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Boy dolls and photoshopping without photoshop!


Just like you might have done, I also lined up outside the AG store before they opened on Jan 1st!¬† The original plan was to get Luciana, and, like, all her stuff ūüėČ but instead I ended up with…a boy doll!¬† Longtime followers know that boys had a major part in the blog at the beginning when I was smitten with the Kidz n Cats, and Sasha’s Gregor and Caleb have appeared from time to time too.¬† The opportunity to do more with boy dolls was compelling, and instead of Luciana, I ended up with the doll you see above, who has a couple of names/themes right now I’m trying to decide between.

I had actually made the coveralls you see him wearing for Luciana before I saw them in person, inspired by pix people had leaked of her flight suit, but lacking the right color zipper to make a blue one.  When I finally saw it, I liked mine better, even though it was challenging to make.  The AG flight suit just has fake stitching to simulate pockets and iron-on prints for patches.  It seems like quality is going downhill lately, with terribly cheap shoes on the truly me dolls and a much cheaper body.

When I put the coveralls on the new boy, DH said he looked just like an air force pilot, so I put him into a pic to make it more realistic.

Get the pattern and photoshopping without photoshop tutorial here!

Yes, this pattern is kind of challenging, especially if you’re doing real pockets.

Looking for something similar but easier?


Here are some more of my free patterns that are perfect for AG boys:









More cute Wellie stuff!



A HUGE thank you to everyone that shared their pix, and if you don’t have a Wellie, you can now get the pattern for the jammies here. ¬†Yes, they¬†fit H4H; the top is a wee bit baggy¬†although¬†for PJs that shouldn’t matter much! ¬†The top would make a nice blouse too; the collar gives it a sweet, vintage feel in my opinion. ¬†How about¬†a feedsack print with a white collar?

Speaking of H4H and things they can share, the princess collection for them is ready so you can keep adding to their dress up box: 

And the beautifully fitted “Versatility” pants/capris/shorts with working (or not) pockets that have been available for AG and Maru are now in Wellie/H4H size:


In case you’re wondering…no, these dolls are not exactly the same size. ¬†But when you overlap the closures in back to accommodate the slightly (1/2″) thinner torso of the H4H, they can share many patterns. ¬†I’m thinking I may do more for them, especially because¬†¬†Joanne commented and linked to FB saying the H4H are coming back! Supposedly in time for the 2016 holiday season – hooray!

Draft your own pattern: undies!


On the survey, LOTS of people wanted undies for every doll you could think of, but it’s time for true confessions here…my dolls usually don’t wear them!  At small scale they may actually affect the fit of pants, and more importantly, often when I’m doing a photo shoot, the doll needs to be able to undergo lots of fast clothing changes. If the undies interfere, off they go!  The only exceptions I make are for historical dolls that wear bloomers and dolls that came with underwear that fits so tightly it doesn’t impact the fit or rapid changing of clothes.

But you said you wanted them, and I strive to make this blog helpful to the doll sewing world, so here’s a tutorial on how to make them for ANY doll. If your dolls also don’t wear undies, adapt this to make a swimsuit instead.

Here today, gone tomorrow!


Well, this pattern was more difficult to figure out than I had anticipated, but I did promise it would be free… So today you can download (FREE!) the blouse part of the overall outfit you voted for a few weeks ago.  BUT make sure to download it today, because it’s going to disappear tomorrow!  Next week we’ll make the overalls.

The expanded version of the pattern, available all at once in my etsy shop right now, also includes a puffed sleeve variation, a skirt to make the overalls into a jumper AND an additional set of pattern pieces sized for slim dolls like Sasha/Kidz n Cats/Girl for All Time/Kathe Kruse.

Happy New Year!!


Really, Jen? ¬†MORE doll clothes? ¬†YES! ¬†Doll clothes are a vital part of play for children, helping to spark imaginations and create new scenarios. I’m a speech-language pathologist, and at work I see a big difference between language-disordered and typically-developing kids in how they play with dolls. ¬†I have a few sets of wooden dolls with¬†magnetic clothing covering everything from princesses to sports outfits¬†to swimsuits. ¬†For a kindergartner I might give them the dolls and hold on to the clothes, pretending I’m “the store.” ¬†A typically-developing kid will walk her doll over to me and say, “I’m going to the beach, can I buy a swimsuit please?” ¬†A language disordered kid is more likely to say something like, “I want a pink one.” ¬†If they like the dolls, this is a great way to teach vocabulary.¬†“Oh, you want a pink swimsuit. ¬†I bet your doll is going swimming, what else does she need to take with her?” ¬†It can also help¬†scaffold stories. ¬†First, the doll gets her suit, towel, etc., next she drives to the beach, etc. ¬†So, although many people might not think of them that way, doll with a nice variety of clothes can be a really educational toy, especially if an adult is willing to add to the wardrobe/join in the play. ¬†For older kids to¬†adult collectors, ¬†sewing for dolls¬†is a wonderful way¬†to “play”¬†with them¬†and develop¬†a valuable¬†skill at the same time.

The New Year always brings a statistics summary from WordPress.  One of the things they list is my top five referring sites:


I wasn’t surprised Pinterest was at the top, with 15,272 referrals, as well as referrals from my own site to other patterns on the site.¬† A big surprise for me was how many referrals came from http://www.ravelry.com/¬†and http://www.agirlforalltime.com/.¬†I guess I hadn‚Äôt even realized they knew who I was!¬† In thanks to AGAT, and because I know a lot of people got a new Clementine for Christmas, I‚Äôm offering this new, authentic 1940s snow suit pattern FREE!

It’s been snowing and far below zero for a couple of days, so Clementine took advantage of the “heat wave” (15F/-9C) to make some snow angels and go sledding today. ¬†I made her outfit based on this 1940s Carolyn Lee paper doll drawn by Queen Holden. ¬†I share Nicki’s Baba’s opinion about white mittens, (anyone get that reference?) so I made them red. ūüôā


Get the pattern here 

Thanks for reading the blog! I wish everyone a fabulous 2015!!


Little Darling in Japan: Week 4


Ok, we’re more than halfway done with our “trip” to Japan. ¬†Still to come: sashiko quilting and some furnishings, a skirt-style hakama to wear with a yukata, and ¬†celebrating the New Year. ¬†As I put all of these on my calendar and schedule the posts, it’s amazing how quickly the holidays will be upon us. ¬†Wanna know what I asked Santa for?

I actually wanted the one in the hat outfit below, but it’s been sold out for a while and Santa couldn’t find it. ¬†Also he mentioned something like, “Why do you care what outfit it comes in? ¬†You’re just going to rip off the clothes and leave them in the box forever anyway!”

Hmmm. ¬†I see his point. ¬†And¬†I bet you can guess what I’ll be making first for my Christmas doll… ūüôā

Ok, back to dolls I DO have already!

So this is my favorite outfit¬†in this whole collection, and I was saving it for later, but decided to post it now. ¬†This peasant-style outfit consists of “straw” sandals, monpe pants and a hippari jacket made with boro-style quilting. ¬†The “little ragamuffin” look can be so endearing on dolls, and is perfect for Little Darling’s wistful face.

Get the pattern here


Is it really back-to-school time already?


Where we live in the mountains, none of the houses have air-conditioning, since at our altitude it rarely gets unbearably warm. ¬†In fact, last week, we actually had our heat on because it poured rain for two days and¬†the high¬†was 50F! ¬†Down on “the flat” where I work it’s a different story…always at least 10 degrees warmer¬†and without the afternoon showers that cool things off. ¬†And now it’s¬†mid-August. ¬†You know, the hottest time¬†of the year when people would prefer to be up in the mountains? ¬†And yet, we go back to school next week, which means it’s time to go on a spending spree with¬†the¬†large budget of zero dollars my district provides their SLPs¬†to buy fun stuff like tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, stickers, markers, glue sticks, lollipops, etc.

I had a professor in my undergrad SLP classes who told us all the time, “You should be able to do therapy with nothing but a paper clip!” ¬†Her point was not to rely on pre-made materials to motivate and instruct, but on yourself and your own knowledge and skills. ¬† I agree with her wholeheartedly, but when a kid sneezes on your paper clip and has snot running down her face, you also need tissues and hand sanitizer. ¬†ūüôā

Maybe your doll needs something cute, cool, and comfortable to deal with her un-air-conditioned classroom, or maybe she’s still on summer vacation. ¬†Either way she will love¬†this dress and you¬†can learn about the three different types of angles you might want to use to clip various seam edges so they press perfectly after you turn them.


A few more things:

I realized later there wasn’t a clear link to the smocking pattern last week, so I updated that post, but here it is again:¬†https://www.etsy.com/listing/196456657/classic-smocked-dress-set-for?ref=shop_home_active_1

If you don’t have a paypal account, my etsy shop is now set up to accept credit cards AND etsy gift cards! ¬†I organized it a bit too, and you can see categories now in the sidebar to help you quickly find things. ¬†Here’s the link

I had planned to list a bunch of pre-pleated kits for smocking in case you are eager to try machine smocking but don’t have a pleater. ¬†I went out and bought a bunch of fabric, washed and dried it, and then realized it might be a big task to make¬†them in all the different sizes and keep them organized somehow, so…


This is what I have available right now. ¬†It’s a lightweight poly/cotton blend gingham. ¬†The one that looks black is actually navy blue. ¬†Let me know what size doll you need it for and¬†I will pleat the front panel for you according to the pattern measurements and include enough fabric to make the rest of the dress for $8 plus shipping (about¬†$2 probably)

If I don’t melt in the heat, more Back To School projects are coming soon! ¬†Also stuff for Sasha Baby, and there’s still a big historical project in the works…

IMG_0350 a R¬†If you’re new to the blog, there’s a GREAT post with backpack, lunch, ¬†and assorted school supplies¬†tutorial¬†here

IMG_0440 a

Unless your dolls are going to back to school at Hogwarts, in which case, they’ll want the stuff here: