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Thank you everyone for your kind comments after last week’s post! Yes, I’m still sick but getting better. 🙂

This week’s bunny doll project poses with an activity that’s keeping me calm and happy… (Spindle by Tracy Eichheim – his spindles are among my favorites. They have excellent craftsmanship and spin an AMAZINGLY long time. I’ve gotten them in person at wool markets but he has a website here: http://www.woollydesigns.com/spindles/)

So, we had planned to go to Japan last summer, but had to delay it for family reasons.  Then we were absolutely positively going to go this summer…or now probably not… ☹

You might remember a few years ago when I took Lottie to Korea: (sorry, wordpress won’t post the link, but if you search “Lottie Korea” in the search box at right you’ll find it. This year I had been planning to take either her or Jossie/Usaggie (below) to Japan, and was planning the summer sew-along to be a wardrobe for for them for the trip, but instead of getting new clothes, they are stuck in the craft room making socks for me on the knitting machine instead:

If you are an aficionado of Japanese doll magazines, you are aware of the existence of Petworks Odeco and Nikki, and a few minutes on Instagram or your favorite picture hosting site will give you even more Odeco/Nikki pix that people have taken of them in various locations in all kinds of cute outfits.  My favorite is the artwork here: http://p.booklog.jp/users/petworksdoll?p=3 Although I do have a Nikki, I find Usaggie easier to pose due to her head being more in-proportion with her body. 

Even if the Petworks dolls are new to you, readers of this blog are certainly aware of Lottie, who’s about the same size!  If your vacation plans have also been postponed, there’s a FABULOUS new series coming for you!  Best of all, it uses a tiny doll that you can sew/craft for with tiny scraps of things from your stash so you don’t even need to leave the house. It’s Lottie’s (virtual) Spring Break in Japan!  🥳 And to kick it off, we’re going to make her a sidekick (or you might need to just make the bunny if you don’t have a Lottie and Amazon’s estimated delivery date for the one you ordered last week is April 30th) Best of all, being an animal doll, it can be an anthropomorphic girl or boy or just a bunny.

Get the pattern here

And in other doll news…

Last year, Ruby Red Galleria came out with a new, larger bodied doll than their normal small sizes.  The series was called “Girls of the Orient” and they were named and costumed along a theme.  I was SO excited because of the great poseability that Ten Ping and the 12” Girls in Motion have, and also the lovely face.  The face mold fits in well with the Ten Ping family as well as the 12″ YuMa.  Unlike the smaller dolls, however, who have hard plastic bodies and sophisticated joints, this body seems to be all the same type of hard vinyl, with simple stringing and articulation at the elbows and knees, much like the Girl for all Time dolls.  It’s possible mine is defective or maybe they did something special for their promo pix (below), but mine does not pose her arms in quite the same way. 

Image from: http://rubyredgalleria.com/

[BTW, my Kadinana’s original, unworn costume and shoes pictured above are for sale for $60 plus actual shipping – contact me if you’re interested]. The same body was used again for a brand-new line with a face sculpt by Dianna Effner in (I think) late fall of last year.  These new ones are called Fashion Friends and at $129 have a somewhat friendlier price point than the $179 MSRP of the GotO.

I’ve gotten a few requests/questions about the FF dolls, and they are VERY difficult to get ahold of right now, so here is a comparison of my Kadinana to other dolls of similar sizes you might be more familiar with.

In case you’re wondering…yes, there are patterns in the works eventually.  I actually started sewing for Kadinana in October when I got her, but none of her lovely creations have made it to the blog yet.  🙂 She’s pretty much the same size as the MIM and Kish Chrysalis dolls and I was able to use the patterns from the infinity dress collection here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/235471701/infinity-dress-pattern-for-dolls-from-10

Speaking of 14” dolls…if you’re looking to use your sewing skills to contribute to a worthy cause, check out Stitchin’ for Kids.  They create wardrobes for 14” Hearts for Hearts dolls to give to children experiencing long hospital stays.  More info here: https://www.stitchinforkids.org/

Sew your bunny or find your Lottie, her “vacation” posts start next week!

Stay home and healthy! ❤

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  1. Thanks so much for all of the helpful information – particularly the information on Stitchin’ for Kids!

    Be well and stay safe.

  2. This little bunny is so cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern… I got interested in the Tiny Rag Dolls (by Ann Woods), and I think your bunny will be able to share clothing, accessories and good time with those dolls!

    I’m glad to read you are feeling better. Your creativity never seems to be put on hold! You are amazing! 🙂 Take care!

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better! Thank you for the Stitchin’ for Kids site, I will def. be looking into it! And the bunny is so cute! 🙂

  4. Hope you’re doing better. I know what it’s like — get something and just can’t shake it. I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do. Take care of yourself!

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