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Knotted Hat


So…no post last week because we were digging a grave ūüė¶

jdog obit2

We’ve lost pets before, but I’m really having a hard time getting over Jasper. ¬†Of the 9 dogs we’ve had since we’ve been married, he was hands-down the politest, smartest, best dog ever. ¬†Like many Aussies he seemed to have a sixth sense about understanding¬†his people, and was always unobtrusively near us. ¬†I think being so used to him always at my side ¬†is what makes it the hardest, because I keep looking down, wondering where he is…and then remembering he’s gone. ¬† Every time I was in the craft room, he would sit¬†just outside the door and I had to step over him as I went in and out. ¬†Today was the first day being back in there without him and although it was faster to run¬†to and from the kitchen for some water to refill the iron, it was really lonely.

OK, ready¬†to learn a new craft? ¬†Even if you think you “can’t” knit or crochet, if you can handle a sewing needle, you can make this! ¬†Depending where you live, you might argue with me that it’s too warm for a hat. ¬†The lacy effect and cotton though are still perfect for spring – at least where I live!

Click here for instructions to make this needle-knotted hat

Other than Ashley, I don’t know of resources for whatever this craft is. ¬†It’s not really netting or nalbinding or macrame or…? ¬†If you know of some, please share as a comment!

Here’s a really cute and spring-y version of¬†last week’s felt mini AG dress by gammerangel

Célébrons le carnaval!


Carnaval/Carnival is celebrated in many countries of¬†the world as a sort of “last hurrah” before Lent. ¬†Traditions range from dressing up in costumes and eating fried food (Europe) to parades and “King Cake”. ¬†In the US, it is usually short, and centers on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (Mardi Gras in New Orleans, PńÖczki Day in Chicago). ¬†Apparently, in Quebec City, it’s a looong festival that ends this weekend. ¬†Unlike many other areas of the world, where this time of year is warm and pleasant, the Quebec version is all about snow…the mascot is even a snowman! ¬†(see more here: ¬†http://carnaval.qc.ca/en/)

So to participate in the festivities, I made my doll a toasty new hat. ¬†This style is sometimes called lumberjack or trapper hat. ¬†It’s most traditional made in plaid flannel with furry lining, but¬†also looks good made to match your doll’s other winter gear. ¬†(Yes, in the pic she’s really on a mountain in CO, not at Carnaval, but I couldn’t find any public domain images to photoshop her into, so use your imagination!) ūüôā

Click here for free pattern to fit Maplelea and AG

Pictured above is my new Maplelea, KMF10 renamed¬†Mina. ¬†Several of you emailed/commented and said you had ordered a new Maplelea after my blog post about them being on Amazon and you’ll be happy to know more projects are coming for them! ¬†If you’re wavering, and need some “enabling”, their quality is the same, or maybe even a little better than AG, but the price is less! ¬†Also, their boxes are very robust and perfect for storage of a doll and many outfits, and instead of the AG access to a boring website you get with their modern dolls, with Maplelea you get a cute little journal in English and French that your child (or you) can fill out to help define the doll’s personality. ¬†You can see some pages from my doll’s journal here.


I also wanted to share this gorgeous Maru outfit made by Katy

(see the full post here: http://1960sgirl.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/fine-feathers-make-fine-maru/)

If you explore her blog, you’ll find she puts a lot¬†of thought into choosing fabrics that match each doll’s coloring, ¬†meaning outfit and doll¬†complement each other perfectly!

4-season dress: winter


When the weather is gray and all the colorful leaves have disappeared, it’s time to break out the bold colors for winter.

This is not just about a coat, but about seeing the “bones” of a pattern and using what you have in a different way. ¬†Yep, you already have the pattern…it’s the felt coat from two weeks ago!

With a bit of ingenuity and totally different construction method, it turned into this puffy winter jacket:

Hat/boot info and a picture tutorial to adapt the felt coat pattern to make this is here

In pursuit of perfect piping, I’m taking next week off from¬†blogging so I can focus on¬†a project that’s been causing me more grief than I would have anticipated. ¬†Then Little Darling will be doing some traveling to bring us¬†a really fun¬†set of posts full¬†of sewing and crafting on a theme that should last¬†us all the way to the New Year!

The 4-season dress: Summer


Even though I’m a doll collector, and your etsy purchases help support my “habit”, I never in a million years thought I’d have a Little Darling. ¬†A while back, DH walked past the computer, where I was looking at some pix of them and said, “Wow, those are pretty, why haven’t you ever asked for one of those?” ¬†When I explained the cost ($375+) and wait time to obtain one of these amazing, hand-painted dolls (6-15 months) he closed his mouth and quickly walked away. ¬† I do most of my doll pictures outdoors, and more times than I care to remember, they’ve slid off logs, tried to “fly” out of trees with their little fairy wings on, or just done a flat-out face plant in the dirt. ¬†With most dolls, you can bring them inside, wash them off, and do the¬†occasional steel-wool “repair” of a shiny spot. ¬†But there’s no way on earth I’d take such a special doll outside! ¬†And really, why buy it to have it sit in a box gathering dust? ¬†So I stuck to less expensive and second-hand dolls and just admired other peoples’ pix of the Little Darlings.

Well, it turns out the souvenir doll for this year at the UFDC convention was none other than…

But¬†no, I didn’t go to the convention, and¬†the dolls were¬†selling on ebay for insane prices¬†last I checked. ¬†So, cross that off my list too. ¬†And THEN I was at a doll show…and I saw one…for an absolutely amazing price. ¬†Had I been there on my own, I wouldn’t have done it, because it was my entire budget and I hated to spend it all at once on just one doll, but DH talked me into it¬† ran back to get it when we saw the same doll two tables away for twice the price.

And now comes the question you knew I’d be answering…What will fit¬†Little Darlings?

Thankfully, she [who-has-not-yet-been-named] LOVES to share! ¬†The pink dress above was made many years ago for ¬†my 14″ Betsy McCall from one of the Rosemary Ionker books. ¬†She tried on all of the summer sew-along dresses from this year and they look GREAT on her. ¬†The pic below shows her with some other similar-size dolls.

Her torso is most like the Natterer Minouche (L) but legs are more like Cheries (second from right)  With length adjustments, she can wear Hearts for Hearts patterns easily, which also means most of the Sasha patterns work at 77%, shortening long sleeves and skirts a little .

These dolls look perfect¬†in classic kids’ clothes, and as you can see she fits into the H4H size smocked dress pattern available here¬†with long¬†sleeves shortened by about 1/4″ (5-6mm).

A 4-season dress

Remember the survey back in the summer? Lots of you said, ‚ÄúMore modern stuff‚ÄĚ as well as ‚Äúmore separates to combine‚ÄĚ.

The other day, I took one modern separate

and resized it for my smaller doll by copying the original at 77%. ¬†This will also work for other 13″-14″ dolls like Hearts for Hearts/Cheries/etc. ¬†Note that the button bands become too small to be usable at that size, so you can eliminate them and add a little to the back if you want an overlapping closure.

But it’s only a summer dress, right? Wrong! Over the next few weeks I’ll show you how I added different pieces and accessories to turn it into a 4-season dress. This will work with any sleeveless dress, or even a short sleeve dress with tight sleeves like the T-shirt dress from last week, so you may be able to save yourself some work and use that or something you did during the summer sew-along.  If you’re making something specifically for this, my suggestion would be to make it in a neutral or muted-color print/dots/stripes so you have more options when it comes to accessories.

OK, so make a dress of your choice for your favorite doll, and your accessory for it this week (summer) is a sun hat.  Pic of hat is in the pattern.  I intended her to be wearing it, but it was incredibly windy the day we took these pix and I feared it would end up in the water as the towel did as soon as I removed the doll from it!


Just had to share this adorable pic. ¬†You may have seen boxes around your neighborhood called “little free library” and anyone can add to it or take books from it. ¬†There are a lot of them around where I work, but they are mostly just plain, painted wooden boxes on poles. ¬†When we saw this one in Denver last weekend outside the Byers-Evans House Museum, I dragged DH over to take¬†pix, even though the lighting was less than ideal. ¬†Hmm, maybe there are plans for this somewhere and I can make my own with taller doors…? ¬†Right after this pic was snapped, a gust of wind came and the doll flew to the sidewalk below before I could catch her. ¬†I have no explanation for how it could have happened, but she threw her arms up and landed on the sidewalk on her hands and feet, kind of in a crawling position, miraculously protecting her face.