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Custom doll tutorial and other fun stuff…


So I’ve been doing a few Dal/Pullip customizations lately because they just came out with a line of blank dolls called “Make it own.”  Yeah, I know, who’s translating these things?  You can get them unfinished for $35 on this site: www.pullipstyle.com which certainly takes the pressure off worrying about ruining a $100+ doll!

And I also ventured into the world of fake Blythe dolls (Basaak – usually about $25-$40  on ebay) to create this one.  No, she’s not perfect, but I’m thrilled with how she came out.  There are lots of websites showing bits and pieces of the customizing process, but it’s hard for a beginner to know what to look for and assimilate all that info, so I made a comprehensive tutorial for you in case you want to try one too!

Click here for the Basaak customization tutorial

Congratulations to Helen, who won the Caroline wardrobe!  It’s on its way to Australia, so maybe we will get to see some pix of the dresses “down under”?

Speaking of contests, don’t forget to enter the contest to have an outfit you (or your child/grandchild/etc/) draw get made into the “real thing”!  Entries must be received by next Friday – November 22, 2013.   Everyone who enters gets a free pattern for the winning outfit!  More info here: https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/carries-dress-and-a-contest/ (scroll to the bottom)

And a sneak peek of what “the girls” are working on…(yep, it’s that 3-part wardrobe that AG wants $90 for sized for slim and AG size dolls and should be appearing around Thanksgiving)


And my apologies if I haven’t responded to some of your comments.  I’ve been back to work with less-than-optimal commuting conditions and am exhausted.  Last week was 4hr/day of driving on steep mountain roads in the dark, and this week is still over an hour each way depending how many roads become 1-lane due to construction and loads of backed up paperwork to do after that.  😛

Dreaming of hiking in a sunny meadow like Robby with no roads or paperwork in sight…