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Welcome Su-Jin!


If you finished the sew-along and posted all your pix on flickr, congratulations!  Your dachshund pattern will be emailed out today.  If you need more time to complete all the outfits, please see last week’s post for info on how to do that!

You’re surely aware of AG’s newest modern doll, “Z”.  We went to the AG store the weekend she launched, but I couldn’t bring myself to get her when the only difference between her and “the doll formerly known as Violet” was a beauty mark and slightly longer hair.  A big surprise was that they were selling Z’s sparkly shoes separately, so I snapped those up and also got her camera equipment.  The plan was to also get her book, read it, and use “the doll formerly known as Violet” as “Z”.  Can you believe the books were sold out?   Maybe others had the same idea…  So anyway, I read the beginning of it on amazon and decided…meh, not worth $10, I’d rather invent my own story, although I like the outfits/accessories they came up with for Z and decided to do something similar for my doll.

su jin at palace 2

“The doll formerly known as Violet” has been renamed “Su Jin” (수 진) and is Korean-American.  I wanted to emphasize a little more of her heritage in my doll and started a storyline/journal which will most likely not appear here.  One of my secret vices is that I LOVE K-dramas.  Unlike American shows or telenovelas that a) drag on forever until you lose interest and b) make your head spin trying to keep up with who’s cheating on whom, K-dramas are refreshing.  They have a limited number of episodes, so the story usually follows a coherent plot line, and many of the ones I’ve seen are suitable for family viewing, assuming younger viewers either speak Korean or can read fast enough to deal with subtitles.  There’s also a sub-genre of historical ones with amazing costumes and what I used to think were incredible sets.  What we realized in Korea is that the historical dramas are often filmed in actual historical locations and many times, there are posters/information about which dramas were filmed where.  I started watching a new-to-me one (Gu Family Book) after coming home and thought, “Hmm…I swear we have a picture of that building.”  Sure enough, we did!  It was partly filmed at the Korean Folk Village, which also happens to be one of my favorite places we visited. 😊 http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr/multi/english/

This post was originally going to appear with one pattern a day, but the thought of doing a post every day and breaking all of this up into multiple pdfs seemed like it might be annoying to link back to find things later, so here is one MEGA post with an entire mix/match wardrobe.  As you’ll see in the pix, it makes a perfect capsule/travel wardrobe and should be more than enough to keep you busy all week!  Enjoy!

su jin at maisan

Download it here

Happy Birthday, April!

Her birthday was April 1st and the journal with all the party details is coming soon.
In the meantime, get the:

Free pattern for her birthday dress here

If only there had been a way to do photography tests before I chose the WrenFeathers GOTY!  Without a bit of post-processing, April’s skin always seems to photograph a bit orange, whereas Jamie and Abril have more normal skintones in photos no matter what.  OG seems to have far more variation in the skintones and paint for each doll than AGs, maybe matching them more to the eye/hair color?
Abril’s dress is here
Jamie’s top is here and the missing sleeve is here

Oh wow, hard to believe, but…

 It’s already time to start planning the summer sew-along!

If you’re new to the blog, you might not know this, but for the past few years I’ve done a summer sew-along, where people make each week’s pattern and post pix of it.  Long-time followers are surely looking forward to it, but this year, there’s the issue of April and what to do with her during that time. I had planned to have her travel around CO this year to see historical sites, etc. but the weather has so far not been cooperative with (seemingly) record levels of snow and generally not-nice weather to take her outside in.  So…you’ve got two options:

  • Option 1:  Sundresses and Sandals –  I started this last summer/early fall when I was super “into” my Paola Reina Amigas, thinking it would be the SSA for this year.  There are several cute/easy dress and sandal patterns about halfway done in 13″ doll size, which might be a welcome change for some people from the cloth-bodied 18″ dolls. It would also address different types of sandals, which were neglected during “shoe school”.  These would be to fit dolls like PR las Amigas, Cheries, Hearts for Hearts, Little Darlings, etc. and the dresses could be enlarged for Sashas and KnC.  If we do this option, everything April-related would have to be suspended for a while.
  • Option 2:  Concentrate on April, with a summer series of outfits for her size, and maybe some craft projects for her to use while camping/gardening/sewing for her doll/etc.  Possibly a travel journal of where she’s been and pix of her at interesting/historical places around her farm and CO.

Help decide the summer sew-along theme –  vote below!  Poll closes in one week.

Valentine Tea Dress


Who’s the bendiest of them all?  Surprise – it’s Barbie!

Around Christmas I was in Toys R Us and an overwhelmed grandma asked me if I knew anything about dolls.  Um…yeah, a bit 🙂  I tried pointing her to the fabulous Journey Girls, but her GD apparently was into Barbie, which I’m not.  I strolled down the Barbie aisle with her though and found a new one called “Made to Move”.  The price was right (about $15) and I bought one for research purposes, thinking there was no way it was as good as Obitsu.

I finally got around to doing a pose comparison this week, and I was shocked!  When compared to my bendiest dolls in that size range, Barbie is able to do more realistic yoga poses:

L-R – Ruby Red Senson, J-doll, Azone picconeemo, Momoko, obitsu 23cm with little Pullip head, MTM Barbie

Can sit in an actual lotus position

And can bend her knees nicely to sit in the Japanese pose called seiza

Yes, the Obitsu can do pretty much all these things too, but her body is floppy and arms are too short to do realistic arm-over-the-head poses.  There are a few more pix here  if you’re interested.


So, when I was asking for suggestions about April and which OG outfits you liked, Brandy asked for this as a Valentine’s dress:

I decided April and her mom and their friends have a Valentine’s tea and dress up for it.  More to come about it in her journal, but for now, here’s the


I’m digitizing results of the Valentine heart contest from last week and basing the winner on which design looks best when embroidered.  It’s taking a while so I will post the winner next week.

The computer-generated images were fine, but please be aware that if you scanned your drawing as grayscale (L) instead of black and white, it shows up like the pic on the right when I convert it to B&W and it can’t be used.

heart1 heart2

Also, if you did scan as B&W but drew with pencil, sometimes it got grainy when it scanned and can’t be used without a ton of editing or re-drawing.

If you’d like to re-scan and re-send your drawings in the next day or two, you can.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Native American-Style Dresses


A big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in the last poll.  The winner (by one vote) was a Plains costume:

kaya gritty sepia old photoR

(click to enlarge the small photo)

But Pacific Northwest was SOOO close and I am SOOO nice 🙂 that I did a version of one of those too.  These outfits are all my interpretations of traditional costumes, but I tried to be as faithful as possible to the originals while making them do-able at doll size.

I also added some accessories – yes, I read and value your comments!