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A “Prettie” new Girl


So there’s a new line of dolls called “Prettie Girls”.

Image credit: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/diverse-dolls-inspire-retailers-toy-change-article-1.2283279

Well, the line is not exactly new, there already was a series of dolls by that name that were basically Barbie-sized.  The line that’s new is the “tween” version, and what’s kind of exciting about them is:

  1.  There are 6 ethnically diverse versions of the doll to choose from
  2.  They’re designed by Tonner
  3. They have articulated 15.5″ bodies just like his old Little Miss Matched or Maudlynne
  4. Their hair is really nice and silky
  5. They’re under $25!

The one I chose was Lena (in the center).  You can see she’s a little taller and a lot slimmer than Paola Reinas or H4H.  In fact, her torso measurements are quite similar to Leann/Marley/Senson dolls.

Her measurements are below (in inches)

bust waist inseam arm btwn should neck-waist head Height
5.5 4.5 6.25 4.25 1.875 3 9 15.5

So now’s your chance to weigh in about her.  I’m thinking we need a short series and am debating between something historical or some coordinated pieces for the Prettie Girls.  What would you like?  Vote below!

The poll is closed.  The votes were:

Historical – 46%

Prettie Girls 34%

No series 18%