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Sorry, it’s been a while…


Did you miss me? ¬†Probably you didn’t notice I was gone… ūüôā ¬†Just as my neck was finally feeling better enough to sew after my car accident, I was drowned in IEP paperwork and parent-teacher conferences, so you’ve all been craftier than me lately! Here are some new ideas people have shared to inspire you: ¬†(I did my best to link to their creators or where these were originally posted, if one of these is yours and doesn’t link right please let me know!)

Margo used the Hogwarts shirt pattern to make a blouse with unique cuffs for her unique (OOAK) KnC:

And Eva-Lotta did a very nice job sewing faux leather to make this toasty jacket and skirt for her KnC:

Marge made the Fall¬†gathered pocket skirt¬†for Spring. ¬†Modeling it is her new Toys R Us Journey Girl, and if you’ve ever debated getting an inexpensive 18″ doll you just can’t go wrong with them. ¬†They are leaps and bounds nicer than the Target dolls, and cost only a little more (around $32). ¬†All of them have beautiful face sculpts and eyes, with a solid neck plate which allows for wearing tank tops without a fabric body showing AND gives them tilt-able heads. ¬†Added bonus? ¬†They’re a bit smaller than AGs, so if you make something that comes out a little too tight, the JGs are thrilled to have it. ¬†ūüôā

Carol made two sizes of the¬†Navajo outfit¬†to go with a storyline for AG and H4H. ¬†She says ¬†“This is my imagining of the Route 66 adventure Molly went on, and that the little Navajo girl, whose clothes Molly admired, actually gave her an outfit to wear!”

Can you guess what pattern this next one came from?

Believe it or not, Elisana used the Halloween pattern to make this cute reversible jacket!  (Click pix to see more on her blog)

Have you made something you’re proud of lately? ¬†Share a pic¬†here

Speaking of Facebook, Jasmine was in Chichicastenango, Guatemala for the last contest. ¬†Kayla and Clemetine were “vacationing” there when they met her and they made a scrapbook¬†of their travels you can print and fold into a doll-size book. ¬†Folding instructions are here ¬†¬†scroll to the page that says: ¬†“Folding the magazines and diary”

Get the tutorial for the huipiles she was selling here

And an embroidery design I digitized based on photos of the “real thing”. ¬†One will fit in a 4×4 hoop, but requires re-hooping. ¬†The other is for a 5×7. ¬†I think I have a way to post these now, so you don’t have to email me for them, let’s hope this works!!

SMALL .pes huipil design

LARGE .pes huipil design

A bunch of fabulous new patterns and another “Where’s Jasmine” contest are in the works for (I hope) the end of March…stay tuned!

Where’s Jasmine?


Some updates and the next contest:

Queen of Hearts 1

Craig Sharp of¬†http://sharpdresseddolls.com¬†¬†was nice enough to resize the Queen of Hearts for AG dolls! ¬†It’s going to be used as the March sew-along project on the SGOT AG yahoo group. ¬†If you are not a member, you can join here:https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SGOTs_AmericanGirlDollGroup/info

Craig’s version can be downloaded here¬†¬†The original version for slim dolls is here


Where’s Jasmine? ¬†She’s in a country famous for brightly colored weaving.¬† She is almost 6500ft above sea level in a town with a 400 year old church.¬† This church was built on the foundation of a (knocked down) pagan temple.¬† Interestingly, the 18 original pagan temple steps are still used by priests of that religion, who burn candles, incense and occasionally chickens, to their gods.¬† Tell me what town she‚Äôs in and win one of what she‚Äôs selling‚Ķ Post your answer on Facebook¬†HERE. ¬†Winner will be chosen randomly from all the correct answers posted in the next 24 hours and I’ll post some pix of her there as soon as at least one person guesses correctly…¬†



Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a winner in the “Where’s Jasmine?” contest VERY quickly! ¬†I know not everyone uses FB, but¬†I did it as a facebook contest so all the entries would have the same “time stamp.” ¬†Sometimes when I send things from one email ¬†to another¬†(like forward things from work to home)¬†there’s a lag of several minutes, and I wanted to make sure it was fair to everyone. ¬†Also, you can see immediately what other people guessed. ¬†The winner will be getting a shirt like this:

And everyone gets the pattern for it here

I have the embroidery in .pes format, just email if you want it. ¬†Note that there are a LOT of little strings to cut but it’s still WAY faster than doing it the “real” way.

I’m so happy with my new Jasmine! ¬†The universe must have seen the issues I was having lately with Saila and Henrietta and finally smiled on me. ¬†Not only did I get Jasmine, I also got an Adora Kayla, and look what they got me for my bday. ¬†(Thank you, Bday Fairy!)

AND best of all, they had no stains, scratches, shiny spots and are very nice quality dolls for the price.  They are not quite the same size as AG/Maplelea, as they are a little thinner and shorter, with shorter limbs.  You can see the difference a little in the photo with Jasmine and Saila above.

Too cold where you live to think about making that blouse?  Check out what Elisana did with the Halloween pattern:

See more on her blog here: http://costuraquasereta.blogspot.com/2014/01/costurando-pra-netinha-parte-1.html

More Maplelea stuff…


So Saila “said” she needed a sled. ¬†In Inuktitut these are called¬†qamutiik.¬† ¬†I have seen some amazing antique ones¬†made out of caribou antlers and bones, but nowadays most are made of wood.¬† They are made to be pulled by dogs/snowmobiles, and probably by kids having fun. ūüôā

Amazingly, these sturdy sleds are lashed together, not nailed or glued.  Historically, nails would have to be imported, and glue even now needs certain temperatures to cure and might not hold up in snow/wet/subzero temperatures.  Lashing the qamutiik together with cords means you can make it in any weather with materials you have at hand and make repairs easily, even if you’re far from home out on the tundra.  It’s a pretty amazing sled!

So, Maplelea makes a qamutiik for Saila, but it¬†has holders on it to keep her sitting up straight, which I didn’t see much of while researching real ones. ¬†I made one that looks more authentic. ¬†It’s slightly less useful than the Maplelea one, since she will tip if you try to pull her around on it, but as a prop it’s pretty cute and easy to make.

Download sled pattern here  and Download snowshoes here and her boots (kamiik) are also coming soon!

I’m getting around to a body comparison post, but Maplelea and AG do differ a bit in body type and size. ¬†Fitted AG pants look baggy and too short on Maplelea dolls, so I drafted some just for Saila.

The pattern is on etsy here

I also put together a toasty winter wardrobe with cutting lines for AG and Maplelea. ¬†For shirts and baggy/stretchy pants, it works to just extend the hems to accommodate Maplelea’s longer limbs. ¬†I called it “fleecy fun”

It includes leggings, looser pants with a contrasting panel, ¬†a colorblock top and a zip front top. ¬†The tops can easily be turned into vests by leaving off the sleeves. ¬†You can get it here¬† Yes, it will include slim pattern pieces in the next week or two. ¬†They’re done, I just need to make final versions and take some cute pictures. ¬†If you already bought it, you should be able to download the smaller size pieces from etsy when they’re available!¬†

Last but not least… Facebook. ¬†I had made it a new year’s resolution to get better with moderating comments on the blog. ¬†I do read and value ALL of them (even from the mean people who complain about what I haven’t done, rather than thanking me for what I have done) but I usually end up responding individually, and I would like to make things more interactive and see pictures of what you’re making. ¬†SO I started a FB page here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/wrenfeathers. ¬†Right now all that’s on it are some Kidz n Cats pictures my husband¬†took last year, but I would LOVE to make it a forum for you to share your doll/sewing/crafting thoughts and pictures of your creations. ¬†Also remember you’re welcome to sell things you make from Wren*Feathers patterns and you can put links to those on the FB page too!

Since I’m apparently in charge of ordering my own birthday presents, I’m getting an Adora Jasmine next week:

I was supposed to get a Kidz n Cats Henrietta, and I did, but she arrived severely damaged. ¬†(I’m having bad luck with that lately, so keep your fingers crossed Jasmine is ok!) ¬†KnC wanted us to mail her to Germany for them to try to repair her, since she was a limited edition and couldn’t be replaced, but honestly, when I’m paying THAT much for a doll, I see no reason she should not come out of her box in PERFECT condition. ¬† I refuse to pay overseas postage and wait a month or so to end up with a re-worked, ¬†second-quality doll, so Henrietta went back. ¬†I’m bummed, because the KnC are so poseable I LOVE photographing them, but I’m kind of excited for Jasmine, because she looks so ambiguous there are lots of interesting ethnic outfits in my sketchbook for her right now. ¬†Look for her to appear (maybe in a Carmen Sandiego-type contest on Facebook?) soon!