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Happy Spring!


I know…your dolls wanted some new spring clothes, right?  Well, apparently spring here means two feet of snow and two days without internet access, so I’m posting something more appropriate for that:


Get April’s puffy vest pattern free here

Wear it over a long sleeved T and leggings from the SSA last year or here

The vest looks great over this top too:


Yep, there’s finally a new pattern available on etsy for a plaid flannel tunic with a real front placket.  Until about the 1930s, men’s shirts pulled over the head, instead of buttoning all the way up the front like they do today.  The front was cut from a single piece of fabric, slashed at the neck, then finished with a placket.  This type of opening is still common on sport shirts like polos, and lately has become really trendy for women’s and girls’ flannel and denim blouses.  Knowing how to add make these plackets is a good skill to have in your sewing toolbox, and what better way to practice a new skill than on doll clothes?

It has one size to fit both dolls.  Originally, I made it to be a tight fit on April, then re-sized in my standard way for Knc.  I wasn’t thrilled with the fit, since the new bodies have a larger chest and the placket had to gape open.  When I tried the AG size on her, it actually looked fine, especially when belted.  That inspired me to do a comparison of the new and old Knc bodies: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ygylg46bb2oue8/knc%20comparison.pdf?dl=0

A new edition of April’s journal is here

Since the majority of you didn’t want secret links to projects in her journal you can get

her verbnitsa doll pattern here.

It’s a doll commonly made in Russia for Palm Sunday or during the Easter season.  Paste this into your browser’s search window: Вербница (try using chrome with translate turned on if you don’t speak Russian) to see more examples of this kind of doll.  Yes, I know that Eastern Orthodox Easter is not until May 1 this year, but maybe your dolls need one for this weekend…:)

I was hoping to have the new Ten Ping patterns ready for this week; they’re not quite there yet, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the muslins…

o25919277942_85786771a1_z 25739084560_eda9716977_zo

They’re taking a little longer because they will have two sizes for 8″ BJDs and 10″ Tonner AE/Patsy!