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Chatty’s smock dress


I was on the Wrenfeathers Flickr group and found some cute holiday pix to share:

This one is shrunken versions of last week’s pattern on Ann Estelle and Linda McCall by Rosetownjoy:

Christmas sisters

And this gorgeous photo of Sam is from Mary D.  dressed in a pleated dress from the 1960s collection.  Not many dolls could pull off fabric with such a bright, bold pattern, but her neutral coloring and orange tights set it off perfectly!

Sam’s been on my to-buy list for a while, but I got really bummed that Girl For All Time had a bunch of holiday promotions and didn’t include her, so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit.  Speaking of doll purchases, if you’re a US customer who was getting your Maplelea “fix” from amazon, you may have noticed there’s very little left in stock.  I actually emailed Maplelea about that and they said they were having such strong sales in Canada, they had to hold stock back from amazon’s US site.  They do plan on restocking though!

This week’s Chatty pattern is her smock dress, shown in the center of the pic below:


Get it here

Next week will the last week of the CC series 😦 but two more dresses (Sunday Visit and Nursery School) will be available on etsy.  In the meantime, preview originals of those dresses here and here.


Candy Cane Christmas Dresses


This is my favorite week of the CC series so far!  I thought it would be fun to do two entirely different outfits from the same fabrics, and then pose them as though a mom had made the sisters coordinated outfits and taken them to a department store for Christmas portraits.  This red striped fabric, reminiscent of candy canes, seemed perfect.

To the best of my knowledge, there were two Chatty outfits labeled “Peppermint”.  One was a pink dress with a peter pan collar and eyelet pinafore called “Peppermint Stick”, and the other was an eyelet blouse over a sundress that had a red yoke and red and white striped skirt.  This second one was also produced in medium blue, or sometimes blue bodice and light blue skirt and I’ve seen it called “Sundress” “Blue Party Dress” or “Two-tone Jumper”.  There were both Canadadian and US versions and sometimes they varied a bit.  For the pink-striped “Peppermint Stick” dress, the sleeves of Canadian version had integral sleeves, and the American had puffed horizontally striped ones like those above.

Get the pattern for the pinafores here

You’ll also need pieces from the rickrack dress here

This series will probably go for two more weeks, but there are more Chatty things based on her original factory outfits in the works.  If I were you and wanted to get those patterns for free, I might start sewing and posting pix of my dolls in these outfits here.  More info on that to come!


Mid-century Madness


Happy Thanksgiving!


So I have to admit I was a little let down that not everyone loved the Prettie Girls as much as I did.  There will be patterns coming for them, just not a series. When the voting closed, a historical series had won, so I scrolled through all the blog survey responses and decided to do the 1770s and then was at Goodwill and found an AG, and really, no matter what condition it’s in, if you find an AG at a thrift store you buy her!  This one unfortunately seemed to have had her head/wig sprayed with perfume 😛 but was in otherwise good condition.  Her coloring reminded me of Chatty Cathy and I changed track completely and decided to do that as the historical series.  You can argue with me, as DH did, that the 60s are not “historical” but in my mind, if it happened before I was born, it falls into the category of history.  Long story involving vinegar, borax, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc. short, the perfume smell seems to be there to stay, and after looking at countless Chatty Cathies (um…in the interests of researching their dresses, of course!) I ended up getting one, since “Stinky” is clearly not suitable to model all the things I’ve been making.

Right now you’re either saying “Chatty Who?” or “I had that doll when I was little!”  You can see a 1960 commercial showing the original dolls and their clothes here  and a documentary about them posted by Mattel here:

So get ready for several weeks (months?) of retro marvelousness!  The outfits that will appear are a mix of things based on Advance & McCall patterns, dresses commercially available for her and paperdolls.

Unless otherwise specified, these were drafted by me based on pictures of vintage outfits made to fit a modern AG.  After I got Cathy, I was pretty happy to find out she’s quite similar to a modern AG.


22682501193_80a21377d9_zAs you can see, they can share clothes just fine!

Click here for this week’s pattern