the promotional video you can see here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmjd_7Q3gXs (I love that they dressed the girls in the same outfits as the dolls!)
It looks like you will get an entire wardrobe of coordinating clothes.  What I actually got was a bodysuit and bag out of blue and green striped fabric, and a long T-shirt dress, pants and a shawl out of rainbow striped fabric.  Oh, and a whole bottle of gold glitter glue and a package of red rhinestones.  So, not only was I mildly dissatisfied with the doll, I was really dissatisfied with the clothing selection.  For $100, the doll did not even come with shoes, and had mismatched clothes.  In her defense, you can buy her in Europe for a lot less – I found her on a German toy website for 59 Euros and free shipping, which right now is about $78.  So I sent her back, and ordered a somewhat more expensive Elea Julie doll instead.  I’ve been having a lot of regrets, because the concept of the Stylista clothing is pretty darn cool.  Not to mention the fact that Julie was HORRIBLY STAINED!  I mean, really, who uses magenta thread to serge the inside of a doll garment?  That’s just begging for stains.  Anyway, after two weeks slathered in zit cream and wrapped in saran wrap she was better, and I replicated a similar wardrobe for my Julie.  A lot of the pieces in the MK line are just simple cylinders that can be used in a number of ways, such as arm/leg warmers, or larger ones that could be used maybe as a skirt or a hat or cowl or tube top or….

The original clothing looks like it was sewn on a huge industrial embroidery machine.  It comes with the interfacing still attached, with white sewing lines and red cutting lines.  The clothing completely lacks any kind of fasteners or finishing, but I think that’s part of the charm.  Random bits of scraps can be used as headbands, belts, scarves, etc.  I was able to make everything you see pictured in just under an hour!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE  It will not fit the Marie Kruse dolls, but if you have one and are a seamstress, obviously you can trace that clothes that came with her and sew lots more.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and comment!  Results of the voting from the last post are:

Yeah, it was pretty close so there are two things in the works right now...

Update:  I regretted sending back the Stylista so much, that I ordered another one and it looks like maybe I had gotten a bad one, because the new one was fine and her clothes matched.  Although there weren’t as many pieces as the girls in the video got and, seriously, no shoes for that price?  Anyway, I found out she fits Sasha clothes if you print/copy them at 90% (may need to lengthen arms if it’s long sleeved) and fits AG clothes copied at 70% although they need a bit of tweaking and lengthening also.  I’m in the process of creating a cute set of fall clothes as well as a coordinated combo for her based on this:

I know the AG fans saw and probably wanted this in the latest catalog and then saw it was $90 and thought, “If I only had the patterns I could make it for free!”  Stay tuned!

A new take on the heirloom sundress and a T-shirt project


Happy Canada Day!  (or not…)

There are a lot of awesome things about Canada, including my favorite band, Great Big Sea.  Canada Post and Maplelea do not make my list, though.  Just as we have American girl dolls, Canada has Maplelea Dolls, and  couple of years ago they came out with a new one named Saila.  She is from Nunavut, and has some amazing outfits, including an amauti, which is actually made by Inuit seamstresses in Canada.  When I tried to order her, and her amauti, the shipping cost via Canada Post was $37!  Keep in mind here that they will ship for a flat rate of nine dollars anywhere in Canada.  But they also say you can call or email them for a quote for international shipping.  So I did, but they never responded!  I can only conclude from that, that they are either so nationalistic they refuse to sell to Americans or doing so much business that they can afford to ignore customers who want their products.

So, I had been hoping originally that this post would be an outfit for my new Canadian doll, to celebrate Canada day, which is today.  But since Maplelea didn’t want my money or a little bit of free positive publicity on my blog, instead I bring you a project for any doll…

Click here

As well as my new German doll, which is a Sophie Heidi by Käthe Kruse.  She has the same measurements as Sasha except arm and leg length, but (so sorry, Sasha sweetie!) is even better proportioned.  You can see it clearly in the photo of the two of them below.

I was going through my box of Sasha clothes, looking for something for my new doll to wear when I found this:

It was based on a dress for a much smaller doll by Boneka, which was yellow batiste with hand embroidery and cost $40.  (image below  is from http://letsplaydolls.com/ in case you want the “real thing”)

My version is just plain cotton with machine embroidery I put together to replicate the original.  Apparently I had put it away because it is a little too tight for Sasha. The more it sat out staring at me, the more I wanted to make it work, but I had no idea what pattern I used to make it.  So, using the heirloom sundress pattern free here:  https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/august-free-pattern-for-kidz-n-cats-and-sasha/  I redid the dress in a different style.  You can too!  Just shorten it to hip length and add a double skirt.  You can widen it also to fit AGs.

Did you know you can make your machine embroidery look more like hand embroidery? One thing that is a dead giveaway of machine embroidery is super shiny rayon thread.  Instead of this, you can use matte polyester thread (which may be hard to find) or, even better, DMC makes an all cotton thread especially for machine embroidery!

See the difference between these two dresses?  The white one was done using all cotton thread and the other with rayon.