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Maplelea Boots!


So, I finally got around to making Saila’s boots (kamiik) into a pattern for you.  Maplelea doll feet are about the same as Karito kids, which means they’re too long and thin to fit most AG shoes.

Now you can make her some like these!

Download kamiik pattern here (yes, 1/4″ seams are included)

Also, in other news, the fleecy fun resizing is complete and you can get the pattern here.  Although it wasn’t my original intent when I first conceived it, it actually turned out to be quite a nice unisex pattern that works great for boy clothes too:

Summer sew-along week 7


Quick, easy and versatile are some of the best words to look for when choosing a pattern! The more versatile a pattern is, the more money you will ultimately save, because you can make many different things from the same pattern, and the easier it is the more likely you will be to make things from that pattern again. This pattern is free, which definitely meets the above criteria, and you can vary it to make it even more special.  In general, a-line dresses and skirts are excellent blank canvases for your creativity. Experiment with embroidery, appliqué  or novelty trims, make a belt out of self fabric or a ribbon, make each of the ruffles out of different fabric, etc.
Check out the differences in these two dresses, which were both made from the same pattern.  (yes, that bag pattern is coming soon…)

(Did you notice my spring flowers are finally coming up?)


At first glance you may not think that this pattern could be a mix and match one to fit the theme of our sew-along, but consider these possibilities for coordinating it:
Shorten it a little and wear it over capris or shorts

Layer it over a T-shirt like a jumper (widen the armholes a little if necessary)
Layer it under the denim jacket

Ok, kinda off-topic and enabling here, but…an awesome deal I had to share:  Tuesday Morning has some of the totally adorable Jun Planning Ai BJDs for $30 right now.  Yes, seriously, $30! (they go for $100 and up elsewhere!)  They are just 5″ tall, (same body as the very expensive “Pocket Fairy” BJDs) so they could easily be dolls for your 18″ dolls or a treat for yourself.  You can justify it to your significant other by saying “I NEED them because I’m sure Jen’s going to post some fairy patterns for them soon!”  (soon = sometime after the sew-along finishes)


Does your doll need a wardrobe?


Maybe.  Why would your doll need a wardrobe?  And what constitutes a wardrobe vs. a bunch of clothes?  Planning a wardrobe is a wonderful long-term goal to work toward.  Instead of sewing whatever strikes your fancy at the moment, you can have an organized list of pieces to make.  Choosing a specific time period or theme is fun!  You can delve in as deeply as you’d like to research historically correct garments, or get creative making a fantasy wardrobe or planning clothing and accessory pieces for a theme like sending your doll to summer camp.  And as far play, or even collection value goes, a doll with a special wardrobe will be worth more even if she’s not in perfect condition. 

So what constitutes a wardrobe vs. a bunch of clothes?  A wardrobe is not necessarily a huge amount of clothing, but rather a collection with the necessary variety of pieces that all go together for some reason.  My Sashas and Kidz n Cats have several HUGE bins full of clothes to share, and my Bleuettes and AGs…let’s not even go there.  There are WAY more doll clothes in my house than people clothes, but I don’t consider most of those huge bins “wardrobes”, because (with a few exceptions) they lack a unifying element.  What can “unify” your collection?  Here are some ideas:

  • Pieces that all work together with coordinating fabrics/colors to mix and match.  This can be as simple as 5-6 really versatile pieces that give different looks when combined.
  • Pieces for a specific season/occasion (back-to school wardrobe or pieces to go in a little suitcase for a summer vacation)
  • Costume/fantasy (e.g. a fairy or princess wardrobe)
  • Clothes for one special doll to cover every eventuality – underwear, dresses, skirts, pants, sweaters, swimsuits, pajamas, coats, bags, accessories, etc.  This can be a real challenge representing years of work!
  • Historically based (representative pieces to cover a specific year – e.g. a few dresses, some undies, a coat and PJs from 1914)
  • Reproductions of entire historical wardrobes (like Daisy or Mary-Marie’s wardrobe from the Mary Frances sewing book)
  • Ethnically  based (garments representing many ethnicities or the variety of costumes found in one country)

Last summer I made a couple of “wardrobes”.  The first was a reproduction of a historical wardrobe from the Mary Frances sewing book sized to fit my Kestner Daisy (who happens to be KnC size!).  I’ll get around to posting about that someday…it was a lot of fun!  I also created (and blogged a little about) the fairy collection.

Starting now, there are about eight weeks until Memorial Day, the “unofficial” start to summer.

So in the spirit of the theme of this post, which is wardrobes, I would like to offer you a summer wardrobe sew-along:  8 (or maybe 9…) weeks of FREE patterns to sew/crafts to make. 

I am putting together a coordinated summer vacation wardrobe for my “new” AG doll (a sad little thrift-store rescue that was in horrible condition) along with everything she will  need to travel, and sizing the patterns to fit both American girl dolls, as well as our slim 16 inch to 18 inch dolls. You can even sew-along for your Hearts for Hearts dolls by using the Sasha patterns copied at 77%!  Most of these patterns are very easy and suitable for beginners.  So if you want to teach a child to sew or start yourself, this is a great opportunity!  An experienced seamstress can easily make any of the free patterns in under an hour.

There are two projects this week: a sewing one and a “crafty” one.  (see photo below)  Click here to get them!

anna at DIA

Anna at Denver Int’l Airport

(click to see enlarged and not so blurry – background image is in public domain and taken from commons.wikimedia.org)

 I started a Flickr group for everyone to share pix of their wardrobe creations.  To keep it “safe” from random people posting inappropriate content, you need an invitation to join.  If you want an invitation to post on it, email me at jenwrenne at yahoo dot com.


Harry Potter costumes


Happy October!

Our Fairy of the month is the pumpkin fairy and patterns to recreate his costume are in my etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne

I’ve been waiting and waiting for October to bring you Harry, Ron and Hermione at HOGWARTS!  I bought Robby for the sole purpose of making him Ron for these scenes (oh, and because he has freckles and red hair like me 🙂

Here they are in their potions class (click to enlarge)

After which they need to relax and swap some chocolate frog cards.  (Please excuse the horrible way I tied their ties!)

Their robes and books are a free pattern here: https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/hogwarts-spellbooks-for-dolls-tutorial/
and there is also a link to a really neat marauder’s map.
The newspaper, chocolate frog box and cards were found in a google image search and shrunk to doll size and the vials/bottles were found in the scrapbooking section of the craft store.
The shirt and tie patterns are free here:  hogwarts shirt and tie pattern
and I used the boy fairy pants pattern lengthened and closed in front with velcro.  The jeans pattern would work too.  If you scroll waaay down, you can see an adaptation of this pattern to make a western shirt.

I’ve been doing some other Fall sewing for the dolls (it gets cold early up here!) and recently drafted a few new patterns.
With the introduction of more patterns, I realize it’s getting hard to find them!  You can still email me to order them OR I have set up an etsy store where you can buy them with just a few clicks and they will be emailed to you within 24 hours (usually sooner).  http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne

New patterns I have just listed are overalls (suggested by Pauline N. who gets hers for FREE!)

and  Fall jackets.  

Funny story…I had the picture for the red jacket in my head and as I drafted and sewed it I couldn’t think where I might have gotten the idea. When I Skyped my 14 year old niece and showed it to her she said, “That’s my Anthropologie jacket!” and ran to get it and show me.  Sure enough, they are very similar, although hers is plaid and thigh length.  But if it’s trendy enough for her to approve, you can be confident your dolls will be at the height of fashion in theirs. Also included is a variation for a bomber-style jacket and a ruffled skirt.  

These are seen here paired with “too-cute boots” (that’s really what they’re called!) from Target, whose selection of 18” doll accessories seems to be improving in quality.  The boots fit the Kidz well; the shoes are a little loose.

I am starting to design more for the Hearts for Hearts Girls and have resized the Fall Jackets pattern to fit them too – it’s included free in the larger size one.  Look for more to come for those dolls as well! I’m working on the fairy patterns at the moment…

Make sure to follow the blog for updates and more free patterns delivered to your email!  A new dress for Sasha and a photo contest are coming Oct 12th…

Free back to school patterns for dolls


Happy September!

Our fairy inspiration of the month is the Monarch Fairy made with a combination of the free pattern and the puff skirt, tights, blossom hat and wings from my fairy pattern available here (if it’s not there, please email me jenniebagrowski at hotmail dot com)


Although my district started us back to school August 8th, most of the U.S. is going back to school around now, and my dolls are no exception.  Here is Robby getting ready for school (click to enlarge any of the photos):

And the Kidz lining up to go into school:

Galina wears a corduroy jacket which makes a lovely contrast to the easy-version heirloom sundress (free  here:


Robby wears the Magic attic size of the same jacket in denim , Alister has on jeans from the pattern below and a T from the fairy bonus pattern with sleeves shortened

In this photo you can see 3 backpacks – the free pattern for the Hello Kitty one is below

Lunch time!  

I had so much fun making the polymer clay food and I bet you will too!  (tutorial below) Though I am generally a “fiber girl” (sewing, weaving, spinning, dyeing, etc) it’s great to branch out sometimes and the best thing about polymer clay food is that imprecision can contribute to it looking more “real” which makes it perfect for beginners.  Don’t be surprised if you see more of it down the road!

A view of Sasha and Keisha in their size patterns 

Some good ideas have been rolling in for patterns/projects you’d like to see.  This month’s pattern was suggested by Barb S. who gets her pattern for free!  Keep your suggestions coming (sketches…links…words…photos).  If yours makes it onto the blog it will be free to you, even if it ends up being a paid pattern.

How do I decide whether to charge?  If the pattern is quick and easy for me to draft and needs minimal instructions I will post it for free.  If it takes an entire weekend (or more) to get the pattern figured out or needs a lot of photos/explanations I will probably charge for it.

The jeans and jacket patterns are available as a set and include sizes for both Magic Attic/Carpatina and Sasha/Kidz n Cats.  Jeans have real front and back pockets (which you can omit if you want) and a front fly; jacket has authentic detailing and distressing instructions are included.  To order click here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne Or if it’s out of stock email me (jenniebagrowski at hotmail dot com) 

The free projects and patterns for this month include a backpack, lunch and most of the school supplies you see pictured above ( “scissors” are just a bent paperclip) and are available here: Free pattern for September

UPDATE: If  the link doesn’t work paste this:https://jenwrenne.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/free-pattern-for-september.pdf into your browser

And a sneak peek of next month: