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Rilakkuma dress for Dal and Tiny Betsy


Just a quick post to share something adorable with you!


I absolutely LOVE Rilakkuma.  (enlarge the pic and you can see they’re even eating Rilakkuma Rement)  Seriously, you could put that bear’s face on just about anything and I’d want it!   And looking at tiny Betsy’s dress, I bet you want it too!  Well, you’re in luck, go grab a sheet of printable fabric and fire up your printer, then

Get the printable dress here

It also fits Dal, Byul and 23cm Obitsu

8318252441_7f6b2d9c05_b IMG_7798R1

Here it is on Dumbo Byul, and also a body comparison pic to show who it will/won’t fit:  (L-R) Liv, Dal, Betsy, 23cm Obitsu, Blythe, Hujoo Berry.  It only fits Dal/Byul, Betsy, 23cm Obitsu

Do you like sewing for these tiny dolls?  Do you want to see more of them on the blog?  Let me know!

If yes, click here to see more on my flickr page:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/67465307@N08/8277432865/ 

If not, don’t worry, a longer Sasha/KnC and Rilakkuma/Hello Kitty post is coming in a few days