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Little Darling in Japan week 5


There are two new patterns coming soon to my etsy shop, but, thanks to some computer problems, apparently not this week ūüė¶


For this week’s “Little Darling in Japan” we have some soft furnishing projects. ¬†If you have a 5×7″ embroidery hoop, you can get the free machine embroidery designs in .pes format¬†in the pattern.


More details and free pattern here

Also…a poll. ¬†When I started this, I made a list of everything I wanted to do, and it was about 12 weeks long. ¬†I limited myself to finish by the end of the year, and next week’s post is almost done. ¬†The last post, however, is as-yet nebulous. ¬†The original intent was an outfit and accessories (printies, clay food, etc.) to celebrate New Year’s, which is a major holiday in Japan, but there are some other things I wanted to do and didn’t get to, like modern stuff (Harajuku/wa-loli/etc.). ¬†So, if you have an opinion, please vote below for the final post of the year:

[poll is now closed] The votes were 47 to 31 in favor of a traditional New Year’s celebration. ¬†Look for the post after Christmas!


Little Darling in Japan: Week 3


Happy turkey/tofurkey day!!

DH and I are having a quiet Thanksgiving, since we have no family here and apparently,¬†even though I’m a pretty awesome cook,¬†we don’t even have any family¬†that¬†like us enough to buy¬†a plane ticket. ¬†Little Darling isn’t going to make it home for Thanksgiving either, but she’s really enjoying her stay in Japan. ¬†ūüôā

IMG_3048r1c cc

This week, Little Darling is learning¬†aikido, but her costume is also perfect for other traditional sports like fencing, or even replicating costumes from historical dramas/anime/manga. ¬†I was originally hoping¬†to find a lot of pix to photoshop her into, but I try to stick to things that are in the public domain so as not to infringe on anyone’s copyright, and just haven’t found a lot of perfect scenes.


The top is from last week’s post:¬†https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/little-darling-in-japan-week-2/

Little Darling in Japan: Week 2


This week Little Darling models a set that may be familiar to a lot of Westerners…she’s learning karate! ¬†And yes, her outfit is based on the “real thing”, so you can be assured the pattern is authentic. ¬†(No elastic waist or set-in sleeves!) ¬†If your dolls don’t want to do karate, it would be just as cute as pajamas. ¬†You’ll need to lengthen the sleeves and pants for Hearts for Hearts, it fits Cheries without changes.

Click here for karate uniform pattern

Click here for general tips for sewing Japanese doll clothes to go along with the rest of the upcoming posts.