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Sorry, it’s been a while…


Did you miss me? ¬†Probably you didn’t notice I was gone… ūüôā ¬†Just as my neck was finally feeling better enough to sew after my car accident, I was drowned in IEP paperwork and parent-teacher conferences, so you’ve all been craftier than me lately! Here are some new ideas people have shared to inspire you: ¬†(I did my best to link to their creators or where these were originally posted, if one of these is yours and doesn’t link right please let me know!)

Margo used the Hogwarts shirt pattern to make a blouse with unique cuffs for her unique (OOAK) KnC:

And Eva-Lotta did a very nice job sewing faux leather to make this toasty jacket and skirt for her KnC:

Marge made the Fall¬†gathered pocket skirt¬†for Spring. ¬†Modeling it is her new Toys R Us Journey Girl, and if you’ve ever debated getting an inexpensive 18″ doll you just can’t go wrong with them. ¬†They are leaps and bounds nicer than the Target dolls, and cost only a little more (around $32). ¬†All of them have beautiful face sculpts and eyes, with a solid neck plate which allows for wearing tank tops without a fabric body showing AND gives them tilt-able heads. ¬†Added bonus? ¬†They’re a bit smaller than AGs, so if you make something that comes out a little too tight, the JGs are thrilled to have it. ¬†ūüôā

Carol made two sizes of the¬†Navajo outfit¬†to go with a storyline for AG and H4H. ¬†She says ¬†“This is my imagining of the Route 66 adventure Molly went on, and that the little Navajo girl, whose clothes Molly admired, actually gave her an outfit to wear!”

Can you guess what pattern this next one came from?

Believe it or not, Elisana used the Halloween pattern to make this cute reversible jacket!  (Click pix to see more on her blog)

Have you made something you’re proud of lately? ¬†Share a pic¬†here

Speaking of Facebook, Jasmine was in Chichicastenango, Guatemala for the last contest. ¬†Kayla and Clemetine were “vacationing” there when they met her and they made a scrapbook¬†of their travels you can print and fold into a doll-size book. ¬†Folding instructions are here ¬†¬†scroll to the page that says: ¬†“Folding the magazines and diary”

Get the tutorial for the huipiles she was selling here

And an embroidery design I digitized based on photos of the “real thing”. ¬†One will fit in a 4×4 hoop, but requires re-hooping. ¬†The other is for a 5×7. ¬†I think I have a way to post these now, so you don’t have to email me for them, let’s hope this works!!

SMALL .pes huipil design

LARGE .pes huipil design

A bunch of fabulous new patterns and another “Where’s Jasmine” contest are in the works for (I hope) the end of March…stay tuned!

New patterns and tigers and bears…oh my!


Ever wonder happens when you buy one of my patterns? ¬†(Well, obviously, you print it out and go sew) ¬†Me? ¬†I do a little happy dance, and then I add that total to a list I keep on my fridge. ¬†That’s my budget for buying new dolls, fabrics, trims etc. ¬†Buying new fabric and dolls inspires me to create new patterns for you, but you are also encouraging me to produce more free patterns. ¬†I try to give back to the doll community and keep a good ratio of ¬†free patterns to more complex ones that end up being for sale. If you’re thinking, oh‚Ķ that’s nice‚Ķ another free pattern, I will share with you some of the emails that I have gotten. There are moms and grandmas out there who¬† have to save up to buy the little girl in their life a Hearts for Hearts Girl or Our Generation doll. ¬†I have gotten more than one email from them saying they can’t afford to buy patterns or new fabric, but are so thankful they can use my free patterns and cut up old clothes to make things for their little girl‚Äôs doll.

The newest collection I’ve created is a Regency era set. ¬†Most of the pieces are based on AG‚Äôs Caroline wardrobe, and I was doing this as a personal project, thinking that I might end up with a Carolyn for Christmas. ¬†Well, “Santa” informed me that probably won‚Äôt happen, but Lanie was nice enough to fill in as a model. ¬†If there’s going to be a Caroline at your home soon, or your other dolls love to pretend they are in a Jane Austen novel, these patterns will let you clothe them in AG-style outfits for a lot less than it would cost you to buy the “real thing”. ¬†Everything you see below is included in one set of patterns to fit AG-size dolls here: ¬†https://www.etsy.com/listing/165050561/regency-sewing-pattern-set-for-american?ref=shop_home_active

Last year, someone (I think it was Barb) asked for Halloween costumes that could be creative, like something other than the standard witch, ghost, etc. Well, it took a year, but I came up with something that can fill a wide variety of costume needs! ¬†It can also serve as cozy pajamas, and it’s just adorable when dolls dress up as teddy bears, no matter what time of year it is!

Violet wanted to go as a tiger this year, and Atsuko decided to be a teddy bear. There are no instructions included with this pattern, it’s fairly straightforward. ¬†If you can sew a raglan T-shirt and basic pajama pants, you can sew this. ¬†(CLICK photo to enlarge)

IMG_0343orig sizer


I apologize that I did not have time to resize this for Sasha/Kidz n Cats. Enlarging the 13-14″ pattern to 133% should work, although you may need to adjust the length of sleeves and pants. ¬†Quarter inch seams are included.

You know how I said two new historical collections were coming? ¬†Well, the next one has been delayed a bit, because it’s inspired by Molly, who AG is retiring at the end of this year ūüė¶ and Clementine, the new doll from “A girl for all time,” who is supposed to be from the 1940s. ¬†She was supposed to arrive mid-September, then late September, then was supposed to ship this week‚Ķwell she hasn’t yet, but when she finally does arrive, she’ll have lots of new clothes ready and waiting for her!

Her measurements are similar to Sasha’s, but she is jointed like the earlier Kidz n Cats.  When the company first started, I sincerely contemplated Matilda, but you had to order the dolls from the UK, which meant high postage costs.  They now have a US website: http://www.agirlforalltime.us/ which is offering free shipping at the moment should you want to get one (which really makes me regret pre-ordering Clementine in August!)

So I leave you with a ‚Äúsneak peek‚ÄĚ of what‚Äôs to come next week (assuming Clementine arrives soon for her photo shoot):

More fall fashion…


This top reminds me of the very short empire-waist Sasha dresses from the 70s.  She wore them alone or sometimes over pants.  (All these photos will enlarge if you click them)


You can gather the sleeves (or shorten them) and wear over pants or  lengthen into a dress.

IMG_0326 R

Leave the sleeves ungathered for a more AG “Julie” 70’s look. ¬†She’s wearing this over the gathered pocket skirt from last week.


And in flood updates, I haven’t been more than a mile away from my house in two weeks but they expect to have the main road out of our canyon open by…Thanksgiving. ¬†Then again, our gas wasn’t supposed to be turned on for another 2-3 weeks and we just got it back yesterday! ¬†Hooray! ¬†And not a moment too soon, since the snow line should be dropping to 7500′ tonight. ¬†(For you flatlanders, “snowline” means that precipitation falls as snow above that altitude.) ¬†For the moment, with the road closures, I have had to take a leave of absence from work. ¬†Bad for me, since the best part of my job is working with kids and the yuckiest part is the paperwork/bureaucracy. ¬†Now I won’t be able to see the kids or get a paycheck, but I still keep getting emails about paperwork to do. ūüėõ ¬†It’s good for you, though, because I’ll have more time to devote to sewing/blogging. ¬†So look for lots of new stuff and probably a coupon for my etsy store next month!

Oh, and speaking of “good for you” I also made this to go with the skirt the JLY dolls come with, since I think that pink tee they come in looks like a onesie:

IMG_0315 R violet's kawaii

Violet’s kawaii smock¬†is a ROUGH pattern I made for personal use ¬†(ROUGH =¬†pieces aren’t marked and there are no directions) but I thought I’d post it here. ¬†Lots of you have been sewing since before I was born, so I’m sure you can figure it out. ¬†ūüôā It would make a great PJ top too in flannel or a lovely dress if lengthened in a dark/print fabric and contrasting white yoke/collar.

Happy Autumn! (Maybe)


What’s autumn like where you live? ¬†Are you wearing shorts? ¬†Raking leaves? ¬†If you live in Coal Creek Canyon, your autumn consists of being trapped on a mountain 20 miles from the nearest grocery store with a flooded downstairs, ruined carpet, 50 degree temps and no heat or hot water¬†because the roads look like the pic below!

This is a neighbor’s house. ¬†That new “waterfall” is courtesy of the flood, and those exposed black pipes are gas lines, normally buried maybe 4-5′ underground…hence no heat or hot water! ¬†Our neighbor said all that damage happened ¬†in one night. ¬†What you can’t see is the mudslide that buried one of his cars…

There’s only one road out of the canyon and it looks like this.

I actually did this post long before the flood hit us, so the rest of it is happy and doll-related.

The “official” beginning of fall is this Sunday; is your doll ready for apple picking and drives through the country to see the changing foliage?

I put together a couple of pieces to add to your doll’s fall wardrobe. This is different from the summer sew-along, where all the pieces were intended to go together and be mix and match. Instead, these are separates to work with things your doll already has. Maybe she can even put them together with things you made in the summer sew-along!

The fun and frilly A-line dress from summer turns sophisticated in a neutral palette of colors with piping instead of rickrack to give it a more tailored look. It is topped by a charcoal colored pleated jacket with red accents giving the ensemble a “pop” of color.

Included in this collection is:

A sleeveless jumper to wear by itself if you live in a warm area, or over a long sleeve T-shirt if you live in a colder area. (On Sasha)

An A-line skirt with eye-catching gathered pockets (on Marietta)

If your dolls would like a little something to top their new outfits, the pattern for the pleat-front jacket (on the AG) is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne


Coming next week: ¬†A long sleeved boho-style top reminiscent of some of Sasha’s 70s dresses that you can leave short to wear over leggings or lengthen into a dress

There are also TWO new historical collections in the works, (look for the first one in October…maybe)

Make a one hour doll wardrobe


There is a new line of dolls by Käthe Kruse called Marie Kruse Stylista.  They are basically the standard Toni dolls, with differently painted eyes. They come with two sheets of clothing that kids can cut out and adorn with glitter and rhinestones and rearrange in a variety of ways as well as separate clothing packs for more possibilities.
I was so excited by this wonderful idea, that I ordered one.  Well, when I got her I was kind of disappointed. Mine came with her wig glued on sort of sideways. She had not been secured into her box properly and by the time she arrived her face had several shiny spots rubbed onto it. I could have dealt with that if the clothing were great, but what I got in the clothing package bore no resemblance to the promotional video you can see here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmjd_7Q3gXs (I love that they dressed the girls in the same outfits as the dolls!)
It looks like you will get an entire wardrobe of coordinating clothes. ¬†What I actually got was a bodysuit and bag out of blue and green striped fabric, and a long T-shirt dress, pants and a shawl out of rainbow striped fabric. ¬†Oh, and a whole bottle of gold glitter glue and a package of red rhinestones. ¬†So, not only was I mildly dissatisfied with the doll, I was really dissatisfied with the clothing selection. ¬†For $100, the doll did not even come with shoes, and had mismatched clothes. ¬†In her defense, you can buy her in Europe for a lot less – I found her on a German toy website for 59 Euros and free shipping, which right now is about $78. ¬†So I sent her back, and ordered a somewhat more expensive Elea Julie doll instead. ¬†I’ve been having a lot of regrets, because the concept of the Stylista clothing is pretty darn cool. ¬†Not to mention the fact that Julie was HORRIBLY STAINED! ¬†I mean, really, who uses magenta thread to serge the inside of a doll garment? ¬†That’s just begging for stains. ¬†Anyway, after two weeks slathered in zit cream and wrapped in saran wrap she was better, and I replicated a similar wardrobe for my Julie. ¬†A lot of the pieces in the MK line are just simple cylinders that can be used in a number of ways, such as arm/leg warmers, or larger ones that could be used maybe as a skirt or a hat or cowl or tube top or‚Ķ.

The original clothing looks like it was sewn on a huge industrial embroidery machine.¬† It comes with the interfacing still attached, with white sewing lines and red cutting lines. ¬†The clothing completely lacks any kind of fasteners or finishing, but I think that’s part of the charm. ¬†Random bits of scraps can be used as headbands, belts, scarves, etc. ¬†I was able to make everything you see pictured in just under an hour!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE  It will not fit the Marie Kruse dolls, but if you have one and are a seamstress, obviously you can trace that clothes that came with her and sew lots more.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and comment!  Results of the voting from the last post are:

Yeah, it was pretty close so there are two things in the works right now...

Update: ¬†I regretted sending back the Stylista so much, that I ordered another one and it looks like maybe I had gotten a bad one, because the new one was fine and her clothes matched. ¬†Although there weren’t as many pieces as the girls in the video got and, seriously, no shoes for that price? ¬†Anyway, I found out she fits Sasha clothes if you print/copy them at 90% (may need to lengthen arms if it’s long sleeved) and fits AG clothes copied at 70% although they need a bit of tweaking and lengthening also. ¬†I’m in the process of creating a cute set of fall clothes as well as a coordinated combo for her based on this:

I know the AG fans saw and probably wanted this in the latest catalog and then saw it was $90 and thought, “If I only had the patterns I could make it for free!” ¬†Stay tuned!

Hooray…new dolls and new patterns!


Hearts for Hearts dolls has been teasing us with Mosi for a very long time now. At first, I wanted her as a Christmas present (That was in 2012) but she wasn’t out yet. Then I wanted her for my birthday (which is in January) and she still wasn’t out yet! Finally in March they posted on their Facebook page that she would be available this summer along with Shola, an incredibly beautiful new doll who is supposed to be from Afghanistan. To celebrate the arrival of the doll I have waited for for such a long time, blog readers are getting a free pattern! When Mosi was originally introduced, she was supposed to be Navajo, so the outfit I created for her is a traditional Navajo skirt and blouse.

You can download it here¬†¬†It’s¬†sized for Mosi as well as American girl and Magic Attic, just in case you haven’t gotten around to getting Mosi yet.

Guess what else?  There are 2 new pattern collections!

The first one is a set that represents many of the countries that the Hearts for Hearts Girls come from, including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Mexico and more. Not only do they fit the Hearts for Hearts Girls, they are also sized to fit larger dolls like American Girls, Kidz n Cats and Sasha.

The second set is a unique concept I came up with to re-create most of the folk costumes of Europe!  These patterns are sized to fit slim 16 to 18 inch and AG dolls, and include instructions for how to adapt them to fit Hearts for Hearts.

When I put out the Feedsack Fun book, I did get a couple of requests to remove and sell individual patterns from the book. The way it was structured, it was difficult to break it up into individual patterns. ¬†So this time I am breaking up each collection into parts. ¬†You can get Europe or each of the other individual countries’ patterns separately, or broken into two sets – Europe and Ethnic set#1. ¬†For all my wonderful blog subscribers, for the next three days you can use the code blog20 in my etsy shop to get 20% off if you buy both collections – that’s 245 pages of pattern pieces, photos, inspiration and instructions.

Click here to see the collections:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne

If for some reason you are having problems with Etsy, please email me and I can send you a PayPal invoice instead.

Not into ethnic clothes?  By request, the overalls and motorcycle jacket patterns are being resized to fit AGs!  They will be bundled into the patterns that fit the slim dolls.  Look for them in the etsy shop in the next few days!

Vote for the next FREE Mosi/Kaya project or submit a fabulous idea here:


Make a Waldorf doll for your doll!


Have you always wanted a Waldorf doll but been scared by the fancy materials and intimidating head construction?  Well, my Sophie doll, despite being made of plastic, prefers to play with Waldorf-style toys.  I whipped up this one for her from scraps I had around the house. You know, accessories are half the fun of doll play!  No matter how pretty her dress is, a doll can always look better holding something cute like a doll of her own.

Click here for pattern and tutorialIMG_9246R1


Summer sew-along week 8…bags and accessories



Ok, we‚Äôre in the home stretch here. ¬†Monday is Memorial Day, the “unofficial” start to summer which means the (almost) end of the summer sew-along. ¬†How are you doing? ¬†Already made everything and eagerly awaiting more or planning to use the long weekend to catch up? ¬†Is your doll thrilled with her new wardrobe and ready to head off on vacation? ¬†Here‚Äôs a collection of fun stuff to add ‚Äúplay value‚ÄĚ to your summer wardrobe and get your doll ready for her trip. ¬†There‚Äôs something crafty for everyone in this post: ¬†sew-ables, printables, and a couple that will require shrink plastic, AKA Shrinky Dinks – (available at Hobby Lobby) Grafix (available at JoAnn/Amazon) or clear, rigid #6 plastic (from your recycle bin)

To use shrink plastic, rough it up with sandpaper (if necessary) and color with colored pencils. ¬†Use ‚Äúpermanent‚ÄĚ markers with extreme caution; anything but a black sharpie could stain your doll if the item gets wet! ¬†My experiments have shown those big, colorful packages of markers that say ‚Äúpermanent‚ÄĚ (like Bic) are really just water-resistant and some colors will rub off of the plastic (even when not wet) and may run/blur horribly when sealed/mod-podged. ¬†You have been warned! Cut out the item and bake on a piece of brown paper grocery bag at around 275-300F for about 2 mins. Use mod podge or acrylic paint sealer to seal it.

Click here to get a HUGE .pdf to make: diary,¬†magazines,¬†ipad,¬†phone,¬†passport,¬†‚Äúmoney‚ÄĚ, plane ticket,¬†watch,¬†belt,¬†hair accessories,¬†purse,¬†carry-on bag (note that the¬†carry-on bag is probably more suited to intermediate sewers)

Check this post for colored pencils and a backpack: https://jenwrenne.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/free-pattern-for-september.pdf

Summer sew-along week 7


Quick, easy and versatile are some of the best words to look for when choosing a pattern! The more versatile a pattern is, the more money you will ultimately save, because you can make many different things from the same pattern, and the easier it is the more likely you will be to make things from that pattern again. This pattern is free, which definitely meets the above criteria, and you can vary it to make it even more special.  In general, a-line dresses and skirts are excellent blank canvases for your creativity. Experiment with embroidery, appliqué  or novelty trims, make a belt out of self fabric or a ribbon, make each of the ruffles out of different fabric, etc.
Check out the differences in these two dresses, which were both made from the same pattern. ¬†(yes, that bag pattern is coming soon…)

(Did you notice my spring flowers are finally coming up?)


At first glance you may not think that this pattern could be a mix and match one to fit the theme of our sew-along, but consider these possibilities for coordinating it:
Shorten it a little and wear it over capris or shorts

Layer it over a T-shirt like a jumper (widen the armholes a little if necessary)
Layer it under the denim jacket

Ok, kinda off-topic and enabling here, but‚Ķan awesome deal I had to share:¬† Tuesday Morning has some of the totally adorable Jun Planning Ai BJDs for $30 right now.¬† Yes, seriously, $30! (they go for $100 and up elsewhere!) ¬†They are just 5″ tall, (same body as the very expensive “Pocket Fairy” BJDs) so they could easily be dolls for your 18″ dolls or a treat for yourself. ¬†You can justify it to your significant other by saying ‚ÄúI NEED them because I‚Äôm sure Jen‚Äôs going to post some fairy patterns for them soon!‚ÄĚ ¬†(soon = sometime after the sew-along finishes)


Summer sew-along week 5: embroidered top/tunic/dress


There are some lovely things being posted on the flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/groups/summersewalong/ including the outfits on a variety of different dolls, some creative ideas and cute coordinates!

Here is a versatile new pattern that is one of my favorites in the summer collection!  Make it

  • Short for a top

  • Tunic length for a beach cover up

  • Tunic length to blouse over capris/shorts

  • A ¬†longer dress


I had been hoping by now to be able to take these pix outside but just as the last snow was melting and my crocuses felt brave enough to come up, once again a snow storm came through. ¬†While we high-altitude-desert dwellers are always grateful for precipitation, it would be nice if it could fall as rain ¬†(it’s May for crying out loud!). ¬†This morning there were 10″ of snow on the ground and it was 10 degrees F. ¬†It can be challenging to take good pictures in snow, especially when the doll has medium to dark skin like the AG above. ¬†You are liable to either lose detail of your snowy scene or have your doll not show up well enough to see her clearly with all the extra reflected light from the snow. ¬†The morning pictures came out awful. ¬†This pic below was taken in the afternoon. ¬†The sun was shining on her back, so her face was in the shadows and then I used a fill-in flash.

In other news, as I write this, this blog is almost up to 200 followers! If we can exceed that by the end of the sew-along, I’m planning another contest – it won’t be sewing related, but it‚Äôs something fun, easy and do-able by anyone and you may even have what you need in your recycle bin! ¬†Stay tuned…