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I had a really nice day today…


The princess pattern collection was hanging over my head unfinished for more time than I like to remember and work has been especially busy as we scramble to get everything finished in the 6 weeks or so that are left, so it’s been kind of stressful both at home and at work lately.  I had the day off today, and spent it creating this outfit, which came together beautifully without a hitch!  How often does that happen?  Then, the weather cooperated, being in the 60s with no wind and lots of sun, so I was able to get out and take loads of photos of the new outfit.  It was inspired by this petite Blythe one

(should you want to buy her/see more pictures, search the web for  “Suri petite Blythe”)

I used the European Folk Costumes pattern blouse copied at 77% which fit my Hearts for Hearts doll perfectly (yay!) and did something I haven’t been able to do before because my embroidery hoop wasn’t big enough…an in-the-hoop vest!  Want to make one too?  Download the .pes file free here.

How to do it:  Layer stabilizer and muslin in your hoop.  The manufacturer of your machine probably told you in the manual never to pin things into your hoop, so I won’t tell you to pin your felt onto the stabilizer+muslin already in it either, because you risk broken needles/machine damage.  I pinned mine at the very outer edges of the hoop, but you could also use double sided tape or basting glue or something.   Stitch out the design, tear away the stabilizer and trim around with pinking shears.  Sew shoulder seams and trim excess.  Steam lightly into shape with your iron.  If you want, you could make a laced-up-the-front version by sewing hooks or eyes along the front and then lacing through them.

You can make her a bear hat like Blythe’s too, using the free Halloween animal pattern, just hem and attach ties!