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Doll Hakama Pattern






What kind of husband gives up part of his weekend to help his wife contort dolls into Aikido poses?  A wonderful one.


On the wall behind them are the 2 things found in every dojo (school).  A poster that says Ai Ki Do and a picture of O-Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido).  Many of the movements start with “Grab my wrist…” (shown above)


Your partner then uses your energy to throw/push/pull you around.  This (above) is part of Ikkyo.

Using your opponent’s energy means even a weaker person can “throw” a stronger one.  Here, Galina shows the end of the Ikkyo movement.


Knowing how to fall properly is essential.  Here, Alister demonstrates a forward roll.  Your hand hits first and your body rolls along.



More practice with the ever-important front rolls.  Galina rolls over Alister.

Twisting arms into various painful positions can disable your opponent immediately.  Alister is doing Shiho Nage on Galina and she shows a kote gaeshi pin on him.


If you want to see these in action, youtube has many examples. A search for Steven Seagal and Aikido will entertain you for a while.


And if you just want your dolls to look cute click here for the hakama pattern