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Tiny doll sewing challenge!


Always wanted a Maplelea but didn’t want to pay Canadian postage?

No, I’m not getting any compensation for this, and I stumbled on it by accident.  If you live in the US, guess where you can now get Maplelea dolls with free shipping?  Amazon!!  I don’t know if it will be a permanent thing, but as of today, they had a lot of clothes and shoes for similar prices to the Maplelea website, plus Saila, Leonie, Alexa, and a couple different friend dolls for US$100 with free shipping!  That’s pretty great, considering postage on just one doll shipped from Toronto to Colorado is US$28-$42 depending on the shipping method!  Right now, these three are in my cart and I have a bday coming up…stay tuned to see which (if any) of them actually make it to my house! (Images below from amazon.com where you can get these dolls)


Ok, and now for the Tiny Doll Sewing Challenge!

tiny sewing chall

A lot of people feel intimidated by sewing for very small dolls, but in my opinion, if you have an appropriate style and pattern, it can be just as easy as sewing for an AG!  This project is no more difficult than sewing a cuff to a gathered sleeve for a bigger doll, and can be customized in numerous ways.  That’s where you come in:

Do something creative with this pattern

and then post a pic here.

It was designed for Ten Ping, but any doll with a roughly 4″ chest can fit into this pattern, so go find a vintage Skipper/modern Ginny at a thrift store, they’ll both fit into it too!  Also Riley, Tiny Betsy McCall, Dal, 20cm BJDs, and probably a lot more I don’t know about!*  Add a little width to the back for vintage Ginny (she said, after making a dress and sending it to her mom for Christmas and finding out it was too small…)

Some theme ideas to start your brainstorming:

  • Eyelet/ Ribbon/ Lace
  • Steampunk
  • Fairy
  • Mardi Gras
  • Halloween
  • Birthday girl
  • Heirloom
  • Bedtime
  • Recycled vintage textiles
  • Beads/buttons
  • Ice cream sundae
  • Ethnic
  • Flower girl

Is your outfit really awesome?  Like contest-winning awesome?  Enter to win the entire set of Ten Ping patterns coming next week!

You can see some of the dress patterns here, and there will also be a play clothes set and one called “Shanghai winter” based on my favorite Ten Ping outfit by Ruby Red.

To enter your dress in a contest to win 3 sets of patterns designed to fit 8” dolls like Ten Ping:

  1. Post a pic of it somewhere online (flickr, pinterest, your blog, whatever) and copy the link
  2. Go here: [link removed, contest entries are closed]
  3. Enter your first name, email address, and link to your pic

Contest entries get time stamped and must be in by midnight Jan. 19th, 2015.  Judging will be based on creativity and uniqueness.  Winner will be announced Jan. 23rd on the blog.

Have fun!

*This is meant to be a challenge to inspire you to sew for your poor, neglected,  itty bitty dolls that never get new clothes because they’re “difficult to sew for”.  If you really don’t have anyone that small, you can try copying the pattern at 137% and shortening skirt to fit 10″ Tonner dolls like Ann Estelle, Patsy, etc. Check the fit by wrapping the pattern around the doll before you sew it in good fabric!

josefina in ten ping dress


UPDATE:  A lot of people have asked, so here’s a pic of how the dress fits a mini AG without alteration.  I’d suggest maybe shortening the bodice by about 1/4″ and overlapping the closure in back.  You may want to shorten the skirt, or leave it long for a dressier look.

Happy New Year!


Happy January!  (and birthday if you have one this month!)

Though I live in Colorado I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t love snow.  And the chickens really hate it.

CIMG1423 From the end of August until about the beginning of June, residents of the foothills have to fear waking up to find 3+ feet of snow have fallen overnight, which means a WHOLE LOT of 5am shoveling as well as the need to leave an extra hour early because CDOT doesn’t plow and salt the roads like you lucky ducks back east are used to.  But on the positive side, in 8 years of living here we’ve always had a white Christmas, and sometimes so much snow falls that we give up on shoveling and take the day off.

The Kidz took a snow day recently to ride on their new sleds (one of which started life as a frisbee!)  This time of year Frisbees can be hard to find, but try pet stores for super-cheap ones, drill some holes in the sides and insert rope handles.  Putting tape around the rope and pulling through with a hemostat/tweezers/forceps helps.  Presto!  A $2 doll sled!  At that price, they don’t even need to share. 🙂


IMG_7756R1 IMG_7744R1 IMG_7739R1

The hat patterns are available free here


The outerwear pattern which includes coat with variations for either a puffy winter coat or a lighter rain/Spring coat and snowpants  is available for purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/119148689/fun-in-the-snow-sewing-pattern-for-kidz


Look!  The hats fit Dal, Blythe, etc. also!  They are “eating” Orcara miniatures, which are sort of  generic Re-ment from the Japanese set.  Some of will soon be shown at 18″ doll size, as well as a tutorial on how to make it from fimo! (as soon as I find enough time to do that)

You asked, I listened.  I’m using my winter break time to sew outfits FOR SALE.  I will get pictures into etsy soon; currently half-finished on the ironing board are some Hello Kitty flannel jammies, a couple of toggle-coats, and some [secret items] to go with February’s blog.  In development also is a cute new “little girl goth” type dress.

Some interesting end-of-year statistics from my blog:

This blog now has more than 100 followers!

This blog had 16,000 views in 2012 from 84 countries.  Seriously?  From my beginning in June with the hand-drawn free fairy pattern?  I am in awe.

The top search terms were: kidz n cats dollshakama patterngalina kidz, and free sasha doll pattern.

The most popular download was the August heirloom dress.

What do you want to see in 2013?  Cool things are already half-finished for February, and I have a sort-of plan for March but give me your suggestions and make this blog an even better resource for the doll community!

Rilakkuma dress for Dal and Tiny Betsy


Just a quick post to share something adorable with you!


I absolutely LOVE Rilakkuma.  (enlarge the pic and you can see they’re even eating Rilakkuma Rement)  Seriously, you could put that bear’s face on just about anything and I’d want it!   And looking at tiny Betsy’s dress, I bet you want it too!  Well, you’re in luck, go grab a sheet of printable fabric and fire up your printer, then

Get the printable dress here

It also fits Dal, Byul and 23cm Obitsu

8318252441_7f6b2d9c05_b IMG_7798R1

Here it is on Dumbo Byul, and also a body comparison pic to show who it will/won’t fit:  (L-R) Liv, Dal, Betsy, 23cm Obitsu, Blythe, Hujoo Berry.  It only fits Dal/Byul, Betsy, 23cm Obitsu

Do you like sewing for these tiny dolls?  Do you want to see more of them on the blog?  Let me know!

If yes, click here to see more on my flickr page:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/67465307@N08/8277432865/ 

If not, don’t worry, a longer Sasha/KnC and Rilakkuma/Hello Kitty post is coming in a few days

Happy December!


If you recently joined/found this blog and haven’t seen all the free patterns, you can now click “About” in the top banner for those links.

Our fairy of the month is an elf from Santa’s workshop.  This is a Tangkou Aussie doll I’ve named Hana.  These are very nice dolls if you’re wanting to break into the world of “big headed dolls” but can’t really afford a Blythe or Pullip.  You can find them online in the $40-50 range, and they are the same size as Momoko and Pullip, similar to Liv but with a Sasha-size head.  Their eyes can close and change colors like Blythe but they are much more poseable.  I had no plans to draft patterns for them, since there are already hundreds and hundreds available, but yes, I did resize a few fairy patterns to make this.  The littler doll next to her is a Dal Tezca (made by Pullip) who borrowed Blythe’s dress from the last post. (click if you want to enlarge)

 IMG_7636R     IMG_7663R IMG_7670R
Apparently she’s an elf in training who hasn’t learned how to put up lights yet!  Should you want to take a similar photo, note that it’s VERY difficult to light a photo with nothing but xmas lights!  Mirrors/reflectors can help and you will need a tripod and a camera with a setting that can leave the shutter open for a long enough time to get adequate exposure.  I asked my husband to explain it better, but he said “it’s too complicated” which I’m guessing is code for “I’m reluctant to admit I like taking pictures of your dolls and if I told you how to do it, you wouldn’t ask me to do it anymore…” 🙂

And what holiday season would be complete without the Nutcracker?  Galina is so excited for her role this year in the ballet.  Marietta prefers ice skating, but both outfits can be made from the same pattern which includes bodysuit, tights, wrap skirt, circle skirt and wrap sweater.  Available here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne

(click to enlarge photos)

If your dolls aren’t into dance but were “Born to Ride” (horses or motorcycles) there’s another new pattern available which has the variations you can see in the pictures:  a fringed suede western jacket or a faux leather/denim motorcycle jacket or vest.  This pattern includes 3 sizes, for Hearts for Hearts, Sasha,  Magic Attic and Kidz n Cats.     Available here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwrenne (click to enlarge photos)

The voters for the free December pattern were STRONGLY in favor of “b” (thank you for taking time to vote if you did!)
I chose to interpret it a little differently for a more dressy (instead of military) look so it could be worn for the holidays.


If you made it like this in lace and velvet with matching shorts it would make a cute “little lord Fauntleroy” suit for the boys, and in red with gold braid and tights they could dress as the nutcracker!  To make it like the original picture, https://jenwrenne.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/blythe-vote.jpg you can buy gold bias tape to make piping and gold middy braid for the lines between the buttons.