Warm Weather Holiday PJs


The good news is, after a ton of sewing last weekend, all of the party dresses are finished!  There’s a lot to do still to turn them into the finished patterns, but they should be ready by next week!  YAY!

Your holiday-dress-contest outfit for this week

Stuck in the northern hemishphere as most of us reading this blog are, and buried in the snow as I am, it can be hard to remember that winter below the equator actually falls at the opposite time of year!

Ronel from South Africa submitted several entries, one of which was these cute PJs:

My dolls are totally ready for parties with all the recent fancy dress sewing, but I haven’t yet gotten around to making the pajamas they’ll want to wear afterwards. Luckily, you kind of have the patterns for Ronel’s PJs already…

For the top, shorten April’s dress from this post: https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/april-snowstorms-bring-may-flower-dresses/

Place the bodice pieces about an inch in from the fold or edge to add fullness and gather. Substitute lace or trim instead of piping at the bottom edge of the yoke

Use the pants from here: https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/summer-wardrobe-part-2-and-what-about-the-boys/

Happy sewing!

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  1. Those pj’s are adorable! I love the 70’s feel of the fabric stash, and the fullness of the bodice! I won’t have time to make them, but hopefully we see someone making the picture come true! AG Julie would be thrilled to have those pj’s! 🙂

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