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Galina on horseback




Normally this blog shows you how to make stuff for your dolls, but sometimes I just want to share some cute pictures.   This gnome was made by Pat C. from the fairy patterns (and I am so envious of her perfect hand stitching!):




Paradise horses (http://paradise-horses.com/our_products/horses) makes a line to fit 18” dolls that is sold at Walmart, which made me extremely skeptical about their quality.   Well, I am excited to say that in my opinion it is probably the best 18” doll horse around.  In my quest for a decent doll horse, I immediately dismissed the Target ones, because they don’t have fur and (judging by old ones I’ve seen at thrift stores) their bodies do not hold up well over time.  The AG horses do have fur, but it’s sort of a skin slipped over a plastic body and the serging around the ears and legs just looks silly.  Both of those horses are completely un-poseable, so they are always stuck in a stand or gallop.  The Paradise horse has 2 joints in each leg at the knee and hoof, which I found marvelous to help stabilize him on uneven ground during this photo shoot (see photo below).  His ears are bendable and you can (sort of) open his mouth a little.  The mane and tail are not the best quality fiber, but for the price (I think around $30) this horse was well worth it!

 Galina’s wearing jeans from the jeans & jacket pattern (you can see it here: https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/free-back-to-school-patterns-for-dolls/) and the shirt pattern was adapted from one that will be coming to you FREE in October!  She borrowed the boots from a Karito kid)