Reindeer embroidery!


Whenever I have a break from my “real” job, it’s time to work on my “other” job – this blog. 😊 I’m a very scheduled person, who can set goals for things to be done in a certain timeframe, and usually that works really well.  Except when life throws you a curveball like…a broken sewing machine over Thanksgiving break.  Really?  I had a whole week to sew, and a clear plan of what was getting made when, and thanks to an uncooperative sewing machine the party dress collection got severely delayed, and all the December blog projects got put on hold.  I also got exposed to unscrupulous repair services.  My machine, which is not even a year old, was giving an error code indicating the motor was broken, and an online repair quote for that was $599.  Is that a joke or a decimal point error? Because you could get a really nice new machine for that price!  “If that’s the code, that’s what’s wrong, and that’s what it will cost to fix it…”  So, on Thanksgiving, instead of relaxing and enjoying the day, the Best Husband Ever took the machine apart all over the dining room table to find out the problem was…a blown fuse, which he was able to order for a few dollars and replace in minutes once it arrived.  Incidentally, he also looked up the price of a new motor during the troubleshooting process and it was only $29.

Anyway, there were lots of child/adult joint entries in the winter dress contest and I wanted to share several, but only got as far as digitizing the reindeer from this entry by K. [name not used to protect privacy, but they know who they are 😊]

Get the pes file free here:

Note that dropbox has changed a bit…click the link above, and you might get a message saying it can’t be previewed. Just click the button at the top right corner where it says open, and scroll down to click download.

  It would go great as a center panel on the Anna dress, or put it on a sweatshirt or make a tunic like in K’s design using this pattern:

By request, here is the pdf format of the reindeer. Use it for hand embroidery, or cut the pieces out of felt and applique.

Need a loom?

So Santa apparently isn’t bringing me the Our Generation CJ I asked for, because she’s still not available in stores or on the website, but he IS bringing me a 16 shaft loom! YAY! On the condition that my current 8-shaft loom disappears before Christmas. So, if you happen to live in CO and are in need of a loom, (or know someone who fits that criteria) here are the details:

OG Meagan is rushing to finish her sash before the loom disappears!

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  1. You have a wonderful husband! I can’t believe the original price asked for doing the repairs on your sewing machine… and that in fact it had nothing to do with the real problem! It is great to have someone around able to do those jobs…
    Enjoy your new loom! I love the multiplicity of your creative interests! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  2. Interruptions in the flow of creative work happen to all of us. At least, I tell myself that. My sewing room must double as a guest room, so before Thanksgiving I had to put my machines and projects away. Once the stuff is put away, I forget where I was. I even forgot that the pattern I wanted was in a magazine, not online. Spent a day looking for it. Thanks for the cute reindeer design — and for all you do.

  3. Oh my gosh I had a loom like that one! I sold it because when I moved to Florida from Utah there was really no incentive anymore I think because of the weather change. I can testify that is a GREAT loom.

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