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Nanea’s PC PJs


So Nanea won the poll from last week, and then it snowed, so I went from feeling like pumpkin muffins to wondering where the Christmas lights were but still had to sew something Hawaiian for you 🙂  The observant will notice my sad return to indoor photo-taking, which means worse lighting and settings, but this pattern is pretty great, even if the pix illustrating it are not!

My husband has actually been known to stop a movie when I’ve yelled “NPC!” too much.  In my own little slang, it means “Not Period Correct” and it gets yelled at historical movies whose costume designers seem to have only the vaguest idea of what clothing was worn in the period, or just flat out don’t care.  The worst NPC costumes I’ve seen lately were in a Kdrama called “Bridal Mask”, but Nanea’s pajamas from AG are a close second.  Why?  That remains a mystery when a) she was intended to be a historical doll and help kids learn about a particular period of history and b) things like libraries and the internet and, for this period, maybe even old family photo albums exist.  If you feel the same way, here is one well-researched and authentic  (AKA “very PC”)  PJ pattern for Nanea :

Get the pattern here


I forgot about posting the rattlesnake pix from a few weeks ago until I was going through my Nanea picture directory trying to decide which one to post here today.  All of a sudden, there it was again!  Not as scary looking in the photo as it was encountering him in real life…

IMGP7769r (2)


Hurry up, Spring!


Spring is my favorite season of the year!  The birds singing, the snow melting, and colorful bulbs pushing up through last year’s leaves make it a magical time.  It might even BE spring where you live, but where I live we apparently have a few more months to wait.  And what better way to wait than sewing a dress your dolls can jump into as soon as those crocuses come up?

Maybe it’s because of the abundance of pastels in 1930s prints, but to me many 1930s styles seem “springy” and this dress, shown on a Maplelea Friend doll is no exception:mina with flowers

It’s based on a Bleuette dress from May, 1933, and has been resized to fit Maplelea/AG.  What originally attracted me to it was the lovely cross stitch motifs, but it’s a nice, basic pattern that could work for a lot of modern outfits too!

Make it in T-shirt fabric, iron on a glittery motif and wear with leggings.  Find a fabulous print and take it to the next level with ruffles/ribbon/rickrack.  More ideas are in the pattern.

Click HERE to download

And if you’re still wanting to make stuff to wear right now when it’s cold, check out Anna’s cute slippers here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/129049505@N06/16554605595/

She added a few touches to turn the felted slippers into little mice!

Have you seen the new BeForever limited edition sets?

They are all very cute, but at $48, not exactly an impulse buy.  Is there one you like enough to want to see it appear here as a pattern?  Go check them out, then come back here and vote below for your fave.  Stay tuned to find out the winner!  (poll closes in a week)

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Easy Dresden Plate Doll Quilt and Your Ideas/Creations


I first wanted to share some cute things made by YOU:

Marlene had a fabulous idea to improve the geta pattern, and the update is here: Geta and sandal update for AG dolls.  See the original post here: https://jenwrenne.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/free-pattern-for-february-kimono-geta-obi.pdf

Isabelle2emily adapted the overalls and free shirt pattern to make a beautiful spring ensemble, perfect for a day of planting flowers (L), and I just LOVE her striped dress (R) which you could make from the fairy patterns:

Pauline used the “Gloomy” and overall patterns to make this cheerful Easter ensemble.  Don’t the buttons remind you of a basket of jelly beans?

Amy requested the LGG “Daydream” dress in this delicate floral print fabric : 

And also chose this batik for a boho/hippie-inspired dress.  I made it by using the free fairy bodice with the “Melancholy” sleeves and skirt (sleeves were lengthened and gathered with elastic).  Check out the idea for a bodice – ribbon was woven through eyelets to make an intricate pattern.  For a bigger doll, you could use more eyelets and maybe two colors of ribbon to weave your design!

I LOVE seeing new takes and fresh ideas on my patterns, so keep them coming!

The girls have finished their quilting bee and here are the results of their efforts (sorry it’s so small, you can click to enlarge):

dresden picnic

This sunny quilt is perfect on a bed for chilly spring nights or for afternoon picnics outdoors!  GET THE FREE PATTERN HERE

And just a reminder there are 2 days left to use the coupon code to get the 1930’s ebook for 20% off!  (scroll down to see it)