Here are links to all the free stuff I’ve created for you so far:  (If what you clicked on doesn’t open correctly, copy and paste the link into your browser and it will!)  You may want to right click on each and then click “open link in new tab” so you don’t lose this page.

Lots of internet content is here today and un-findable tomorrow, so I’ve done these all as .pdfs to make it super easy for you to download and save them NOW in case they disappear later.

These patterns are all © by me (Jennie Bagrowski) and are for your personal use only.  

You are welcome to share my free patterns by linking to this blog, you may NOT sell the patterns or upload them to any other site without my permission. 

If you sell things made from these patterns I’d appreciate credit for the pattern design. 


1/4″ seams are included in all patterns  AG SLEEVE IS MISSING CLICK BELOW TOO!

 **Note that you’ll probably want to see the original post for more pix/descriptions.  Find it in the archives in the column on the right**

Oh…did you click this to find out more about me?  🙂 In my “day job” I’m a pediatric speech-language pathologist.  The rest of the time I play with fiber, fabric and dolls in the foothills of Colorado while listening to my 8 clucking chickens and 5 barking dogs.

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  1. Hello.
    Could you please post the hearts for hearts measurements.
    I don’t have one but have see your clothes and was wondering if they would fit a Slim MSD BJD if I printed in hearts for hearts size. Thank you.

  2. This morning, I saw your new Wellie Wishers P.J. pattern and your offer to email it free to those who made an outfit for Wellie Wishers using one of your former patterns. So, I found the Marina’s Beach Dress pattern, downloaded it, and modified the pattern to fit Wellie Wishers by extending the back edges of the top and skirt to fit around the doll. A picture is posted on your Flicker site. Here is the link to that picture. Ashlyn looks so cute, and I am so excited to have a new dress for her! Thanks! And thanks for your generous offer to send the P.J. pattern in reply.

  3. Hi Jennie. Many thanks for all of your creative, imaginative and well-fitting patterns. They are all fantastic! Your free patterns on your blog are a huge morale booster to me. I love making doll clothes to give as gifts to children I know and to charity. I am physically unable to hold down a job due to numerous health reasons, and my husband is out of work. So I keep busy with my sewing projects and focus on bringing joy to the lives of the children I encounter. It keeps me feeling positive and useful. Your patterns are a God send to me for that reason. many thanks! — Today’s freebie is the Mid-Century Gym Suit. Absolutely adorable. It brings back many memories. I was in junior high and high school in California, in the early-to-mid 1970’s . . . so, a little later than this time period. However, although my school also had one-piece uniforms, ours were white on top and navy blue on the bottom. They were made of percale. Ours didn’t have leg bands. They were rather wide-legged; so the kind-of resembled dresses. We wore them with white knee socks and navy blue Keds sneakers. and yes, ours had our name embroidered on the pockets as well. We all hated them, because when we sat down or bent over, you could see everyone’s underwear. Lol! Yours are more modest; which we would have preferred. When I see what kids wear for P.E. today, I really think it would be better to return to the old uniforms. Modesty is completely missing in their current attire. Such a shame. — I also like yours because they are versatile. They can be gym suits; yet with minor pattern modifications and tiny calico flowers, they can look like playsuits for children from the ’30’s through ’50’s. As a very little kid, I remember seeing ladies, including my mom, wear something similar to these costumes to the beach or park, in solid colors, with skirts that buttoned down the front for easy removal if they wanted to sunbathe. The skirts made them look stylish and modest while walking; yet had easy access to splash around with their kids while having adventures at the beach. When they were ready to go home, the ladies simply added the skirt back onto the ensemble. — Thanks for bringing back the memories. Now that I’m older and wiser, I appreciate them so much more. God bless!

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