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Salon style…at home!


While you could take your doll (yes, even your OG!) to the AG store and pay an exorbitant price for a fancy hairdo at the salon, it’s faster and cheaper to do it at home.  After a few requests and comments on April’s hair, here is a

crown braid tutorial

If you read her journal last week, you know both April and Abril are having a birthday this Friday, so look for a new birthday dress pattern, and maybe some other goodies next week!  If you’re wondering, April is hoping her dress will look kind of like this:

 and I’ve got the pattern ready but am still trying to find some lace that would be appropriate.  Keep your fingers crossed!

(above dress by AG is available here: http://www.americangirl.com/shop/new/spring-breeze-dress-set-for-dolls-dhv57)