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Happy New Year!


Happy January!  (and birthday if you have one this month!)

Though I live in Colorado I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t love snow.  And the chickens really hate it.

CIMG1423 From the end of August until about the beginning of June, residents of the foothills have to fear waking up to find 3+ feet of snow have fallen overnight, which means a WHOLE LOT of 5am shoveling as well as the need to leave an extra hour early because CDOT doesn’t plow and salt the roads like you lucky ducks back east are used to.  But on the positive side, in 8 years of living here we’ve always had a white Christmas, and sometimes so much snow falls that we give up on shoveling and take the day off.

The Kidz took a snow day recently to ride on their new sleds (one of which started life as a frisbee!)  This time of year Frisbees can be hard to find, but try pet stores for super-cheap ones, drill some holes in the sides and insert rope handles.  Putting tape around the rope and pulling through with a hemostat/tweezers/forceps helps.  Presto!  A $2 doll sled!  At that price, they don’t even need to share. 🙂


IMG_7756R1 IMG_7744R1 IMG_7739R1

The hat patterns are available free here


The outerwear pattern which includes coat with variations for either a puffy winter coat or a lighter rain/Spring coat and snowpants  is available for purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/119148689/fun-in-the-snow-sewing-pattern-for-kidz


Look!  The hats fit Dal, Blythe, etc. also!  They are “eating” Orcara miniatures, which are sort of  generic Re-ment from the Japanese set.  Some of will soon be shown at 18″ doll size, as well as a tutorial on how to make it from fimo! (as soon as I find enough time to do that)

You asked, I listened.  I’m using my winter break time to sew outfits FOR SALE.  I will get pictures into etsy soon; currently half-finished on the ironing board are some Hello Kitty flannel jammies, a couple of toggle-coats, and some [secret items] to go with February’s blog.  In development also is a cute new “little girl goth” type dress.

Some interesting end-of-year statistics from my blog:

This blog now has more than 100 followers!

This blog had 16,000 views in 2012 from 84 countries.  Seriously?  From my beginning in June with the hand-drawn free fairy pattern?  I am in awe.

The top search terms were: kidz n cats dollshakama patterngalina kidz, and free sasha doll pattern.

The most popular download was the August heirloom dress.

What do you want to see in 2013?  Cool things are already half-finished for February, and I have a sort-of plan for March but give me your suggestions and make this blog an even better resource for the doll community!