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Retro Butterick doll patterns…reissued


So, it’s Butterick’s 150th anniversary this year and to celebrate they are re-releasing some old patterns…or possibly re-drafting them, I’m not entirely sure.  Anyway, I was at JoAnn today where these CUTE 18″ doll patterns were on SALE and since the dolls in the pictures look slim I picked up these two  in the hope that they’d fit the KnC.  Well, in case you’re wondering the same thing, I took some comparison pictures of the size of the pieces next to my standard KnC bodice sloper with ¼” seams added.  (Yep, hard to believe, but many of my patterns begin their lives being traced from those little pieces of paper.)



You can see the Butterick ones, while adorable, are a little too large, I would guess they’d fit Magic Attic loosely and  Journey Girls just fine, but could be baggy on the KnC.  I didn’t check the pants.  (Have you made any of these?  Send me pix!) I’m debating about re-drafting some of them, maybe for a vintage dress/coat Spring ensemble?  UPDATE:  GO HERE TO SEE HOW THEY FIT. Yes it’s January, but definitely time to think about Spring fashion!  You can decide here what the free Spring/Easter dress pattern will be!

Stay tuned for the February blog…I’ve been sewing and crafting furiously and I think you’ll like it!